While still extremely rare today, the Otterhound is a friendly, shaggy and rowdy dog. Although fairly relaxed as a breed, this dog is also stubborn, and wants to do things – as most hounds do – its own way. In view of their rarity, e.g. Receive a weekly or monthly email list of new breeders. With a tousled, shaggy coat, the Otterhound is a very old breed that was used for hunting otter in Great Britain. The sport of otter hunting was popular for a long time, but water pollution began to decimate the otter population without the help of the Otterhound. A long daily walk or run on a leash is a perfect pastime, and obedience, agility, tracking, and rallying exercises are another beneficial option with vet approval required. Personality Rowdy, friendly, and a shaggy "big lug," the Otterhound is amicable with just about everyone, humans or pets. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/otterhound.htm. Why buy an Otterhound puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Four Pillars is comprised of Deborah and Barbara Follett who are Owner, Breeder, Handlers. Adopt Ozwald a Black Otterhound / Old English Sheepdog / Mixed dog in Chattanooga, TN (29611179), QiNo (male) / DOB: 4/22/12 ~ (eight years old) Retrieved July 11, 2015. Adopt Ozwald a Black Otterhound / Old English Sheepdog / Mixed Dog in, https://i.oodleimg.com/item/6016633502t_1l_dogs_in_chattanooga_tn/?1602978836, Adopt Qino * a Tan / Yellow / Fawn - With Black Chow Chow / Otterhound / Mixed Dog, Adopt Qino a Tan / Yellow / Fawn With Black Chow Chow / Otterhound / Mixed Dog, https://i.oodleimg.com/item/5927305798t_1l_dogs_in_jonesboro_ga/?1600042778, Adopt Odie a Tan / Yellow / Fawn Otterhound / Terrier (Unknown Type, https://i.oodleimg.com/item/6012403100t_1l_dogs_in_sherwood_ar/?1602053736, Adopt Iggy a Otterhound / Mixed Breed (Medium) / Mixed Dog in Joplin, Adopt Iggy a Otterhound / Mixed Breed / Mixed Dog in Joplin, Adopt Captain Floof a White Otterhound / Mixed Dog in Pequot Lakes, https://i.oodleimg.com/item/6009536858t_1l_dogs_in_pequot_lakes_mn/?1601280534, Adopt Obi a White - With Tan, Yellow or Fawn Otterhound / Otterhound Dog in, Adopt Obi a White With Tan, Yellow or Fawn Otterhound / Otterhound Dog in, https://i.oodleimg.com/item/6003544247t_1l_dogs_in_englewood_fl/?1599916316, Adopt Little Dipper a Red / Golden / Orange / Chestnut Collie / Otterhound / Mixed Dog, https://i.oodleimg.com/item/6024022750t_1l_dogs_in_lincoln_ne/?1604436748, Adopt Orion a Black - With White Otterhound / Mixed Dog in Lincoln, Adopt Orion a Black With White Otterhound / Mixed Dog in Lincoln, https://i.oodleimg.com/item/6024065395t_1l_dogs_in_lincoln_ne/?1604444358, https://img.dogsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/dogs/data/photos/267856t/1594577082/puppies.jpg. Known predecessors are bloodhounds, rough-coated French breeds including the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen from whom it has inherited its rough-coated look, as well as the rare Griffon Nivernais and the Old Southern Hound, which is now extinct. The Otterhound Club of America as the parent club for the breed has responsibility for all Otterhounds in North America, including homeless Otterhounds, those found in shelters or those whose owners and breeders are no longer able to care for them. Positive reinforcement, including bribery with food, is essential to training – and some cunning, too, since this dog is by no means stupid. Queen Elizabeth I became the first "Lady Master of Otterhounds.". Contact the dog breeders below for Otterhound Puppies For Sale. Otterhound packs were disbanded, began to hunt mink, or were used for "drag hunting," where they followed artificial trails. When I 1st meet you I'm a little shy, because I'm just learning that humans are okay and can love me and take care of me. We are members of the Otterhound Club of America and AKC Breeders of Merit. The American Kennel Club recognized the Otterhound in 1909, and in 1960, the Otterhound Club of America was established. If you decide that an Otterhound is really the dog for you, finding a puppy or an adult can prove to be quite challenging. We want to genuinely improve the Otterhound breed by incorporating different dogs of varying pedigrees into our breeding program to increase the variety of dogs. Woof! This big lummox loves to eat and doesn't have any manners when it comes to breaking into whatever might contain food – refrigerators, trash cans, pantries, cabinets, drawers… and nothing much is going to keep it out. It happens when the dog's stomach fills with food, gas, or fluid because it has rotated or twisted. Hunter William Twici said that the dog was "a rough sort of dog between Hound and a Terrier. The first essential requirement for a prospective Otterhound purchaser is a considerable amount of patience!!! http://www.vetstreet.com/dogs/otterhound. So, you would like to buy an Otterhound puppy? It has bushy eyebrows over deep-set eyes, which complement the coat – dark for dark coat colors and hazel for those that are liver or slate. Look at pictures of Otterhound puppies who need a home. The friendly and devoted Otterhound is a large, rough-coated dog with a shaggy face and bushy eyebrows. Wash the beard, which can tend to get dirty, frequently. However, as a result of the outlawing of otter hunting as a sport in 1978, the breed experienced a major decline. As with any hound, the Otterhound has a deep, baying voice. However, this "big, lovable lunk" is certainly not intentionally harmful. We want to genuinely improve the Otterhound breed by incorporating different dogs of varying pedigrees into our breeding program to increase the variety of dogs. These dogs enjoy long walks and exploring new territory. To avoid matting, it is important to comb and brush the coat at least once a week. generally only 25-30 Otterhound puppies are born in the UK each year, it is … Copyright © 2005-2020 EquineNow.com, LLC. Although a good watchdog, the Otterhound is not a guard dog – unless attacked. The coat can be of any hound color, including wheaten with black markings or grizzle. Description The Otterhound is a scent hound, with a shaggy coat most reminiscent of the Griffon Vendeen. When I 1st got to my foster home I was afraid but that didn't last long once I figured out I was safe! Retrieved July 11, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otterhound. Welcome to the Virtual Home of the Blue Fairy Otterhounds. The tail is high and thicker at the base, tapering to a point. Click on the links to learn more about Otterhounds. Expect to be asked a lot of questions by any Otterhound breeder, and expect to wait a minimum of several months for a puppy. Retrieved July 11, 2015. This dog can escape from just about anything, including baby gates, crates, screen doors, yard gates, and over – or under – fences. Retrieved July 11, 2015. References Dog Bloat: How to Protect Your Pup. Recognized By: CKC, FCI, AKC, NKC, NZKC, APRI, ACR, ColorsBlack, Brown, Tan, Sable, Black Markings, Grizzle. Although quite enamored of children, this dog may be a little too rambunctious around small children which without supervision could jeopardize their safety. This dog has a 3" to 6" long outer coat and a dense wooly undercoat to protect it from frigid waters. Although a good companion for older children, this "big puppy" is probably a little too energetic for toddlers. Today’s Otterhounds trace back to a cross made in 1958 between a Griffon Vendeen and a Bloodhound. Living AreaThe Otterhound is not recommended for apartment life or smaller homes, and needs to be outdoors on a regular basis. Get to know them! All Rights Reserved. ... Otterhounds for Sale in Ohio. It has great strength and a strong body with long loose striding steps. Call us: (727) 451-9750‬ | Contact Pets4You.com Mail us: Wuuff, Inc. 7901 4th St N STE 300 Saint Petersburg FL 33702Call Us (727) 451-9750‬ Contact Pets4You.com, Disclaimer • Privacy Policy • Terms of ServiceDisclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Service, Add widgets to the Sub Footer at Appearance > Widgets, This site is served, operated and maintained by Pets4You.com®. Start training when your pet is a puppy, when still impressionable, so that you can win it over with consistent approval. Our mission, as AKC Otterhound Breeders of Merit, is to promote, preserve and protect these magnificent hounds. There are generally 4 to 7 litters born a year in the U.S. and Canada. Feed your pet modest meals, as this is a breed that can gain weight easily. It needs a large yard and plenty of room to move around inside. An Otterhound is a large noble looking rough-coated scent hound which was originally bred for hunting. Obi came to us on 09/02. Retrieved July 11, 2015. In spite of all of this rambunctiousness, the Otterhound is actually pretty calm and easygoing in terms of actual personality. The breed came to the United States around 1907 where it was exhibited at a dog show in Claremont, Oklahoma. Otterhound Dogs and Puppies From Ohio Breeders by DogsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. I will be relocating and I am seeking someone that is able to adopt this wonderful soul…, I have had Odie for eight years and I am sad I have to give him a new home. We are members of the Otterhound Club of America and AKC Breeders of Merit. Health Although quite healthy, the Otterhound is prone to hip dysplasia and bloat, as are most large breeds; bloat is especially dangerous and can be deadly very quickly. Find Otterhound Puppies For Sale on Pets4You.com. He is very energetic and needs…. Iggy is a happy puppy who loves to give kisses and be held. Sharp, charming and determined is just a few ways to describe this guy. Breed Standard - what the perfect Otterhound would look like. While these earliest Otterhounds have unknown ancestry, the modern dogs have origins in the 18th century. Four Pillars is comprised of Deborah and Barbara Follett who are Owner, Breeder, Handlers. Otterhound. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. If you don't want an "explorer," rethink the Otterhound. Large and strong, this breed is equally at home on land and in water because of its development to hunt otters. The dog does not adapt well to indoor exercise, and will do best in a home with a large, fenced-in yard. To avoid matting, it is important to comb and brush the coat at least once a week. With less than 800 Otterhounds in the world, they are one of the most endangered dog breeds. Not that such a friendly dog is dangerous on purpose – just a little too big and ungainly for such little ones. Immediate action is mandatory. Today, the Otterhound is 173rd in breed rank among registered AKC breeds and is part of its Hound Group. The coat should not be clipped, in order to keep a natural look. The shock of one won't necessarily stop a very determined Otterhound. Breeders will email or call you with specific breed information and available pets and prices. If you're a hound lover, you'll love it – but your neighbors may not. Filter Dog Ads Search. It has a rough, oily, double coat and webbed feet. History Because ravenous river otters posed a major threat to the fishing industry in medieval England, the breed of Otterhound was developed to keep otters controlled, which would protect the availability of fish and allow fishermen to make their living. Find Otterhound Puppies For Sale on Pets4You.com. My…, Hi I'm Orion of the Galaxy crew. I am unable to care for him like I want too. http://dogtime.com/dog-breeds/otterhound. We use cookies to make our website optimal for you and to continuously improve it. Adopt Captain Floof a White Otterhound / Mixed dog in Pequot Lakes, MN (29429542) There are currently no breeders available for this breed.Simply request Pet Breeders to contact you promptly! Grooming Comb and brush your pet's thick, weather-resistant coat at least weekly, as it mats easily. Your yard must be securely fenced, and you shouldn't use an electronic fence. Otterhounds stand 23" to 27" at the shoulder and weigh 65 to 120 lbs. Otterhound. spayed/neutered, This alluring guy is Obi! Otterhound. Weight: 69 pounds I am a "tails up…. Barb is the breeding and genetic expert, who spends hours on the Otterhound Club of America database and foreign databases studying pedigrees of the dogs worldwide.

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