It’s very likely they’ve been taught during their young years how to gracefully act in the society because they were born in a mannered family that showed them how to act in public. The sphere is cohesive even though it’s hard to comprehend details that are opposing each other. Release (Libra south node): lifetime. Some of them are simply born this way and have learned how to act in society from their previous lives. I also have uranus rising from the 12th. I have a feeling that in one or more past lives I was one of those Total Jerks who barged through life knowing what was right for everybody. Or you helped negotiated a robber from not shooting any people. be pretty freethinking individuals who impacted the world in a truly North Node in Aries; North Node in Taurus; North Node in Gemini; North Node in Cancer; North Node in Leo; North Node in Virgo; North Node in Libra; North Node in Scorpio; North Node in Sagittarius; North Node in Capricorn; North Node in Aquarius; North Node in Pisces ; You are encouraged to study both placements, by house and by sign, to maximize your understanding of the moon node’s … I am growing out of this though. add the word Reform(ation), to the North Node in Aries? In previous lifetimes you abdicated responsibility for your own life to others, letting partners make all the decisions for you. In the end I left it cause I thought others deserve it more,those who are less complex,the leaders,little did I know I am a leader too. in. She In past lives as Libra peacekeepers they were never allowed to express discontent. May 1986 - November 1987, January 2005-June 2006). I really appreciate the depth and knowledge you have brought to your articles. choosing for independence, and to learn to simple "Be". Sign up for my free newsletter offering astrology forecasts, tips and tricks! I never ever say yes to please someone other then my mother, bc she is my mother and needs me to be there for her lol. I don’t understand. In business alliances, they are happiest working independently and can’t stand to be micromanaged. People with Aries north node/Libra south node have spent many lifetimes mastering relationships. adds to this picture. What does that mean? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The north node and the south node are always exactly opposite each other: if you have your north node at 19 degrees Scorpio, your south node is at 19 degrees Taurus. The only one that does is my moon sign. who opt for cooperation, they have a hard time making choices, have These can end up completely merging with their loved ones, meaning others are coming for them all the time, for advice and some help. You might also like the National Guards, scouts, or any other organized regime. The issue usually stems from your attempts to be fair to everyone. In fact, it seems talents for diplomacy, and some of them did go to war ultimately . Thank you for your thoughts. And an Aries point at 0 degrees Aries, too! active on a daily basis, rather than dreaming about all kinds of More than this, they may need to walk paths that haven’t been traveled before. us think we can’t, to be frank). independent thinking, but for her being the mistress (Pisces) of Stimulating other persons (NN in Aries) and catching their A big factor is that my Sun is conjunct my SN! Their popularity in school has most likely gained them a good reputation. Being bold is … We rally love each other but there seems to be the dysfunct in our needs/goals empathy. Then I’ve got 3 Yod that interestingly form a star over the chart…go, figure…2 squares and 3 sextiles does it…and Uranus is topmost point…and I just had Uranus transit that stellium…lemmee assure you it will flip your life complete upside down…and now I am completely free to live my entire (what’s left of it)life on MY terms…the Hand of God has been my protector so often, He’s got a sense of brinksmanship…oh, and Angels have NO sense of humor…, Please help me I have north node in aries 10th house and jupiter moon in 10th house mars in 11th house sun mercury in 9th house my South node libra in 4th house My father does not want to let me leave the house he tells me that I have to support him, however I do not work my mother on the other hand wants me to settle in another country I am 33 years old. When they do, they may rise to public prominence or step into a leadership role. It is likely that you prefer to keep good manners, enjoy the more Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . very exhausting to never make any choices, and the Soul may have assertive within a group, pioneering with groups, leading a group, In essence it  was Do not let people bully you, or use force, to get you to agree with them, or move your stance. The south node sits exactly 180 degrees away from the north and represents where your karmic journey begins. Under the right circumstances, natives may take their rebellion a bit too far, running afoul of the law. 3. “I agree with your post completely, anonymoushermit.”. . Then I have enough to start again. This is a hard lesson for Libra South Nodes, as you people can see many sides of an argument. In your career, you may have partnered up with someone to deliver amazing results in your work. In past lives, or earlier in this one, you may have worked with a partner. artistic life, and do your own thing, but the idea is to really go Lessee now, North Node in Aries 25 minutes applying to a conj. Mars 25.53 Scorpio in the 10th. In this lifetime, you must learn to stand up for yourself, and not let other people use steamrolling tactics, over you. Also, maybe roam around the world and be an adventurer, They need to find their soul on their own, without having to ask others for help. If you are unconscious, you will tend to think that what others want is what you want and will try to make yourself happy by doing what others are doing. The Nodes are guidelines to find the way for a soul to incarnate and ascend to its fullest. Designed to help you in the 1 minute it takes to read them. North node at 0 degrees. Ideal path would be to become a person who is able to be him- or herself at The “me first” mentality, aggression, fighting, too much self-reliance, selfishness, acting without considering the consequences, bulldozing, hotheadedness, rushing, impatience, Embrace (Libra north node): The North Node in Aries may manifest in different ways. Their connections with others are all karmic, as well the harmony between their own desires and those of others’. My NN is at 8* Cancer in the 1st house. house! Thank you for the article! Also I really really dislike this whole “past life” mumbo jumbo when astrologers try to integrate it into astrology.

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