Phone calls to numbers listed for Wimberly rang unanswered Tuesday. →. (Balls up the clothes he just got, and throws them into his apartment, and leaves). Who's gonna know? Inside is an interesting looking statue that could replace one George's parents had years ago, but he broke. Jerry employs a cleaner, the boyfriend of an author whose book Elaine is editing. That's the one! It's that simple. Today's your lucky day, junior, 'cause I'm gonna let you off with a warning. Great, okay, bye. As with the lift scene, the staging is superlative. Andrew Koppel, who lived in Queens, had been drinking heavily during the day with Russell Wimberly, whom he met at a bar, the law enforcement official said. How is it my fault?! (Picks up the cordless phone. JERRY: Don't worry.. (Whispering into the phone) Kramer! I said spread 'em! There's a janitor's cart parked right outside the doors. Finland! JERRY: Wait. The son of legendary TV newsman Ted Koppel was found dead in a Washington Heights apartment under mysterious circumstances yesterday morning after a daylong drinking binge with a man he had just met in a Midtown bar, law-enforcement sources said. Burglary, grand larceny, possession of stolen goods.. and uh, uh.. murder. It's fragrant nectar - a soothing balm for the soul. IJ Morris at Star of David of the Palm Beaches, IJ Morris at Star of David Cemetery of the Palm Beaches. 20 min read, 22 Sep 2003 – As Jerry's talking, the three others still fight) Hello, Ray? "I'm just so sorry," Caban said. Alisa, Aaron and Jessica, our deepest sympathies to you and all of your family.Sincerely, Bill Lardner and family, So sorry for this loss of a friend, neighbor and loyal patient. 166,973, This story has been shared 78,781 times. Avi & I are so sorry to hear of bob's passing. Each day is a gift; that's why its called the "present", as they say..With love and admiration.Dr. Additional tests were needed to determine the manner and cause of death, and they will take a few weeks to complete. The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the investigation into the death wasn't completed. In your own mind, right? She said Wimberly arrived at her apartment holding up Koppel, who was visibly drunk. GEORGE: (To Jerry, without looking at him) I thought you said one o' clock. Nurit Koppel was born and raised in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. They have no record of a Ray Thomas at that school! “He had a straw hat on, and I had one on, and he said, ‘Nice hat, man,’ ” Wimberly recalled. We loved having the two of you and Alyssa’s mother over for Pesach seders. (They both go tward the door. He places it on the table, and reveals the statue). He will be missed. And, one day, I grabbed it, and I was using it as a microphone. Do I rub you the wrong way? The King of Comedy.. right. (Opens refrigerator) He cleaned out the bottom of the little egg cups. Scene cuts to another floor. Gayle King fits into yellow election night dress after soup fast, Lizzo gets out the vote in sexy, star-spangled style, Kate Beckinsale poses in gold ‘VOTE’ bra on Election Day, Cardi B smokes three cigarettes at once while watching ‘states turn red’, Aerin Lauder reveals family’s post-Thanksgiving plans, What celebrities are stress-eating on election night, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, NYC restaurants are bracing for street chaos on Election Day, How the coronavirus pandemic has changed NYC for the better, Cole Haan takes 50% off outerwear, boots and more winter essentials, The best holiday gifts for the foodies in your life this Christmas, The best Wi-Fi extenders for boosting your internet connection range, Best Buy's 27 biggest early Black Friday deals of 2020, Mr. Coffee java makers marked down up to 37 percent off, 84-year-old man votes, once voted for JFK, Erika Girardi files for divorce from Tom Girardi. RAVA: (Annoyed) So you think he stole it?! Sincere Condolences to all the Family for the passing of a lovely and kind man. RAY: What's behind this? Koppel — who was an attorney for the city Housing Authority — was a slobbering mess when he was brought to the apartment at around 11 p.m. by Russell Wimberly, a 32-year-old waiter he had met at a Hell’s Kitchen bar nearly 12 hours earlier. She's honest. The world ain't saving itself! C'mon, give it! Caban said she and Wimberly spoke for hours and he went in to check on Koppel and said he was snoring and had a pulse. (The doors close. Bob left this world too young and he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him. KRAMER: (Pulls out some socks) You want these? My deepest condolences. Wait a minute. ELAINE: Why don't we just throw a Molotov cocktail through their window? I can't take it anymore! We made love on the floor like two animals. Okay, bye. I have to have this statue. (Opens the door a crack - Kramer barges in like a cop. And that's why I could never be a maid, because I'd have an attitude. They start to fight for it). Andrew Koppel’s oldest sister, Andrea, a former CNN correspondent, declined to comment. KRAMER: Shut up. JERRY: No, I don't eat dinner. Your California Privacy Rights KRAMER: Well, I'll think of something.. (Slaps George on the back - sending the statue crashing to the ground). NEW YORK Rest in Peace. 831,070, This story has been shared 166,973 times. ..You go to the beach, go in the water, put your wallet in the sneaker. JERRY: Well, just give it back, and I won't say anything. What kind of a world ... How could she leave us with this lunatic? The Statue. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Bob had many wonderful attributes – his laugh, his smile, his friendship. Goodbye., © 2020 SCI SHARED RESOURCES, LLC. We've received your submission. Four times a year we gather together in community for Yizkor, to remember family and friends and members of our beloved community who have died, whether more recently or long ago. Get email updates about Andrew Koppel delivered directly to your inbox. His father, former anchor of ABC’s “Nightline,” could not be reached for comment. They called 911. JERRY: That's not necessary. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an acquaintance of Ted Koppel, on Tuesday offered his condolences to the family. George plans to pick the statue up later, See all 179 posts ELAINE: George, do you realize that Rava's asked me to edit her book? Andrew Koppel, 40, of Rockaway Park, Queens, was declared dead at around 1:30 a.m. after paramedics were called to the rundown apartment in what a law-enforcement source called a “s- – – building” on 180th Street at Audubon Avenue, where he had been found unconscious and not breathing in a bedroom, the sources said. RAY: I love these pastries. Koppel was apparently an ex of Richard Lewis, which caused a bit of tension on set with Jerry (as he had naturally been on Lewis’ side through the break-up). I've got a flight. JERRY: No, no, no, come on, Kramer. The best of Rava’s interplay comes with Elaine, although Jerry gets in the occasional glancing blow at her less than sunny outlook (“, Jerry, very into his cleanliness, is incredibly impressed by Ray’s work (“, George, who has been studying new words to introduce into conversation (“, But it’s George’s bout of indignant rage, directed at Ray in the diner, that really scores. Rava (Nurit Koppel) is a ravishing misery with a somewhere-in-the-vicinity Finnish accent and a commentary that can kill a convivial atmosphere stone dead. ELAINE: (Scrambling) Alright, look, look, look, Let's say he stole it. No one has been charged, and the medical examiner has yet to determine a cause of death. RAY: I would just love to take you down to the shop where I got it. Although he left us way too soon, Bob lived a full life in his 70 years. I'll go with you. My mother's making her roasted potatoes! Mitch Josephs, Alisa, Richard, Paula & familyWishing you peace & comfort. In Chinatown with the money I earned cleaning people's apartments. (Ray pops his head back into the living room). JERRY: I have to tell you that I did some very exciting news recently, and I don't know if I should really tell you exactly what it is because it's really not a definite thing yet. JERRY: How did you get the goop out of the top of the dishwashing liquid? JERRY: No, go ahead. And of all things to take - I left my watch, tape recorder, stereo. And it's been sitting down there for three years.. until he saw it. JERRY: Do you realize how crazy he had to be to do something like this? Do you understand?! Publicity Listings He stole that statue right out of my house! He’ll probably kill his family over this. You know, you're sitting there on your sofa, and they go by with the vacuum, "I'm really sorry about this. Kramer came away with most of Jerry’s grandfather’s items (mainly clothes, including a pair of knee socks and a hat like Joe Friday’s from. Exactly. KRAMER: (Getting possesive) Wait, wait, wait.. GEORGE: Let me just see it for a second. Ah, my liege. I'll pick it up later. (They open the box, and start going through it). I can't believe you asked me about that statue. I’m not sure Kramer ever actually ends up making things better for anyone, as well meaning as he is. Jerry starts talking casually). In lieu of flowers, contributions in Robert's memory may be made to Palm Beach Synagogue , 120 N. County Road, Palm Beach, Florida 33480 US, A coincidence! ELAINE: Do you realize what you're saying? ELAINE: C'mon, you can't do anything about it. “His complexion wasn’t right. GEORGE: (In shock) I can't believe I won at Inka-dink. He kept flopping on my chair," she said. He simply went about his business. I feel happy! The cork fell out, and you stink. Our "Bullshit!" (The doors close. I need this statue. I can't wait to get it cleaned. RAVA: That's what a coincidence is! Just make love to that wall, pervert! KRAMER: Hey, I'll look like Joe Friday in Dragnet. Thinking of you all at this sad time. I checked you out. (Lands on George). Listen, you know that statue on your mantle, the one with the blue lady? "It" is good. The doors open). . We know the last couple months have been very hard for both of you, but the fact that bob's at peace now may give you some consolation that he is no longer suffering. (To Kramer) Alright, so, just take what you want and let's get it out of here. Michael D. Conway’s Ray is an effusive English grad student so theatrical that you know. "I told him to sit him down, and he was flopped down in the chair. Bobby, Ron Buzil, Steve Golber and I celebrated earch other's birthdays for years and years, meeting 4 times a year. JERRY: Well, perhaps we can take comfort in the knowledge that in the next world, Ray will be the recipient of a much larger and more harsh brand of justice.. (Scene ends)[Setting: Rava and Ray's apartment], (Ray's home alone.

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