If you're changing your own oil, you will need to make sure you have the right tool to remove and torque the oil filter housing on your BMW. By creating an account, you agree to ECS Tuning's privacy policy and terms of use. Diving in further, you will likely find the front timing cover coated in oil. The 2007-2010 BMW X3 3.0si, internal code E83, came with a fabulous normally aspirated inline 6-cylinder. You can use channel lock pliers to remove this plug - I recommend owning a, Step 18: Disconnect the Upper Radiator Hose, Step 19: Unscrew the Oil Filter Housing from the Cylinder Head, Step 20: Remove the Oil Cooler Line Bracket, Step 21: Remove the Oil Cooler Thermostat, Going forward from this point, it's helpful to have clean parts to work with. This shouldn't be too tight as torque spec is only 25 N⋅m. Replacing the oil filter housing gaskets on these engines isn't a difficult job; there are just quite a few steps in the process. $10.99 $ 10. It's especially important to clean the mating surfaces for a proper seal. You can disconnect the vacuum connection before taking off the throttle body but you should wait on the electrical connection. It aligns in only one direction, so if you can reach it, it is helpful to mark it and the bung it screws into. Before you unfasten these, there are two, Step 10: Disconnect and Move the Coolant Expansion Tank Line, Step 11: Disconnect the Fan Electrical Connector, Step 15: Remove the Hose Connector from Inlet Tube. Step 3: Remove the Air BoxTo remove the air box, you have to remove various hoses that supply fresh air.
The BMW N20 timing chain is a critical failure point and is the focus of a recall and extended warranty. There's nothing worse than going to refill your radiator when the job is complete, just to watch the coolant dump out on the garage floor. Brand: ES#: 3195879. Simply unscrew these and pop the inlet tube off. Depending on your model, there could be a different quantity of screws in different locations.
This is just to prevent any residual oil from making a mess. Step 4: Remove the Charge PipeNow that the air box is out of the way, you can remove the charge pipe that goes to the throttle body. Select the oil and filter you want from many of the top brands! Includes seven quarts of Redline 5w-30 synthetic engine oil, Mann oil filter and new drain plug. Includes seven quarts of BMW synthetic 0w-20 engine oil, Hengst oil filter, Includes seven quarts of BMW synthetic engine oil, Hengst oil filter, Featuring the standard synthetic oil BMW engineers had in mind, Includes seven quarts of Liqui Moly Longtime High Tech LL 5w-30 synthetic engine oil, Hengst oil filter and new drain plug, Includes seven quarts of Liqui Moly MolyGen 5w-30 synthetic engine oil, Hengst oil filter and new drain plug, Includes seven quarts of Liqui Moly MolyGen 5w-40 synthetic engine oil, Hengst oil filter and new drain plug. In part one of overhauling your BMW E46 M3 rear subframe, we covered the disassembly process. To remove the air box, you have to remove various hoses that supply fresh air. Step 16: Remove the Oil Filter Housing CapUsing your oil filter wrench, remove the oil filter housing cap. This is held on with a quick clamp which can be undone with a tool-pick or a flat head screwdriver. and Intellectual Property, Product Review Must be longer than 2 characters. And as always, make sure to subscribe for more videos. ... Oil Filter Housing Cap Removal Tool to Change Oil, Oil Filter Socket Wrench Kit for BMW (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 419. This is held on with two T27 Torx screws. We use, Step 23: Remove the Old Gaskets and Replace, At this point you're all done. If you own a car with the ZF 8HP transmission, learn how to locate and use the neutral safety switch bypass in case your battery dies and you're stuck in park. Be sure to use a, Now that this job is done, you can drive without worrying about your engine inhaling your serpentine belt.

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