A financial broker and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff is known for the video "Peter Schiff Was Right 2006–2007 (2nd Edition)" by YouTuber Jdouche. Shaycarl, SHAYTARDS, ShayLoss, iphoneTARD, WhenTheKidsGoToSleep, Daily life vlogger, comedian; has appeared on, Creators of the Eat Your Kimchi videos and website. EpicMealTime, HarleyMore, OriginalGamerShow, Known for explaining physics- and Earth-related topics. Despite these tensions, for 40 or so years after partition the status of unionist-dominated Northern Ireland was relatively stable. sallylepage, Rooster Teeth, General Electric. South African actress, illustrator and designer. Our Wee Country is more creative than you think so here you are, YouTubers from Northern Ireland: Anti-war anthems and Republican ballads - a look back at the most famous songs from during that painful period in Ireland's history. A haunting Republican ballad that uses magnificent imagery to conjure up the loss caused by partition. Gaurav is notable for producing YouTube videos concerning technology in Hindi & travel vlogs on another channel. AllThatGlitters21, EllesGlitterGossip (Elle), otherjuicystar07, juicystar07 (Blair), Sisters who post beauty and style-related tutorials and vlogs. Former prankster known for practical joke videos on the general public. Catholics by and large identified as Irish and sought the incorporation of Northern Ireland into the Irish state. There's Ryan Hollinger, studies horror films, 300k, LS Mark, a commentary YouTuber who sometimes reviews films (40k) and Chris McFeely, who makes Transformers history videos (35k). A self described "Comic/Guitar Hero" best known for the musical comedy on his YouTube channel, NicePeter, and co-creating the comedy web series, known as, AmazingPhil, LessAmazingPhil, DanAndPhilGAMES, British vlogger and former radio host, co-host of, Scientist and atheist vlogger, creator of the video series. Presented by British toy collector Tim Rowett, and developed by former BBC producers Hendrik Ball and George Auckland. 1 most subscribed female on YouTube prior to MichellePhan surpassing her. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_YouTubers&oldid=986394681, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected biographies of living people, Articles with Russian-language sources (ru), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Creates comic content where he publishes satirical opinions known as 'roasts' about a multitude of topics primarily in the Indian entertainment industry. The Troubles, also called Northern Ireland conflict, violent sectarian conflict from about 1968 to 1998 in Northern Ireland between the overwhelmingly Protestant unionists (loyalists), who desired the province to remain part of the United Kingdom, and the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic nationalists (republicans), who wanted Northern Ireland to become part of the republic of Ireland. An American teen who became famous after posting her song ", A British teen who became known as Beckii Cruel by recreating a dance called the danjo. Her vlogs focus on fashion, makeup, lifestyle and paranormal occurrences. Released a book titled, Daniel Howell (formerly danisnotonfire), danisnotinteresting, DanAndPhilGAMES, A British vlogger and former radio host, co-host of, Cover dance unit. First impressions of indie-games, Starcraft commentator. Most notable for videos about world accents. Northern Irish actor and youtuber Addison Rae: US Addison Rae Dancer, vlogger and TikToker Adore Delano (Danny Noriega) US DannyNoriega Following Idol, Noriega became a YouTube personality, performing skits as himself, in drag as Adore Delano, or as his other character, Angel Baby. Filmmaker, producer, actress, and comedian known for her short films and sketches like the web series, Reviews music through his channel The Needle Drop, which is also a, Animator, voice actor, actor, and video game pundit known for his animations (such as the, Game review and analysis of historical and current chess games, First Indonesian YouTuber to cross 20 million subscribers mark. Actress, editor, director. Previously he wrote rock criticism for Cleveland’s. Donegal, Cavan, and Monaghan were combined with the island’s remaining 23 counties to form southern Ireland. Creator of many mini action movies. Created three popular music videos, beginning with ", Far-right, white nationalist Canadian podcaster, British educational YouTuber, author, and science presenter, Gaming channel primarily known for the character, British reviewer of various (usually poor quality) products, comedian, animator and actor. Director, producer, voice actor, and cinematographer. Japanese cooking channel featuring a woman known as "Chef" and her toy poodle, Francis. South African vlogger, popular for his interviews with other YouTube personalities such as Zoe Sugg. Video game playthroughs and commentary. ", "Painting restoration YouTube is the niche relaxation you need", "Is YouTube Sensation Rebecca Black's "Friday" The Worst Song Ever? Let us know in the comments section. "Crazy Russian Hacker: 'Safety Is Number-One Priority! Creator of Veritasium and host of YouTube's Geek Week. Violinist and composer, known for remixing popular hip-hop and pop songs on the violin. Nerve Centre 7-8 Magazine Street Derry/Londonderry BT48 6HJ. Known for their football challenge videos, video game commentary videos, and their weekly videos uploaded to the Sidemen YouTube channel dubbed "Sidemen Sundays". Self-taught electronics engineer, and chip designer; serial entrepreneur; co-inventor of "CastAR" augmented reality glasses. Unlike earlier English settlers, most of the 17th-century English and Scottish settlers and their descendants did not assimilate with the Irish. Tofield's first video was uploaded to YouTube on 4 March 2008. Parodist and rapper who has received over 100 million views with songs such as "Ching Chang Chong" and "Justin's Beaver". English freelance animator and composer known mononymously as Cyriak, Singer-songwriter, comedian, and musician; co-host of, Developer of the "Dan Brown Method" of solving a, An English rapper and songwriter who was known best for his songs about video games, OfficialNerdCubed, OfficiallyNerdCubed, OfficialNerdCubedLive, A British Gamer, primarily releases let's plays and occasional vlogs. Spanish vlogger. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Fischbach has over 22 million subscribers, and over 10 billion video views. Singer-songwriter, actress and first season contestant on, PointlessBlog, PointlessBlogVlogs, PointlessBlogGames, Singer and voice actress, known for her English-language interpretations of songs from. The former Beatle said, "It was the first time people questioned what we were doing in Ireland. © Copyright 2020 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. Kai Wong, Alamby Leung and Lok Cheung (all former), competition to be the first channel to reach 100 million subscribers, We Are the World 25 for Haiti (YouTube edition), "Sargon of Akkad and the Importance of Free Speech", "A creator who has become YouTube's supervillain called 911 when reporter Chris Hansen knocked on his door to ask him about accusations of grooming underage fans", "LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder comparison test with video", "The Best Parts of Vsauce + Win a Vsauce Curiosity Box!

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