That being said, Pelican has fifty years’ experience, a wide range of kayaks for every interest, and affordable models that customers love. With the rising popularity in kayaking, the demand for high-quality kayaks has also risen, and this has led to the growth of various companies producing kayaking products. A brand new pelican can be had from Academy Sports and Outdoors for 200 bucks… I have been looking for a “name brand” used kayak in good shape and havn’t found much under the 500 dollar mark. Then, the Maxim 100X also has excellent maneuverability and responsiveness, and we could attribute this to the shallow V chine design, which also makes the vessel highly stable. There is also a drain plug that is easy to use. We suggest sit-on-top kayak models that feature the ErgoFlex seating system for the ultimate comfort. Pelican Maxim 100X Recreational Kayak2. Featuring the patented ErgoFlex G2 seating system, the kayak offers padded thigh braces and a maneuverable footrest for ultimate comfort. You should feel safe and stable enough to keep your eyes on the sights rather than focused on navigating harsh conditions. Founded in the early seventies, the Pelican brand totally revolutionized the kayaking and water craft industry. On top of that, some of the floatation devices have pockets that you could use for holding useful items. Advanced paddlers should opt for models that are specifically built to track effectively through diverse crosscurrents and crosswinds. The manufacturer should consider adding more bonus features to make the kayak more appealing and easier to use by the youngster. What's more, it weighs in at just 25 pounds, making it our top selection for the best lightweight Pelican kayak. Retrofitted with a deep V chine hull, the Pelican Premium Sprint 140DT keeps tracking smooth and is perfect for a more experienced kayaker. There were also a few comments about drainage problems with the seats. In addition, the bow deck of the Sprint XR kayak is outfitted with bungee rigging so that you can secure additional items that you aren’t worried about getting a little wet. Many of Pelican’s kayaks and accessories have safety features such as safe boarding platforms to protect and reassure you. That said, some have mentioned a small flaw in the kayak’s design: the drain plug is in the waterproof compartment rather than near the bulkhead. Some safety equipment to consider includes life vests or PFDs, repair kits or patch kits, anchor trolleys, bright colored designs for increased visibility on the water, and rudders. Pelican means fun. Children and adults can appreciate its ease of paddling on a lake or calm river. With a maximum capacity of over three hundred pounds, the Prime 100 is comfortable, durable, and safe for both beginners and advanced kayakers. The Pelican Pursuit 80 Kayak is a low maintenance starter yak that is a good option for beginners. When compared against competitors, the 10-foot Pelican Kayak is lighter than similar models from Sun Dolphin, Lifetime, Perception, and Emotion Kayaks. It features a molded seat with an adjustable high quality backrest, adjustable foot-pegs, and a handy stern storage hatch. If you time your purchase right, you can snag your perfect kayak for a bargain price. Pelican Saber 100X Fishing Kayak3. Finally, to help you decide if the Maxim 100X is the one for you, take a look at this video below. What's more, are the retractable handles at both ends that further enhance the ease of moving this vessel. Customers love the portability of the 140DT, since it is pre-installed with bungee cords for securing gear on deck. There are complains that some vessels arrive without cup holders, so the manufacturer should pay attention to this. The Solo 6 can carry up to 100 pounds, so it's ideal for children but may also accommodate a lightweight, small adult. These slim little boats offer their owners the opportunity to enjoy lakes, rivers and oceans from a different perspective—all while getting a great workout. Weight: 39 lbs. We’ve discussed them in detail in the successive paragraphs. As you can tell from the kayaks we highlighted above, Pelican offers a kayak designed for nearly any type of use. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Pelican products and outline a quick buying guide to help you choose the right Pelican Kayak for your style of paddling. 15 Best Fishing Hats in 2020 – Protect Yourself From Sun! It contains adjustable padded backrests for a comfortable paddling experience. This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Aside from the comfort factor, sit inside kayaks also typically offer a larger dry storage capacity. New kayak owners must register their warranty within 30 days of the date of purchase for it to be valid. The adjustable Ergoform seat cushion and backrest will keep you as comfortable as possible while you wait for those elusive fish. Further, you also get molded footrests to help you achieve an ideal paddling position which would contribute to your overall comfort. While not as light (or expensive) as kevlar or other composite materials, the Ram-X does make for a solid, affordable boat that will last for years under typical use. Pelican International is a well known designer of kayaks and canoes. Do not worry about the vessel’s stability as the twin-arched multi-chine hull design should ensure that the River Gorge 130X does not overturn easily. In this quick buying guide, we’ll cover the basics of the all-important sit on top versus sit inside question, discuss the pros and cons of Pelican kayaks, and offer some insights on who should consider this brand. Hull Material: RAM-X. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Known for its wide open cockpit, the sit-on-top design allows the easiest entry and exit. Another outstanding feature of this vessel is the rear deck design which allows the kid to climb back into the vessel effortlessly in case he falls into the water. Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak Kayak. Pete is the Owner of If you are a larger weight, these kayaks may fill with water which will soak your legs. In general, sit-in kayaks provide greater stability in the ocean when withstanding choppy waves. It also features comfortable bow and stern carrying handles, making it super easy to load on the top of your truck. Pelican has not compromised on build quality, and this model is manufactured to the same outstanding build quality as the adult models, using triple-layered Ram-X polyethylene, which guarantees durability and performance. In a California garage, husband and wife duo Dave and Arline Parker created the first leak-free Pelican float product. Even children new to the sport can hop into a Pelican and be paddling around a pond or lake within minutes. Another feature is the molded seat which should provide sufficient comfort in case you intend to paddle for shorter durations. This is largely due to the fact that it measures just eight feet long. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Beam: 30″. Arguably more importantly, the kayak should be extremely comfortable to sit in for long durations of time. Pelican Kayak Ratings Ease of Use – 5 out of 5 stars. Pelican has named their hull material “Ram-X” and “Ram-X-Celtm.” The latter is an advanced, 3-layer material that’s strong, impact resistant, and has good rigidity and memory capacity. Are you worried about your gear? Look out for high-density polyethylene Pelicans with adjustable seats, ample storage space, accessory eyelets for holding gear, and slip-resistant coating. While we’re on the note of strength and durability, it’s also worth noting that Pelican Kayaks retain the ability to pop back into proper form after violent impacts. When you’re relatively new to kayaking, we think it’s not necessarily a bad thing to make a small sacrifice in quality in order to get a kayak that performs well and fits within your budget. While Pelicans might not keep up with the sleeker, high- performance Perception and Wilderness Systems kayaks, they do just fine for recreational paddling around flatwater creeks and lakes, and at prices starting under $300, they won’t break the bank, either. So we wanted to use this section to discuss how Pelican Kayaks compare to the competition. When he’s not out on the water, you can find him skiing in the mountains, reading his favorite books, and spending time with his family. They include a bottle holder that makes it possible to enjoy a cold drink during the trip. Soon enough, the home-based company would grow steadily over the years. Its price-tag may exceed that of the Maxim 100X by some margin, but it offers some additional features, which may be what you're looking for in a kayak. If your idea of heaven is a solo kayaking adventure with a spot of fishing thrown in to ramp up the fun factor, then look no further than the Pelican Saber 100x Angler – one of the best fishing kayaks for the solo angler. Another compromise is the reduced maximum load, just 225 pounds. This summer we teamed up with Pelican to test and review one of their latest sit-on-top models better known as the Pelican CATCH 120NXT. Although the Pelican Premium Sprint 140DT has a somewhat bulkier appearance, this kayak more than makes up for it with its high performance guarantees. To help you zero-in on the best model that bears their name, here’s a quick comparison chart we’ve prepared just for you.

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