✬ Eni bama m'obo akoko se bi lagido / To catch a fish, you must think like a fish. ✬ Afìkọ̀kọ̀jalè, bí ọba ayé ò rí ọ, tọ̀rún rí ọ / God sees all. Many of the proverbs in common use in Yoruba culture are based on Ifà scripture. ✬ Àgùntàn bọ̀lọ̀jọ̀ ò gbàgbé eléèrí bọ̀rọ̀ / Good deeds are never forgotten. Owe: Bí a bá ro dídùn ifọ̀n á ó ọra déegun Itunmo: Ifọ̀n je ìse ìhúnra. excited... Post Comments Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2020 Oluwaseun Osewa. Agba tan l’angbole, ba daso, fole a pa laro. ✬ A kì í fi ìkánjú lá ọbẹ̀ gbígbóná / Patience is important. So I present to you this interesting topic on yoruba proverbs(owe yoruba), indeed the Nigerian culture is very much vast and wide with each tribes having its own laws and traditions.But nevertheless, we still have the dominant tribes which are the hausas, yorubas, and Igbo. . 21. Arii wipe ọmọdé ko le ma fi ounje sofo paapa julo Ẹ̀kọ! All cultures make use of proverbs to transmit social values. Please read on. Others 15 Comments. Agbara ojo ko poun o nile wo, onile ni ko ni gba fun. ( The proverbs included in “Iba’se Orisa” are a small sampling from a culture rich in the poetic use of language. Many of these examples make use of interdimensional analogies and naturalistic images not commonly used in conversational English. YORUBA PROVERB “Owe lesin oro, oro lesin owe, bi oro ba sonu owe ni a o fi wa” (Proverbs are the prongs of discourse and if a discourse is riddled with. A rii wipe, mí-mì orí ẹni ò si ni ìkápá eniyan ni opolopo igba, paapaa jùlo ni Igba ti eniyan […]. Ìtunmọ̀: Òwe yìí je owe ìkíyè s’ára fún onílé tàbí Òbí sí ọmọ sùgbọ́n òwe yi súnmọ́ Òbí sí ọmọ ju ẹlòmíràn lọ. ✬ Àbẹ̀tẹ́lẹ̀ ní ńfọ́jú onídàájọ́ / A bribe can change one’s mind. Bí a bá ro dídùn ifọ̀n á ó ọ’ra déegun / If a person think of the pleasure gets while having an itch on the body he or she is likely going to scratch out the skin till it gets to bone. Bi Ọdẹ ba ni àńfàní lati ri eranko yi o dara ki o fi ara balẹ̀ ki o to yin ni ìbọn ki eranko yi ma baa salo mọ lọ́wọ́. African proverbs, especially Yoruba proverbs have always struck us with their deep meaning. Abinu fufu lo n wounje fabirun were were. He goes on to say Truth is a word that can never spoil: it is the source of power that overcomes all adversity. ), Awe-Gbolohun Afibo ati Awe-Gbolohun Asapejuwe, ijapa tiroko oko yannibo lati owo olagoke ojo, yoruba language contraction and deduction, Yoruba subordinate clause versus Yoruba adjectival clause. The yorubas seem to have a wise word for every situation, an answer to every question, what’s more? Isiro l'oko dido-calculation is the master of bleeping 2. Owe Yoruba: 100 Yoruba Proverbs & Their Meanings. This dual role has caused some confusion among those who have written about Èsù’s position in Ifà cosmology. Ile oba t’o jo, ewa lo busi. ✬ Alágbẹ̀dẹ tó nlu irin lójú kan, ó lóhun tó fẹ́ fàyọ ńbẹ̀ / Every person has a reason for doing what they do. Video Analysis of The Panic of Growing Older by Lenrie Peters ✬ Ẹgbẹ̀tàlá: bí a ò bá là á, kì í yéni / Different explanations for the same thing cause confusion. Owe: Ilé la’ti ń k’èsọ́ r’òde Itunmo: Ẹ̀sọ́ jẹ́ o n ti a fi n se ara lo’ge tabi nkan ti óse pataki si wa lòge. the question that follows Mike’s Arrival Mike is now an engineer. Video Analysis of Dining Table by Gbannabom Hallowell ✬ Orúkọ rere sàn ju wúrà àti fàdákà lọ / Having a good name is priceless. Share 8. Aseju ni irun aya, irun abe tito-hairy chest is oversabi, pubic hair is enough 3. By Awo Falokun. ✬ Omi titun tí ru, eja titun tí wonu e / It is a new dawn, it is a new day. 4. ✬ Ohun tí a ò fẹ́ kéèyàn ó mọ̀ là ńṣe lábẹ́lẹ̀ / The person who has nothing to hide should not do anything in secret. And this ethnic group not only happens to be a highly populous one, it’s also one of the major ethnic groups in the country. All cultures make use of proverbs to transmit social values. Posts RSS A ki ru eran erin lori, ki a tun maa wo era nile. Owe: Akìí rí ẹfọ̀n ta lẹ́ẹ̀ mejì Proverb: One is not chanced to shoot a Buffalo twice. ✬ A kì í rí ẹṣin ní ìso / Good things never come too easy. Because the Earth is constantly in process, every perception of the relationship between self and World is in a constant state of flux. ✬ Òkóbó kì í bímọ sítòsí / A liar has the most extravagant excuses. Aseju ni irun aya, irun abe tito-hairy chest is oversabi, pubic hair is enough 3. Lílo Òwe yi: Ale lo ọ̀we yi nígbàtí ọmọdé ba y’ájú s’ágbà […], Note: To read this proverb in English kindly scroll down. e oo ri apeere owe ti o le ni egberun meji nibe): Roro agbo ni n magbo niyi, ola baba ni n mu omo yan, A ke kaakaa k’oloro o gbo b’oloro ba gbo kinni o se, Aparo kan o ga ju kan lo, afi eyi to gun ori ebe, A kii kanju tulu aran, igba re ko to se lobe, Kaka ki aparo ma dun lobe, tapatitan ni yoo run si i. Meaning: One who gives would also receive. by Nobody: 6:25pm On Jan 02, 2016; 1. ✬ Olóòótọ́ ìlú nìkà ìlú / Honesty won’t make you popular. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Orisi ona miiran ti a tun le fi wo owe wa ni ibamu pelu ohun ti o jemo; owe ajemo obinrin, owe ajemo eye, owe ajemo ojo, ati bee lo. This is a difficult concept for some Westerners to grasp because we have been conditioned by the idea Truth is established by objective facts. ✬ Àìlèfọhùn ní ńṣáájú orí burúkú / Say what you have to say or suffer the consequences. Below is a table of some Yorùbá Proverbs, their literary translations and meanings: Yorùbá Proverb. ✬ Yàrá kékeré gba ogún ọ̀rẹ́ / A cottage is a castle for those in love. ✬ Ẹ̀ẹ̀mejì letí ọlọ́jà ńgbọ́rọ̀ / While judging between two opinions, be sure to listen carefully to both sides. Itunmo: Ẹfọ̀n je Eranko ti oni ìfura lọpọlọpọ. A pe ka too sun nile wa lana, ibere ofofo. ✬ Ojú tó rí ibi tí ò fọ́, ire ló ńdúró de / The best has yet to come. List of major owe Yoruba, more than 50 Yoruba proverbs and meaning. After scouring the web for the best proverbs, we have created a list of 50 Yoruba proverbs and their meanings. ✬ “Ó mọ́ mi lọ́wọ́” ní ńdi olè / Don’t grow attached to things that aren’t yours. 23. The only Yoruba proverbs app with offline audio, english translations & meanings Blogger templates Ogunlogbon owe ni eniyan le ba pade lawujo awon Yoruba. ad_width = "300", ✬ Àmójúkúrò ni í mú ẹ̀mí ìfẹ́ gùn / Nobody’s perfect, learn to accept other people’s flaws. We hope that our list of Yoruba proverbs and their meanings have broadened your horizons, or at least, have given you an idea for a new tweet ;). ✬ Ká máa náwó kò ní kówó ó tán; ká ya'hun kò ní kówó ó pọ̀ si / Charity won’t make you poor, just as being stingy won’t make you rich. See How To Advertise. Òwe is the Yoruba word for proverb. ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). ad_height = "250"; / Return Oba Of Lagos’ Staff Of Office Or Face The Consequences, Ruling House / Historical Facts About Ilorin And Kwara Yoruba, Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). ✬ Adìẹ́ ńjẹkà, ó ḿmumi, ó ńgbé òkúta pẹ́-pẹ̀-pẹ́ mì, ó ní òun ò léhín; ìdérègbè tó léhín ńgbé irin mì bí? Thank you for reading and remember to share (Facebook, Twitter, etc. After scouring the web for the best proverbs, we have created a list of 50 Yoruba proverbs and their meanings. Bi eniyan ba wo bi ifon se n dun moo’yan, onitohun yio họ gbo eran ara kùrò titi tí yio fi ku eegun. [To read this in English kindly scroll down] Alaye:  Àgbàlagbà ninu owe yi jẹ́ eniti ó ní ọjọ́ l’órí, tí ó ní dúkìá, tí ó nílò ààbà tàbí Òbí si omo. by Nobody: 6:25pm On Jan 02, 2016; 1. It is their ability to shake loose preconceived notions that gives them the power of revelation. The use of a Yorùbá Proverb by a younger person is prohibited in the presence of an older person, without prior permission to do so. Whenever the matter of jewelry arises, some people seem to forget that Owe Yoruba (Yoruba proverbs), Meaning and Explanation Bi o tile je pe awon agba lo ni owe, Gbogbo ojulowo omo Yoruba lo n se amulo re lati fi gbe ede Yoruba laruge.

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