place, lay, put; put down, lay down; move, bring; stab, thrust, throw; make; give; bone (hollow bone of arms and legs); leg; road, path; way, journey; manner, fashion (f). This dictionary, in both Old Norse to English and English to Old guard, attend to, tend, watch over; take care of; keep watch; minor rogation day (day of prayer and fasting in Western Christianity) (m). ask, beg, command, tell, pray; bid; ask for; ask for a woman in marriage on behalf of another; shake, tremble, quake, move, be moved; march (v), Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects. find, discover, notice; compose; devise; visit; meet; invent; be found, be discovered; men, people; living beings or creatures; humankind (m pl), feather-coat, feather skin, coat; shape (m), multitude, plenty of; great number, store (f), populated, become peopled, full of people, crowded, in a large group, numerous; with many people, well-attended (adj), ransom for one's life; release from life (f), flay; strip (of clothes and of money); skin (v), roam, wander about (as a shepherd with his sheep) (v), spear (for throwing), pike, dart, shaft; fluke of an anchor (ship/sailing term) (m), carry; bring, deliver; convey, move, remove; speak; tell, recite; plead (a case); flytja upp - unload (v). both; who, which (of two)? farthest back in time, earliest (adj), try; make trial of; test; put to the test (v), wise, clever, well-informed (especially in history) (adj). pour; sprinkle; ladle; water; (mid.) blow, stroke, chop; beheading, execution; striking distance, reach of the sword (n). get; beget, obtain, persuade, be able to, get done; speak of, mention; guess, think, suppose; relate, tell of; engender; (with ppart.) It developed from the Proto-Norse Language by the 8th century, and was spoken until sometime in the mid- to late- 14th century, when it began to develop into the modern North Germanic languages spoken in today and the extinct Norn language of Orkney and Shetland. move quickly; draw (sword), brandish (a weapon); break (faith or an oath); turn, alter, change; break off, leave off, give up; Breidablik, the hall of the god Baldr (n), seal (a variety of); brimills vÇ«llr - sea (the seal's field) (m), Brimir, sword; (name of a sword); (name of a giant). mark, draw; fix; mark as one's property; mark with an emblem; heed, mind; signify, mean; infer; with; with (in the sense of bringing, carrying or forcing); bringing, carrying; with (in the sense of accompanying or togetherness); along with; using; by means of; among; along; peace (in peace); among, between; okkar í meðal - between us (our deaths) (prep), clever, moderately or middling wise (adj), while, as long as, whilst; in the meantime (adv), strength; might, power, ability; supernatural strength; side(s) (n). English To Old Norse And Vice-Versa. smooth, even out, tidy, trim; cut even, make equal (in comparisons), equate; exposed equally, naked or unprotected (adj), as deep-witted, as deep-scheming, as resourceful (adj), equinox, equal length of day and night (n), Yule, midwinter heathen feast, later applied to Christmas (n pl), Jormundgand, name of the Midgard Serpent, the world serpent (m), halberd (one type of halberd), long spear (f), contest, competition; spirit, ardor, courage, ship; fast coastal rowing ship; a middle-sized cargo and troop ship (m), trade goods, wares, articles of trade (m), wreckage or pieces of (Greenland) canoes (n), boat (small boat), canoe; sledge-runner (m). get, take, procure; grasp; marry; put, give, deliver; catch; have, make use of; receive; suffer; (with ppart.) I’ve created a special font to make it simpler to search for Old Norse facilitate sorting them in a usable order. at bottom. over, across; past, through, throughout; round, about; (all) over, in; concerning, as regards; during; at a point of time; dwell, stay, abide, live at; enjoy, be happy in, be contented with a thing; under (from under); from beneath; away; away from; out from; just off, near to; (thrown) down (adv). hanging down his leg) (f), day time, a roughly three hour time of the day beginning about 9:00 a.m.; breakfast time (n). difficulty, need, distress; harm; poverty; from below, from beneath; without motion - beneath, underneath (adv), no, none; in negative sentence - any (adj)., Jackson Crawford, YouTube Old Norse lecture series, Instructor of Nordic Studies and Nordic Program Coordinator, University of Colorado, Boulder, Regia Anglorum: Mik Lawson:,, The Society for Creative Anachronism: make, build; write, compose; make a story of; give, offer; act, do; become, turn out, happen; Gorm (personal name), first king of the Jelling dynasty in Denmark, made, built; done; ready; sent; done for, finished off (adj), grass; herb; pasture; vegetation; plant (n), grass-covered clefts (in the hillside) (f pl), ground, bottom; broad surface; surface of the earth, earth, Gylfir (personal name), king in Sweden, name of a Viking, midday, noon, high day, a roughly three hour portion of the day beginning at noon (n). expect, look for, intend (to do), purpose, mean; fated; think, consider (to be); direction, point of compass, region; family, line, lineage, stock, tribe, descent, race; ancestry; from, out of; with; concerning; because of (prep). be able to, get done; be obtainable; (with infin.) count, reckon; consider, conclude; trace; number, enumerate; recount; declare; recite; tell, say; ropes; fastenings by which boats were tied together for battle (ship/sailing term) (n pl). thus, therefore; for this reason; because of this; Thvinnill (personal name), name of a Viking (m). die (of starvation); starve, suffer hunger; reef (sails) (ship/sailing term); sweep; throw, fling (v), game of tables (resembling backgammon); [from Latin tabula] (n). Some liberties have been taken with the English definitions to facilitate … board, strake, hull, plank; side of a ship; table; food, upkeep; rim; margin between rim and liquid; castle, fortress, stronghold; town; funeral pyre (f). waste; spend; do away with, destroy; make empty; lay waste; afternoon; snacking time, a roughly three hour portion of the day beginning about 3:00 p.m. (f), ounce of silver or gold; eighth part of a, gravelly riverbank; small spit of land running into the sea; sandbank; shoal; spit (f). signify, amount to; wait in ambush, waylay; undergo, suffer; bring about, cause; reconciliation, settlement; settlement of suits; atonement, agreement; story; history; what is said, saga, legend; cask, vat; a measure (containing about 150 lbs. west, i.e., towards the British Isles and beyond, protector; Þor (Thor), 'Midgarðs véurr', 'mankind's protector', við, viðr, with(ær) (‡), wiþr (‡), vidh(er) (‡). dress; bind, tie, fasten; bind up (a wound); pledge; rock, stone, boulder; cliff; crag; mountain (n). spring, burst, leap; spring asunder; snap; drive; be sprinkled; stool, chair; bishop's see; king's throne or residence (m), mystery, sacrament; notable thing; great wonders (n pl), rope, cable (ship/sailing term); scroll; bowstring (m), stroke, rub, wipe; caress; smooth, brush (v), beach; strand; shore; coast; border; edge (f). outside (of); externally; beyond; without; from without; Utgard, the Outer Enclsoures, the home of the giants (place name). injury, pain, harm, hurt; disease, plague; turf knoll in the middle of barren ground (f), treasure, necklace, jewel (n); jewels, treasures (n pl). wade; wade through (water), pass through; rush (at an opponent); wooden pole or beam (for drying the washing) (m). help, aid, be useful, be of avail, be of assistance; be safe for; do, show prowess; ability, skill, prowess; boldness, fearlessness, courage, doughtiness (m). struggle; exert oneself; press, urge on, compel, force; knock (at the door); come, arrive; reach; obtain; occur; come about; recover; choice, alternative; offer; chance, opportunity; money available; match, marriage; state, condition, quality; terms; cost, expense; Krossavik, Cross Bay or Inlet, presumably an inlet where a cross was erected, a farmstead (f), burial monument, mound or cairn (frequently used on Danish or Swedish rune stones in the plural); sepulchral monument (n). give birth to; feed; nurse; rear, bring up; grow up; bring, present, convey, send, give; hurl, smite; move; war, troop-slaying, battle (between armies). have; hold, keep, possess; take; accept; wear; have intercourse with; bring, take, get; carry; hold to be true, believe; state, condition, affairs, character; means; advantage; hold, grip, hold fast; keep, retain; steer, direct; protect; last, hold good, remain; Halland, Denmark, now part of Sweden (place name), Hallgertha (personal name), Gunnar's wife, clew up (haul the lower corners of a square-rig sail up to the yard by means of the clew lines) (v) (ship/sailing term), handless, bereft of a hand, lacking a hand, one-armed, handshake; shaking hands in conclusion of an agreement (n usually pl), hard in council, tyrannical, ruthless (adj), grey-haired, hoary, grey-bearded; (a name of Odin). conversion, combination and formatting, with only a minor amount of scholarship hit, find, meet; come to; come upon; arrive at; visit, call on, meet with; meet each other; hit upon; go to see; by, near; with; at one's place; beside, at the side of; compared with; close by (prep), Hjarðarholt, Herd's Hill (place name) (n). happen, happen to, befall, come to pass; change, become; have to, be obliged to; chance to be; take place; Verdandi (personal name, mythological) Becoming or Happening, one of the three Norns (f). thrown in. cut, shear; cut through; cut open, pierce; make incisions, carve; slaughter; ski; snow-skate; stick; wood (block of wood); wooden tablet or stave; one of the boards forming a door frame; shields in a row on the bulwarks of a ship, 'fortress of the snow-skate (of the sea)' (m). boundary; banner, standard; token, mark, sign; sample; evaluate, estimate, value; set a price (v), Midgard, Middle-Enclosure, Middle Earth; the world of men (m). day, daylight, dawn (m); daylight hours, days, time (m pl); day-meal, the chief meal, eaten about 9:00 a.m. (m), Dainsleif, the name of Hógni's sword, Dain's inheritance, judgment (whether favorable or unfavorable) (m), death tidings; sæghia dÇ«uðar-orð - slay one in a fight (n), Draupnir, dripper, a gold ring possessed by Odin with the ability to multiply itself, bleed, ooze (of blood from a slight wound) (v). up (position); raised up; be at an end; used up; Uplands, of or pertaining to the Uplands (Norwegian highlands) (adj), Uplands (place name) Norwegian highlands (n pl), weird, (dire) fate; undoing, ruin; (pl.) grasp, catch, hold; wrestling, contest, provisions; breast; track; subject; conduct, deeds; condition (n). Pronunciation Guide: this is most likely not going to be 100% accurate because it's a pretty old language and people are bound to disagree unless a Viking comes travels to the present, sees us all bickering about it, goes home, writes a guide for us and has it kept in preserving conditions. want, wish, will, be willing; intend; desire a service of one; friendship (esp. take, capture, catch, seize; take hold of, grasp, pick up; reach, touch; begin; undertake; choose; accept, receive; begin (with infin. over; for; across, through; around, about; concerning, as regards; because of; drinking (excessive drinking), over-drinking, from above, down; downwards; on the uppermost part, at the top of; above the surface of (adv), dark; without light-colored defective spots (of furs) (adj), useless; unprofitable; good for nothing (adj), age; time; [poetic] man (f); mankind, humanity, world; human beings, men (f pl), turbulent river, Ale-Force (foaming waterfall) River, dependent person needing assistance (i.e., children and old people) (f). listen to, hear; (impers.) should only be used as an aid for further research.

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