Dreadful? Angry If so, you may want to sing an audition song from a show like “Spring Awakening” or even “Hair”. It's just that fans rush to tout their genius a bit too quickly. With its intro programmed on a Lowrey organ, “Baba O'Riley” doesn't quite capture the spirit of a generation the same way that the group's iconic “My Generation” did. To be honest, all K-Pop songs are underrated! LOL LOL August 18, 2016, 9:22 am “Make Them Hear You” — Ragtime 25. Clearly, the 1990s were impervious to nasal voices, because this track was one of Live's biggest hits. Sadly, "I Don't Care" was none of those things. The hardest thing about including this song was not the decision to put U2 on this list, but selecting which U2 song to single out. One of them is. It's hard to decide what's more confusing: the electronic bongos in this wannabe dancehall earworm that tortured listeners throughout 2017 or the strange music video featuring Ed, the heartbroken boxing fiend who ends up in an illegal, basement fight against a sumo wrestler. The song “Only Love” is performed in the second act by Marguerite Blakeney, a London aristocrat. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, largely agree that "Me!" For a music culture dominated by shareable playlists and free listening services, the streaming giant Spotify can offer an extremely accurate look at what songs are capturing our attention. You know how there are some songs that the person ahead of you at an audition always seems to be singing? Professional piano players should bring a class-action lawsuit against this song, and damages should be awarded for all the times someone has had to endure the tune in unpleasant places, like sitting in the gynecologist's waiting room or standing in line at the Costco on Saturday morning. “Creep” is alright when you're 14 and full of angst. Range: D4-Ab5. “My Big French Boyfriend” — The Toxic Avenger 12. Some soprano songs could have one. Somewhere, there is a fellowship of extremely amateur guitarists whose sole mission on earth is to, inflict an acoustic-guitar version of “Wonderwall” on the world, Statistically, in a catalogue as varied as the Beatles', there's bound to be a few lemons. Don't worry, we agree with you! A professional vocal coach will ensure that your voice is prepped and ready for your next audition. Have you noticed the hypocrisy? This song is sung by Clara, who is in awe of the spectacles in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery. “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” — My Fair Lady 9. Based on the classic Charlotte Bronte novel, the musical version of Jane Eyre had a workshop production in 1995 before premiering on Broadway in 2000. Range: A3-G5. This 1963 Broadway musical was revived in 2007 with Audra McDonald as the lead. How many times does Pharrell Williams say he stayed up all night to get lucky? But it’s not always easy to choose the perfect musical theater audition song. This song, especially, lacks a certain brilliance as Bono spends 4:37 vainly looking for something he's lost, perhaps it's his keys hidden, “What? Have you noticed the hypocrisy? “I’m Not At All In Love” — The Pajama Game 3. Choosing a good audition song can be pretty overwhelming for both male and female singers. What's the biggest problem with this arena rock song? Nice, Fred, real nice. May 14, 2018, 10:02 am. Well, What happens if you take a double chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing, top it with chocolate chips and frost it with ganache, then drizzle it with syrup and pile it high with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream? Certainly not. Although the range for this song is rather low for a soprano, editors have commented that it is better meant for a soprano than a belter. Overplayed? Certain songs continue to be played endlessly on the radio, and everyone swears to their genius, but have some of these tunes struck you as a bit, well, overrated? Angry OMG “We Will Rock You,” however, is nothing but an excuse to slap your thighs and threaten your rival, no matter the sport.

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