But sometimes he sympathizes with characters that concern us. And we're going to counter those arguments with evidence that it could be Kaminari that is the traitor. Since a lot of the league's plans hinged on killing All Might, or just getting him out of the picture, it'd make no sense for him to be working with them. Everyone is giving out different theories and statements as to who could possibly betray the heroes and join the villains. We'll admit that the idea of either of these chill guys being the traitor is pretty horrifying – but doesn't that make it all the more fitting? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Though perhaps very angry. But there’s no smoke without fire. Say, when he wasn't capable of stepping up and fighting more villains. 's traitor, unless, that was the point. So read out list and tell us who you think the traitor is in My Hero Academia. That seems extremely useful – expect the few times that he's needed to use it (when the students were under attack) when he was mysteriously being blocked. Probably the most obvious candidate for innocense would by MHA's main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya AKA Deku. Remember the end of the summer training session – the one that ended so horribly? Due to being experimented on by humans, Nezu does still harbor a grudge towards them and enjoys toying around with them too. This is a talent that would theoretically allow Kaminari to stay in touch with the League of Villains. This has lead to some speculation that Present Mic could be the traitor, being the first one to sow seeds of distrust among the faculty, but there's a good chance this hero is innocent. Luffy Vs Captain America: Which One Is The Better Leader? So there is a chance Vlad King has secretly been the informant for the League of Villains. Given that the League of Villains has such a precise insight into locations that should be known to only U.A. Additionally, there have been times where Kaminari's negative side effects were quite useful. Firstly, if he was the traitor, then it wouldn't really make sense for him to bring the idea up and create suspicion for himself where there previously wasn't. That villain? The second, he's one of the students seen with a cell phone on the premises. Kirishima could very well have just been upset because he was worried about his best friend, who was just kidnapped by a villain organization. Students sound asleep during the training camp. RELATED: My Hero Academia: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Other Courses At U.A. Blood of Zeus: Leading Voice Characters and All Latest Updates!!! Given that she can become completely unseen at a moment's notice, it would be very easy for Toru to slip away from the rest of Class 1-A to gather and relay information back to the League of Villains. Most notably was the character during his first excursion with Fat Gum. While many could speculate how various U.A. Kirishima was not involved with the fighting that occurred during the League of Villains attack on the training session. Such an impact from a villain could possibly sway him in the wrong direction if the influence was strong enough. As you may have guessed by her nickname, she is also a cat lover, though truthfully she loves most animals she has the opportunity to meet. traitor would have to stay hidden and remain unassuming, having it be someone known for being a wimpy pervert would be a decent cover. Kirishima had dark black hair, and it wasn't styled in such a spiky manner. This makes him vulnerable enough to fooled by a villain to tell him that he was supporting him. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. You may have found yourself wondering where Kirishima was during the U.A. Nor was Kaminari. Sound asleep, but with a few exceptions. This is giving them a lead which is not good for our heroes. That seems like too much for it to be a coincidence. There's the fact that Vlad King was involved in both major league attacks, including when they hit the training camp that only a select few knew about, including Vlad himself. That's a fact that most fans can agree on – there have been too many leaks and incidents for it to all be a coincidence. Kaminari literally said that he thought Stain was cool – specifically when they were talking about his run of killing heroes on television. Testing – the one where students had to beat it in order to get into the school. Have you seen Kaminari's original character design? traitor plot point has been dangling in front of fans' faces for some time and has lead to many speculations and theories of who the league's informant could be. This is notable, for three reasons. Toru's quirk would make her the perfect spy. RELATED: My Hero Academia: 10 Best Deku Quotes. Stain. It wouldn't make sense for someone who convinced Eraserhead of joining the staff to be the one to betray it. Minoru Mineta is definitely not a fan-favorite character for MHA. Kaminari confessed to finding one very specific antagonist interesting above all else, which is highly concerning. My Hero Academia 289: Will be out on Nov 1 and Huge fight between heroes and villains Anime My Hero Academia Chapter 286: Release Schedule and Possible Spoilers It allows him to communicate unmonitored over long ranges. She could even spy on the other members of the faculty during their meetings without even being detected. There's a traitor in U.A. She's known for being a bit on the quirky side, but that doesn't diminish her passion in the least. We have seen until now that the villains are getting the inside scoop on the hero’s planning. However, looks can be deceiving. Aiming to be the center of attention isn't exactly a good quality for a spy. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. High School and the pro heroes thought were the most secure, leading them to speculate that there is a traitor among U.A. Worse is the fact that Bakugo was specifically targeted by the League of Villains, so one has to wonder if any friendship formed with him was done by assignment. The league has been able to infiltrate, ambush, and worm their way into locations and events that U.A. traitor. Bakugo had been kidnapped, and Kirishima was devastated about that fact. Of course, the symbol of peace himself, All Might, could never be the traitor. students could be the traitor, one that absolutely couldn't be is Momo Yaoyorozu. RELATED: My Hero Academia: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense). She’s proven before that she can move around silently, which given her… Another concerning element? He changed itafter he got it. One Punch Man season 3: Possibilities & Everything we know so far, Kimi wa Kanata: When is it about to hit the screen? The prime suspects for being called a traitor could be Kirishima, the hero with the power to harden his body. Given that, his position at the school, and a quirk that gives him high intelligence, there's a good chance that Nezu could've actually been the traitor all along. But combined with everything else, it looks pretty bad. Kengan Omega Chapter 82: Find Out Release Date and Much More! The UA traitor hasn't been talked about since the bombshell revelation was dropped. click to know Every Detail. As in, Stain, the hero killer. As we just mentioned above in Kirishima's argument, there was a scene where we could see the U.A. Fans have been questioning this as there is no proof to back this up. Daily Research Report is the new age media company that keeps its readers updated with the latest news headlines from the United States and all over the world. But consider this: he immediately went towards making a friend with Bakugo. NEXT: My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Kirishima Is The Traitor (& 5 It’s Kaminari). You can Subscribe to our Newsstand on Google News, Click the below Button. 's faculty, she would have access to certain information, so a case for Midnight being the culprit could be made, but that's about where the trail stops. We analyze reasons why these two might be evil. That's not great. The prospect of either Kaminari or Kirishima being the traitor brings chills down the fans’ spine. Traitor (& 5 Who Definitely Aren't), My Hero Academia: 10 Awesome Fan Theories On Who Could Be The Traitor. On top of a huge suspension of disbelief to even make this theory plausible, it would just undercut the struggle and inspirational message Deku's story represents. RELATED: My Hero Academia: 10 Amazing Fanarts That Reimagine Class 1-B Students As Villains. This might make Kaminari do things she wasn’t even realizing that they were wrong. The traitor in My Hero Academia is still unknown, but Kirishima & Kaminari are two prime suspects. Given that he spent most of his life quirkless, there's nothing that would suggest Deku had any interactions with them before the events presented in the story. The biggest alibi for her defense though was when she placed a tracker on one of the Nomus during the training camp attack, which leads to the rescue of Bakugo as well as the battle with and eventual imprisonment of All For One. The league's goals have always been about tearing down what All Might built up. And we're going to counter those arguments with evidence that it could be Kaminari that is the traitor. That kind of twist would just have too many inconsistencies and leaps in logic, while also just being wildly out of character for one of the world's greatest heroes. During the entire fight, Kirishima was sitting inside one of the classrooms, safe and sound. 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