But when he got to the church, there was a sign on the door that said, ‘The pastor is on vacation.’?”, After hearing that song, “Pastor’s Absent on Vacation,” Greenbaum sat down and wrote the words to “Spirit in the Sky.” He remembered a greeting card he had seen depicting Hopi Indians sitting in front of a teepee with smoke from their fire going up in the sky and the words, “spirit in the sky.”, “I wrote the song pretty quickly,” he recalled. The interesting thing is the longevity of the song and how it has affected not only me but everyone who hears the song - and that several generations like it. He and his ex-wife briefly raised goats in Petaluma in the early 1970s, and even well after he relocated to Los Angeles, Greenbaum claims that the mistaken perception that he was still a "goat farmer in Petaluma" prevented him from landing a record deal. The song is also enjoying new popularity in unexpected places: funeral homes and memorials. “Up until then, the benefits to me from the song were non-existent,” he said. Reflecting on the success and continuing popularity of his hit song, Greenbaum said, “I wasn’t that gifted of a musician or a writer, but something happened and it just came together. Norman Greenbaum. Greenbaum was never able to duplicate the success of “Spirit in the Sky,” although he did record two follow-up albums, “Back Home Again” and “Petaluma” for Warner Brothers. Doctor and the Medics were also one hit wonders with the song in 1986, while Gareth Gates and The Kumars took it back there in 2003. “The words have become more important as people get older and die,” Greenbaum said. The album, celebrating the joys of country life, had a more folk, country-blues feel. Birth name: Norman Joel Greenbaum: Born November 20, 1942 (age 77) Malden, Massachusetts, U.S. Norman Joel Greenbaum is an American singer-songwriter. “I said to my producer, ‘I’ve got a good one.’ When we finished recording it, it sent shivers up our spines. Norman Greenbaum (born November 20, 1942) is famous for being rock singer. He returned to Los Angeles to pursue other musical projects and tried to come up with another hit single. With its distinctive fuzz-tone guitar, boogie-rock beat and gospel lyrics, the song peaked at No. At that time, Norman Greenbaum - the song’s composer and performer - had settled on a farm in Penngrove with his then-wife and two young children and was trying to come up with another hit song. Continue to the next page to see Norman Greenbaum net worth, estimated salary and earnings. Scorpios are extremely clairvoyant and intuitive. I always put the song first, and myself second.”, (Chris Samson is the former editor of the Petaluma Argus-Courier. The miner decided to go into town one day and pray at the church. Norman Greenbaum - 'Spirit in the Sky' This song has the unique accolade of being a number one hit for three artists, starting with writer Norman Greenbaum. Two British bands, Doctor & the Medics and Gareth Gates, covered the song in 1986 and 1993, respectively, and both versions went to No. As of 2020, Norman Greenbaum’s net worth is, Norman Greenbaum is a Scorpio and was born in The Year of the Horse. Norman Joel Greenbaum is an American singer-songwriter. “It became real frustrating,” he said. 1 in the U.K. Over the next few years, Greenbaum’s original version began to appear in movies such as “Apollo 13,” “Remember the Titans” and “Wayne’s World 2.”, “The song had been semi-dead as a one-hit wonder for years,” said Greenbaum, 77, in a recent phone interview from his Santa Rosa home. Contact him at chrissamson@yahoo.com. Norman Greenbaum's single Spirit in the Sky peaked on the US Billboard charts at #3 in 1970, and still appears frequently in films and receives radio play to this day. “(Wagoner) would always do a religious song halfway through his show. But because of the renewed interest and use of the song, he hasn’t had to work again. My brain doesn’t function at 100 percent, but it’s pretty close. “My wife at the time was more involved in the farm.”. “More people are saying, ‘I want that song played at my funeral.’ It’s weird.”, “When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that’s the best. How much money is Norman Greenbaum worth at the age of 77 and what’s his real net worth now? He currently resides in Malden.

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