And also can normal players send each other spices as I have two accounts and on one I have saffron and on the other I need it but don’t have it? save your diamonds from simple gift u get from ann because these workers are costly but very worth it. As per the magic book , one must knit a pair of magical socks to break the curse. You can prepare their food and drinks, and if you happen to forget a recipe, you can tap on the tea cup icon found on the bottom right of your screen to view the recipe list. Just get rid of all your Chinese furniture, and if you don’t have enough money to buy replacement English furniture, use Simple Items. Our suggestion is that you work on the All Items Prices skills, as it puts a premium on the price of all items being sold in your café. You may have to search all the bundle of books and the books on the table to find it. See the pic in our post it’s marked there. But it had no use until how much I played. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert player, we believe you’ll find something you can use in this exclusive My Cafe: Recipes and Stories strategy guide. 33. These are actually quests, which you can then complete in order to get a free gem, which is the game’s premium form of currency. You get those the most often and those cost the least amount to buy. Melsoft promises that each story in this game will be unique, so you’ll want to make the right choices in more than one way if you want your story to have a happy ending. What do I have yo do with the coffee grinder and tea container I dont understand what their purposes are, it makes the prices go up for a certain percentage depending on what type of coffee or tea you’ll buy(click the item then you’ll understand what i mean), I want the customers to go quick. Petrovich collects another page of the ancient magic book. Search all the toolboxes in the floor to find the light bulbs. the machines and equipment in the bank’s “daily special offers” will rotate so if you missed one, it will just come back after some time. I’ve already added the deco tips from the visitors and all my furniture is in northern lights style. I have searched ALMOST EVERY single item in the library looking for the stupid magic book and have spent HUNDREDS of energy and CANNOT find it. Special spices, for starters, are the condiment you would need in order to make special recipes. I get you have to double-tap the drinks to make them but how do you serve them to people? Mary dream lvl 22 help. After I made them, I leveled up to level 23 right away. Should i buy Estela for 650 diamonds? Petrovich gives the potion to the Bill doll and he thinks that the doll is smiling now. They sometimes allow you to make a recipe using that ingredient. Now he realizes that Margaret could not be the witch, Because nobody wants to curse himself/herself by using their own magic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They could burn a hole through your wallet in real life, and in-game. Speaking of conversations with customers, we said earlier that you should pay close attention. These are the quests below. That’s way the baristas can fill orders so the servers can serve tables, How to place order request by telephone in township, Make sure you hire a Server, Barista’s only serve counters. Overview; Cheats & Hints; Questions; Videos; Boxshot & Details. How to anwer from quetion a watson for level 17 , this to get new customer,, ? Coffeelicious, Mar 18, 2017. Now he understands that his ex-wife is taking revenge against everyone in the coffee shop for sending her in the jail. This doll is having a pin in his head. Developer: Melsoft; Publisher: Melsoft; Genre: Casual; Release: May 25, 2016; ESRB: Not Set; Question & Answers. Now the jewel heart is to be found to break the curse. However, mine was on the floor beside the table, not on it like most others. My employees are waving their hands to me..what are they trying to tell me something? The article provides the pricing of items for the individual game of my cafe. Now he can merge the photo pieces together by using a sellotape. ), Have you found the vinyl record on the 3rd floor yet? Some players got the book there. I found the magic book in the library in the right bookshelf. what i do is, i exit the game then come back after a few minutes or serve phone orders, then some of my customers leave voluntarily. Why do the food items disappear if I accidentally press them and don’t want them? That’s the game in brief, and considering how complicated it may seem compared to other titles in its genre, we’ve decided to ease you in…and then some. This doll is made for Watson and doll is having pins on his legs. Next, Petrovich finds the knitting pattern from the 3rd magnetic boards. If you reach level 10 on that skill you can give all your items an increase of 30%, allowing you to go past the numbers that used to be yellow in color. He removes the cobweb and found another note from the cello. Here we shall be covering all manner of general tips and tricks, but as we always do, we’re going to start from the very beginning and fill you in on the basics. Once you complete the quest, you will get 15 energy 3 diamonds and 10 candies. He listen to the music and the lock deactivated once the recording is ended. How do you unlock the cellar door? I found the record from one of the four gramophone in this floor. While searching the laptops he finds another doll which looks like Bill. During searching, open the gift box and get 20 energy, 30 candies and one Pink gift Bag. The next skill you should upgrade for Ann would be Daily Simple Gift. I found the olive oil in the shelf in front of the big cabinet. One of the easiest ways to get special spices is to log in to the game every day, or get them as a daily gift. Add some spice to a drink or another food item, and you’ll be cooking up an item that costs a lot of money; sometimes, the prices may be far more premium than what one would normally expect. Ask a question below and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. If you have upgraded it to level 1, then all item prices will be increased by 6 percent. Once you’ve got her at Level 5, you’ll get two gifts per day, and when she’s at Level 10, you’ll get 3 gifts per day. According to the magic book, Petrovich should bake a pumpkin cupcake to break the curse of Margaret. If you’re out for half hour or so, it may or may not change. Search the fireplace to find the matches using a poker. Collect 15 energy and 5 candies after completing the quest. How to buy a domain name for your website. Answers (Closed) Answer from: Bumpkin It's in the information Ron told you. Tap on a worker’s skill icons and focus on their strengths when it comes to those upgrades so you can earn more profit from your restaurant. Petrovich finds that the doll is like Margaret. Is that just a one-time thing? Watch the advertisement and collect 20 energy (Maximum 3 ad/day). That’s the basic element of serving customers in the game, but you can also help Ann and the rest of your staff by tapping on machines and serving your customers drinks. So he decides to unknit the sweater and get wool from that. I hope you’ll find your way out and help others too, Hi Amaka, I have completed 2nd floor (door 3) and updated the post, Please have a look. So either let your Batista or server serve them or you can by clicking on them and taking their order, make what they want and click on them again. Answer from: HayleyThat happened to me on level 7 just do more costomer. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. She feels hungry all time and keeps eating but not feeling like full. I have clicked on every cobweb and cleared every single item but it’s still saying I have yet to explore everything. If you want to read previous quest playing experience please visit our blog post : My Cafe Quest Playing experience with Comet, My cafe quest playing experience with Watson : Update 2020.9.1. All places seems to be ordinary. For example, you can get decoration tips from Margaret, as well as from Café and Restaurant Society chairman Fernando, who will also reward you with VIP points if you talk to him about decorations. The quest will be completed in the second floor in library room. You might have to search both left and right side of the library. Once he places the doll on the plinth he gets a piece of paper. You advance to new levelsby accumulating Prestige Points or stars. The special gift box gives 10 energy, 20 candies and simple gift. How can I make them finish their food on time? English, Chinese, French, or Italian. When I serve coustmers at a two person table that asks for an item that I don’t have yet, how do I tell them I don’t have that item yet. Which levels gives you what rewards? The drinks return to their spot but food items disappear. With the latest update 2020.10, the quest game mode is active again in my cafe. So before you serve a special item (and make one by adding some special spice to it), you should ask the customers whether they want “something special.” They will then tell you a certain recipe with a certain spice, and how much they’re willing to pay for the meal. Open the gift box and get 7 energy, 1 diamond and 5000 coins. I chose Chinese to begin with but now I want English. +1 628 123 4000 [email protected] Mon–Sat: 8:00AM–6:00PM Sunday: CLOSED seems like after the update. What are the chances of getting gold in a simple gift does anyone know? Now, he has all the things to make a pair of socks (i.e. But his chest pain remains the same. He has collected another piece of the same photograph. When I click on Fernando, there is no longer an option to buy gifts from him. I am adding a picture to the post to show how much I had to clean. How to interpret Mary dream ? October 20, 2020 Do let me know if you find out. Petrovich opens the safe with his jackhammer and finds the missing page of the magic book. He feels like he have met the witch before. Stuckone, Sep 10, 2016 Also completing some quests gives you energy. Now, Petrovich will find all the ingredients to make a pumpkin cupcake. suddenly an electric shaver flies by and shaves them all bald. The small coffee machine gives 30 energy/4 hours. How do you get the staff to serve 2 person tables? Hi I would like to purchase the two cups machinery how do I do that apart from it appearing at the bank and please tell me if they will appear at the bank again if I have missed it and cannot get it any other way thank you. Once you have upgraded “AllItemsPrices”, tap the tea cup icon to set new prices for all unlocked items. So he called her up. Then you’ve also got Koffsky, who may sometimes give you spices or share new recipes. Special items, as we hinted in the earlier tips, cost much more than you common, regular items. We mentioned Ann’s skills above, and considering she is your most valuable employee, you’ll want to be very sure you’re upgrading the right skill of hers.

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