Most of the time, the guinea pig will be frightened and reserved around people in the beginning. Wet pellets can turn into a playground for bacteria in no time at all. Keep repeating this process as you see fit. First off, congratulations on your guinea pig! maby their to young to walk give it some time if it will get vorser get the to da vet. Hi, I just got two 4 week old guinea pigs. I know some pet companies make dried fruit that has less sugar than it normally would. Try timothy hay or maybe switch to fleece. I’ve had cavys mybwhole life just not a 3 week old. He and my big boy Jacobe get along so well which we were afraid he wouldn’t get along with the baby since he’s been alone a few months now. In fact, Timothy Hay should be part of every guinea pig’s diet regimen. How a pet rat and a stray vermin rat would react if they meet each other? A lot of people have asked us what the best way to build trust with a new guinea pig that you’ve just brought home. He's had two Americans, two Abyssinians, and one Silkie Guinea Pig. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Interest-Based AdsChewy Careers, Bringing a Puppy Home? They play together and everything else. Just be careful if you decide to use other types of bedding. Also keep a hay rack and water bottle over the hay box. And also, the only issue I’ve been seeing is that she eats all her veggies and hay, but she does not eat her pellets. It has been my experience that handling baby guinea pigs from early on makes them very calm and easygoing with people. She has to do this for at least three weeks. Still, it is important that guinea pigs have a place to hide. Baby guinea pigs can be sexed at birth, but usually only by an experienced guinea pig person like your veterinarian or someone with lots of guinea pig familiarity. Eventually they will become more and more familiar with you. After a few weeks, we noticed her shape was changing. A mother guinea pig needs to clean the babies and eat the afterbirth to chemically generate the mammary glands to start producing milk. What You Need to Know Before Getting Cozy. Just like the human baby being passed around after birth, they have been listening to your voices, movies, music for however many months they have been in your home in their mother’s womb. they'd desire to "dry out" & study to suckle. We got our daughter a pet guinea pig earlier this year. Always consult with your local veterinarian if your experiencing something odd happening with your puppy. it gives them easy access to food, and provides comfortable, safe bedding. Im afraid she’ll die. When to Get a Baby Guinea Pig. Make sure to check if the fruits/veggies are safe for your guinea pig. It appears he suffers from some paralysis. When I travel back to the US, I plan to bring some back for them, but I am only able to do that about twice a year. There are a lot of things to consider when you bring home a new baby cavy. It’s just as important that your baby guinea pig also spends most of their time with other guinea pigs. Otherwise I’m at a loss as to what to do. If you don’t have any treats, there are a ton of safe fruits and vegetables for guinea pigs. We all play a part in caring for him and we’re all constantly talking to him and interacting as much as possible short of handling him. The children have been handling small animals from rats to bearded dragons for years, so I am not worried about them harming them at all. Intervention from a vet is very rarely needed as there is very little, (if anything), that they can do. Both pigs seem to be doing well; however, I live in a country where timothy hay and other types that guineas usually need are not readily available. So I’m guessing he is any where from 8-10 weeks old, at the pet store they just told me he was young. My sow gave birth to 4 babies today but ony 2 were alive. Male guinea pigs can become sexually active at 3 weeks (with minimal effectiveness but no less a nuisance). A flake is a segment of a bale of hay. If your plan is to frequently bath them, then it might be a good idea to start early (as a baby guinea pig) so they get used to it. They’re such great help! Give the mother guinea pig and her babies the freshest and best of foods to ensure a sound base for them to grow from. Baby guinea pigs should be fed twice a day. Get your answers by asking now. Hello. The runt is doing awesome and is already running around and nursing good. Our personal recommendation for bedding in guinea pig cages is Timothy Hay. By the time we saw the babies, Mama Churro had already cleaned things up. His popcorns are the CUTEST! I’m not exactly sure of his age, but Oliver is about 7ish inches long. Our community will do our best in guiding you to raising a healthy cavy! I’ve taken care of the ring worm but she poops.. a lot. Pine and cedar shavings are not safe for guinea pigs, as the strong smell can give them respiratory infections. Is that normal? When is the best time to release a hamster?

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