I’m sure it’s a nice rod but come on a mediocre caster will not suddenly become Mel Krieger or Steve/Tim Rajeff because of H3! H. hiplainsdrifter Well-known member. While the ten-footer wears the same coat of grey paint and trimmings, this Recon’s taper and action is completely different from any other rod wearing the Orvis name. Heck, you'll be a better person -- part of Earth instead of just on it. New tapers and materials were rolled into the blanks, but it’s what they did with those new blanks that makes the biggest difference in the performance of the H3. Casting the two rods, they feel very similar. I have the 9′ 5 weight. Under Combs, Orvis steered away from trial and error and tradition and started leaning more heavily on science. I guess I expected a medium action trout rod that wasn’t too inspiring. With their new methods and new equipment, Orvis tested each section of the blank, measuring the deflections with newly developed software, which translates the data to graphs for comparison and analysis. Above the cork grip the fancy filigree that would typically list the rod's details, is replaced by a long, white wrap that wouldn’t look out of place on the handle of a tennis racket or ski pole. “Try this one,” Tom Rosenbauer said, handing me a 4-weight version of the new H3. but you aren’t able or willing to drop $900 on a Helios rod. They’ve produced three winners in a row. Let’s just say that no one is going to be guessing which rod you’re fishing when they see you on the water. love your video,pls do more. All rights reserved. It may, in fact, be too good for the money. The buzz around IFTD this year was heavy on the rod-talk. With each false cast, oscillations are introduced, which deflect the rod away from a straight line path. I owned one years ago. Has your mind been changed? I now own 4 H2s and fish them all the time. (Thank you Orvis!) For the rest of us, we might do better by buying two different rods — say, a 9′ 6-weight for power and big flies and an 8’6″ 4-weight for smaller water and delicate presentations. Just about every major fly rod manufacturer was brandishing their newest, tech-packed stick. They used the data to insure the blank would track truer and recover quicker than any rod before, creating the most accurate fly rod possible. This week, Orvis Company will unveil what it claims to be the finest fly-fishing rod ever made —dubbed the H3—in the biggest product launch in the company’s 161-year history. Developed with new materials, actions, and tapers, the H3 certainly has some big shoes to fill. It promises to deliver excellent performance for the money — and it’s definitely a big step up from the thoroughly decent Orvis Clearwater Reel. But it is also genius. As I whipped out line in ever increasing lengths, my arm motion slowed, giving the loop time to unfurl in back of the boat and correspondingly in front. I think it casts great and feels good in the hand. Now though I spend all summer fishing in Montana and I sported for a 6wt Recon thinking I wanted a streamer/foam gun for some of our waters like the Missouri. If you are in the market for a mid-priced rod, I don’t think you can do better than the Recon. In addition to the label, they changed up the reel seat to a made-in-the-USA reel seat (to make the rod 100% made in Vermont) and a new matte finish that won’t scare away any fish.

Be sure not to overlook the H3F. Press J to jump to the feed. They charge $60 plus shipping and the turnaround is 5 to 6 weeks.
It’s a very light rod by market standards. In addition, you’re likely looking for a great rod that’s a clear step up from entry-level and intermediate rods in the $200-300 range . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. And for something that looks easy, the sport is surprisingly complex, which can be a frustrating barrier to entry for new fisherman. Well let me tell you… No doubt, there are those that will hate that label. The buzz around IFTD this year was heavy on the rod-talk. Geez. Your email address will not be published. “That’s the new Orvis.”. The Orvis family sold to a group of Philadelphia investors during the Depression, who in turn sold the business in 1965 to a man named Leigh Perkins, whose family owns it today. Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rod Review: 3D vs 3F vs H2 in the 9' 8-weight, How to Create the Perfectly Balanced Fly Rod and Reel Outfit, Substantially more accurate than the Helios 2, Very versatile when it comes to line choice.

Today I cast the all-new Helios 3F and 3D alongside its cousin the Helios 2 in the 9’ 8-weight configuration. Sounds pretty precise, which is exactly what Orvis was aiming for. I can put so little effort into this rod and can shoot tight loops as far as is necessary.
I called up my local Orvis store after the rod snapped on a 1.5# bass, and they told me they would have to send it in for repair rather than getting a rod at the store for a replacement(understandable, but not the same experience provided). Shop the Orvis Recon direct from Orvis and pair it with a Hydros Reel to make a combo! Hi Nathaniel - the F is very line friendly.

I learned to fly-fish in the late 1980s by catching—or at least trying to catch—slender Wyoming trout with a hefty, fiberglass rod built for wrangling 30-pound salmon. Without having weighty origin stories, both brands pitched their products as scientific breakthroughs, more techy than tweedy. Every fly fisher casts differently and has different needs and casting preferences. recommendation as F or D would be truly appreciated.

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