Well, a set of new wheels has restored my confidence and reinforced my commitment to get back to a more normal weight. A lot of confusion exists among new and experienced riders over whether all bikes have weight limits, and if so, whether there is some sort of standard rule to determine a bike’s weight limit. Really GOOD products, satisfy ALL of the requirements, of the specification, in the perfect balance, but also including cost, manufacturability, weight, strength, aesthetics, durability, reliability, lifespan, and profit margin! All this leads to an annoying amount of bike repairs – sheared petals, broken spikes, premature cassette replacements, premature chain stretching. Rather than focusing on the weight limit of the frames, they advise larger riders to consider other factors. My excuse for spending so much was that the bike would have likely cost $4500 new and I could always re-sell it if I didn’t end up rifding it. They are remarkably strong. To combat this problem heavier riders can opt for 36 spoke wheels and durable rims. So, if you are worried about “the weight limit for a certain bike” you should be looking at the rear wheel, not the frame. A few years ago I began searching another GtF, not thinking about the fact that I now weigh 270lbs vs 170lbs, since I’d had no problems with my other road bike, recently sold, a ’78 Sekai 4000. As a general rule, steel and titanium are stronger than aluminum, which is the material most cranksets are made of. If your URL is correct, you'll see an image preview here. What kind of riding are you wanting to do? store bikes for around $150 to $350-$400 for a "beginners" mountain bike that won't fall apart on you the first time you hit a rough trail. My peak physical shape was 218 lbs. After someone asked me about bike weight limits, I started to reflect upon the widely held stereotypes about cyclists. Bikes with lower weight limits include very lightweight carbon and titanium bikes designed for racing. Cyclists who have never lifted weights can perform very well in comparison to even weight trainers on the leg lift, far surpassing the average person who does neither. 99 If your bike can withstand a 250 pound person hopping a curb , it can handle you riding it. Dailymotion,  To me, that seems like a big jump. Could the fact that the rear wheel that failed had a slight bump (imperfection) meant that is was weakened enough that it was bound to fail, either from riding because of my weight, or by my mounting technique? For riders exceeding the 300 lb limit for stock bikes, there are specialty bicycle companies who cater to very heavy riders. Pingback: Bicycle Weight Limits | IsolateCyclist. – not sure about the ssl, they were top of the line Ksyriums that time) Now, I understand, that racing, as in motorcars, can be a really good way to develop, and test, new technologies, and to help to perfect them.

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