Fortitude Runeword in a high defense ethereal base for the all Resists and Increased Damage. Tristram inside of the Stony Fields in Act 1 this zone is accessed by completing the quest called The Search for Cain, Tal Rasha's Tombs inside the Canyon of the Magi in Act 2, Cow Runs but only if your group is strong enough and somebody has completed normal difficulty otherwise you cannot open the cow level and will go back to Tomb Runs, Normal Baal Runs are done inside the Throne of Destruction in Act 5 accessed via the Worldstone Keep Waypoint. If at any point you lose Fade repeat this process and begin the fight again, you will need Fade for every boss except Baal and the mini Ubers. Started with this build last reset. Path of Diablo is a Diablo II community server project that aims to to increase build diversity, improve replayability and add quality of life features with as few changes to the original experience as possible. Came back to D2 after a 15 years hiatus and I was struggling with my shockwave build, glad to have a guide for that. Once you get to Act 5 Complete the Quest Rescue on Mount Arreat to get the Runes to make an Ancients Pledge. Other alternatives could be any high-damaging runeword, or if you're very lucky you could find some ethereal 2 handed unique/rare weapon with very high damage. The drawback of this build is the numerous Fire immune monsters in Hell difficulty. Although Shockwave is a spell that increases in speed with Faster Cast Rate it is also a physical based attack that can proc On Striking effects and scales off of your Weapon and Enhanced Damage mods. Subscribe to updates about the site, special offers, and exclusive promotions, coupons and give aways! Important Note If you wish to level in any of the zones you can create public games with the name ZoneName-RunNumber for example Tristram-01 or Chaos Runs-01 and players will join you giving you bonus experience per player for an extremely fast leveling experience. This can be proc'd with your Shockwave, however your merc can also use the weapon instead. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is best in slot if you can still cap out your mercenary's resists with attack speed and resists jewels. Arachnid's Mesh is the go to belt for all caster builds because of its Faster Cast Rate and bonus Skill. For Tier 3/4 Maps and Baal runs Atma's Scarab is my favorite due to its ability to proc Amp Damage on Striking. huge flat life gain, cast rate, higher damage, can use archon staff, enhanced defence on weapon. Don't forget about Oak Sage, though - keep a lookout on your health. Stone runeword is not bad either. Might be something to try out ... but stop recommending to level as your abomination ffs lol. Comprehensive Shockwave Druid Guide for Path of Diablo. The listing of your stream takes a few minutes after going live. Get swarmed, shockwave and maul a little while armageddon rains down on the stunned monsters. You are aiming for 99% Faster Cast Rate in this end game build which will be achieved from 50% from both your Fortitudes, 20% from your Belt, 20% from your Gloves and 10% from your Faster Cast Rate Ring. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think my next try will be dire wolves, just to make all those meat shields even meatier. I personally don't like this armor unless you just want more damage out of your mercenary however if you do use it make sure you equip him with a Life Leech Helmet. Try to make it in the highest damage Ethereal base you can find as shockwave doesn't reduce the durability of the weapon and scales off of the weapons physical damage. After you hit lvl 24 you'll access Tornado and it's a good idea to put points there every level after that. Diablo 2 Shockwave Druid Guide by SenpaiSomething / Daemoth, Budget Merc Option - Act 2 Combat Mercenary, 5.) I remember using your Teeth Necro guide about a year ago and that was smooth as hell.

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