But this is where things get a little more complicated. Required fields are marked *, Recruiting people who dislike DedSec in Watch Dogs…, Equipping different guns and non-lethal weapons on your…, Watch Dogs Legion free Prestige Operative El Rubius…. This guide tells you Where To Find UDL Lab Weapons Keycard In Outer Worlds, as without it, you’re going to need an, Don’t waste your Mods, maximize your stats and spend your Mods wisely. DU&I takes those…. You can also learn more about the planet, that used to be called Terra 1, and the reform that Sanjar and MSI tried to achieve to give more humane working conditions for everyone within. Talk to Sanjar after you get the targeting module. Retrieve the Cantankerous Canid Targeting Module and gain 3428xp. If you’re wondering who to side with in Candid’s Cradle, this guide will show you what happens when you give module to Graham or Sanjar in Outer Worlds. Talking to Zora The gosunoob.com content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of gosunoob.com. Here’s a list of things you need to complete before trying to set up the negotiations: Now that you have all the relevant info, you can start the process: Once they’re in agreement, you’ll complete the quest. Make your way there and a new location will unlock: Gunship Crash Site. Access the door with the room overlooking the press and use the terminal to activate the rollers. Return to May Van Noy and tell her of the fate of her medic. There's a Vending Machine inside if you need it!. You get some XP, Bits and MSI Saltuna Searer, a unique Flamethrower. The meeting is set to occur at the Bayside Terrace warehouse. Zora Kill Graham and take over as leader. Pick the one you agree with and earn 7500xp. Other Rewards: 15000xp, 2900 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclast Apostle Helmet and Iconoclasts Reputation. Graham will say they must spread the word, and it unlocks the next quest: Pay for the Printer. If you want to go the peace right you have to have Zora take over. The crash site is just south from the Sulfur Pits, a location on the south-west of Monarch Wilderness. She thinks the Iconoclasts need a new leader, and proposes deposing Graham. The Iconoclasts are due to receive a shipment of vital supplies from Carlotta, a sympathizer that resides in Stellar Bay. Accept Nyoka’s offer to come with you and she will join you as your last Companion. You can kill them, but you will gain negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping. You will have 100% Negative reputation with the MSI at the end of the mission. If You Give The Module To Graham If you decide to give the module to Graham, you assault Stellar Bay and wipe out the Monarch Stellar Industries, including killing Sanjar. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction. Once he’s dead, tell her you want her to negotiate with Sanjar. If you finished the Mandibles of Doom task and convinced the C3 mercenaries to help you, they will help you wipe out the Marauders. There are a lot so be careful. If you want to help the Iconoclasts, go to Amber Heights and talk to Graham. Should You Divert Power to Deserters or Edgewater. Make sure, before doing this, you’ve completed all of your quests on this planet. You’ll need Persuade (55) or you can use intelligence and perception. You can then ask her some questions about what happened, and you can opt whether you want high-capacity data cartridges, or food and medicine (choosing this unlocks future quests for Zora). I also killed Zora, then gave the thing Sanjar. Sanjar and the MSI will be wiped out in an attack on Stellar Bay. This is the first Faction quest for the Iconoclasts, and it’s picked up in Amber Heights, Monarch. Canid’s Cradle is a quest you’ll get after completing Devil’s Peak in the main quest. There’s not much different whether it’s Graham or Zora leading Iconoclasts, if you choose to give the module to them. I really don’t want to toss a 20 hour playthrough down the drain, but I’m just not happy with the outcome and I was not aware you had to follow Zora to the medbay . I even tried to assassinate Graham to see what would happen and Zora just goes hostile…. Pay for The Printer: Make sure you save the team by getting the trauma kit from the dead medic in the second Iconoclasts faction quest. You’ll find out their crash was human error. Let’s dive in. Follow Zora to the medical building and talk to her. You can ask her for Caffenoid supplements, and then have to reveal who they are for. This Give The Module To Sanjar Or Graham In The Outer Worlds Guide breaks down both choices of either supporting the Iconoclasts or MSI with, One of the Weapons From The Void objectives is locked behind a very high hack. If you want to go the third route, making peace, make sure you question Sanjar and don’t just give up the module. That said, let’s see what happens. The truce option seems the best to me, so I'm doing that, but I was wondering if you knew of a way to get the truce without any bloodshed? Once you flip the switch a ship will crash land nearby and Graham and Sanjar will argue over what to do with it, and the Faction Quest: Canid’s Cradle will trigger. Make your way to Abigail Edwards, the medic located in a small building on the left side of the Stellar Bay map. Don’t give it to him – suggest a truce between the two. Check out this The Outer Worlds choices and consequences guide to figure out which path is best for you. Persuade her, and she’ll reveal she has a key to the supply room, that is upstairs. Talk to Mortimer Bell near the entrance and, if you’re doing Space-Crime Continuum, ask him where to find Catherine Malin, and you’ll gain Sublight Salvage & Shipping reputation. If You Give The Module To GrahamIf you decide to give the module to Graham, you assault Stellar Bay and wipe out the Monarch Stellar Industries, including killing Sanjar. Literally me too dangit and my furthest back save is the auto save from when I fast traveled to amber hightail RIGHT AFTER I got the parts instead of the supplies. Head to the new marker for the talks and help see them through. Return to Graham and you’ll find him arguing with Zora about the Van Noys, a unit of the Iconoclasts that is MIA. Completing the quest gives 15000 xp and Iconoclast Reputation as well as Iconoclast Apostle Armor and 2900 Bit Cartridge. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions. You wipe out X and have to kill both Graham and Zora in the process. The Outer Worlds Devi’s Peak Station Quest Guide, The Outer Worlds Gunship Crash Site Quest Guide. For this route to work you must have read Sanjar’s records on the BOLT With His Name quest, took the additional food for Zora on the The Commuter quest, and saved the medics on the Pay for the Printer quest. This Give The Module To Sanjar Or Graham In The Outer Worlds Guide breaks down both choices of either supporting the Iconoclasts or MSI with details on the consequence of both choices, so you can weigh up the pros and cons for yourself. This gives you 14,400XP. If you decide to give the module to Graham, you assault Stellar Bay and wipe out the Monarch Stellar Industries, including killing Sanjar. However if you didn’t assist with her request earlier she’ll refuse because she doesn’t trust you or has a squad to overthrow Graham. Or use it to find out which quest rewards are best. If you insist and point out he is good at details, he will ask who you’d expect him to work with.

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