You may or may not know Stryfe, but you’re probably familiar with his face! Some of these mutants would be ready to take on Thanos as soon as they wake up. Thanos dreams of the Stones that give him an unlimited array of powers, but Legion already has this built in -- we’d love to see this fight! Doctor Strange rescued her, but his mentor the Ancient One convinced him that Clea would only be safe if she were sent to another pocket dimension. In the wider Marvel world, Thanos would have to contend with the Omega-level mutants. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In short, X-Man at his prime could give Thanos a run for his money, though more recent comics have severely limited his once limitless powers. Change characters Create a variation. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to the party. The war to save Reality starts now. At that point, she has access to all of the raw power of the Phoenix herself, meaning almost no single entity is powerful enough to stand up to her. Totally. Initially, Elixir was a healer: he could heal damaged cells back to their normal state. The result is that he has all of the raw telekinetic power he was born with along with no virus or morality holding him back. How, though, does a guy mostly known for using guns and lasers pose a threat to someone as major as Thanos? I'm sorry, but with the HOTU, Thanos was a lot more powerful then the Living Tribunal, who is the second most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. There’s an old rule in the world of acting: never let them see the upper limits of your range. Reviews: 0. Take note, True Believer! Clea and Umar battled one-on-one, with Clea emerging triumphant and claiming rulership of the Dark Dimension. Clea took a brief respite from the rebellion to come to Doctor Strange’s rescue. hotu? I missed a good 2 weeks of that. Does Thanos have enough to take out Spawn? Doctor Strange returned to Earth with Clea, and she lived with him in his Sanctum Sanctorum, becoming his lover and disciple. you should check out some Thanos respec threads! That’s why we think one of the best shots at beating him is to bring in Matthew Malloy. Unlike Nightcrawler, Maddie is not limited to teleporting herself and a few others. This character had few appearances, but he found out that he could warp reality and basically do whatever he wanted to, including killing anyone who stood in his way. Come on guys can Thanos take on the Devil I think not. The clone was kidnapped, raised, and used as a host by Apocalypse. Thanos has pretty much taken on anyone and everyone in the marvel U! And he has an impressively large set of powers! Take it from us: some of these guys would mop the floor with him! This is David Haller, son of Professor Charles Xavier. Part of what makes Thanos so scary in the MCU is that he is presented as the strongest and fiercest warrior. LT could've shut down Thanos with the gauntlet! If you ask a casual fan to rank the most powerful X-Men, we're willing to bet that Iceman wouldn't even crack the top ten. Clea was born the daughter of Prince Orini, legitimate heir to the rule of the Dark Dimension, and Umar, sister to the then-current ruler Dormammu. With access to all of their powers, Hope can become virtually unstoppable: this is the mutant power equivalent of asking the genie for more wishes! Typically, this power is viewed as defensive instead of offensive, with characters teleporting themselves and others out of harm's way. Universe, Other Aliases, Education, Place of Origin, Identity, Known Relatives. Dormammu had long sought to conquer Earth and, as a result, often confronted Earth’s defender,Doctor Strange. EGOT-winning songwriter Robert Lopez takes Joe behind the creative process of “Let It Go” in Times Square before the two join together to improvise a song. Many of the mutants on this list have complicated powers that give them a shot at taking Thanos down. Each one of those personalities comes with its own powers, and he seems to be able to generate new powers on a whim. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Complete your Marvel Studios’ Avengers collection On Digital now! His main powers are telepathic in nature: he can control minds, resist mental probing, and generally make large groups do whatever he wants. Put it altogether, and this problem child can really give Thanos a hard time. Umar and Orini, who remained loyal to her, were exiled to a pocket dimension. LT is always at his prime! Just like that, he became a nearly unkillable powerhouse, and we’d love to see him in the ring with Thanos for a few rounds! Put simply, Franklin Richards manipulates reality and shapes it into his image at will. To very casual fans, X-Man looks more like a typo than a character name. He also has a full range of telekinetic powers that range from basic movement to psionic shotguns. However, this is a very specific character created during the reality-warping events of "Age of Apocalypse". What makes Spawn any dfferent? Your point?Post Edited:2008-02-27 03:30:11. ... Resurrection Spawn Al Simmons: Omega Spawn Al Simmons: Spawn (Classic) Al Simmons: Battle options. Put that together, and she packs a hell of a punch that should have the Mad Titan worried! It can reshape reality. If that's not enough, he has pretty much every power set you can dream of: telekinesis, telepathy, energy blasts, and even an ability to see the future! How powerful, then, is Franklin Richards? He used the DNA of several probable foes and possible comrades. Cable is pretty damn powerful, but some of that power is held in check by a Techno Organic virus spreading through his body. Weakened level, that is. Altogether, this is an unexpectedly hefty threat for Thanos! I'm talking about Thanos in his prime with the cosmic cube would be NEAR LT's level. He is mostly known as a cybernetic soldier character, and one we're going to get to see on the big screen alongside Daredevil. This is basically that universe’s version of Cable, created as a clone instead of being born as the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor. User Lists: 0 #39 Edited … It tuns out that Iceman has some power and potential that most people never knew about. In Vulcan’s case, it’s pure power: he has the ability to absorb energy, and back when Scarlet Witch rid most mutants of their abilities, Vulcan absorbed a huge chunk of their released energy. The real kicker is that Spawn's powers gather energy from evil, so just being around Thanos would give Spawn the power to defeat him. Once in the future, that tribe hedged their bets and cloned the baby. To make it easier, he has HOTU. The ultimate goal of Thanos is to gather the Stones and become like a god due to all the powers he now has. However, Umar was disgusted by her affair with Orini, abandoning Clea to be raised by him, and Prince Orini kept secret any knowledge of her true origins. The couple agreed, even though they believed they might never see each other again. Keep scrolling to check out 15 Omega-level mutants that can take on the Mad Titan! Over the years, she grew in her mystical potential and became nearly his equal in mystical aptitude. Followers. While she is a formidable foe on any given day due to both her wide array of psychic powers and her ability to turn herself into a diamond form that makes her nearly invulnerable. Thanos vs Spawn MotorSteel. he's the LT, his power doesn't fluctuate! Marvel Unlimited members can now read brand-new comics just three months after they’re in stores! We don't know, but we'd pay to find out! Reviews: 0. Thanos defeated Mephisto, who, in fact, is the Devil. Unlike many other Omega-level mutants, she does not have an explicitly offensive power. You need to be logged in to post comments.. He is the son of Mr. Franklin Richards may not be on your radar unless you're a fan of the Fantastic Four. However, she grew uncomfortable in their relationship. And as a side effect of his powers, he’s also immortal, which might just give him the edge he needs in a fight.

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