Ieltss nation state sponsors should be funded thesis persuasive write essay. Join the XXL and beyond Yeah America is fat. In fact, the majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Mayans and Aztecs. 4  Pages. I was thinking of doing a speech on legalizing marijuana but I feel that a lot of people do speeches on this so I wanted to think of a new topic. 3  Pages. Chocolate must be part of a healthy and balanced diet, without reducing the consumption of other foods important for health such as fruits and vegetables and giving equal importance to the daily practice of a moderate physical exercise (Boynton, 2015). v. Hostile Audience: An audience this is strongly committed in opposition to the views of... Contents…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….page 2 Academic Master is a writing company that provides free essays to the students all over the World. To weaken commitment Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world. 5  Pages. Premium Premium Chocolate liquor, Confectionery, Cocoa solids 518  Words | This was to change the mentality of the masses. Listeners may vaguely remember these arguments but had not considered them carefully Very common approach Hiscott, R. (2015). Both vessel hardening and accumulation of these cells in the walls of the arteries are known risk factors for atherosclerosis, a disease consisting of clogging vessels and reducing blood flow (Hiscott, 2015). To reach this conclusion, 120 women were evaluated between the 11th and the 14th week of gestation, divided into two groups: the first one ate flavonoid chocolate and the other with low, considered the “common” type. Where chocolate came from, and how it was made as well as how do you cook with it and even some chocolate recipes. Informative and Persuasive Virgilio Caban South University Assignment 2 Abstract In order to understand the two types of speeches we listen to first we must understand the meaning of each, for example the Informative speech is as the word states ‘to give information’. Premium ii. All contribute to the mild cravings some people feel towards chocolate. These marks may either be for: entertainment or religious purposes or even for reasons only known to the people under scrutiny. Thus, they identified 3,300 cases of atrial fibrillation, but in cases where chocolate was introduced into the diet, the risk of fibrillation was reduced by a total of 17% (Hiscott, 2015). 3  Pages. To strengthen commitment According to a study published last year in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), for example, it is possible to lower the risk of cardiovascular events by eating bitter chocolate (with at least 60% cocoa) every day. Chocolate milk, Cocoa bean, Caffeine 877  Words | b. …………………………………………………………………….page 3 How is dark chocolate different from milk chocolate? 7 Vegetables are a sign of health which causes depression and being fat is considered the issue.Everyone is afraid to become fat as it is seen as negative. It is a delectable substance that can be made into flakes that melt on your tongue, or into a delicious candy bar with nuts and marshmallow, or even just a plain old bar of straight chocolate. Is a college education necessary? The final idea was to look for fat celebrities since they can influence the media. There are a large number of products made from it on the market, from powdered cocoa for making drinks to white chocolate, and most markets carry a cross-section of confections for their customers. Chocolate can even help you lose weight if people who are eating poorly opt for a portion of the candy in the snack, instead of eating a packet of saltine (Boynton, 2015). As per Kerimi (2015), Bitter chocolate that has more than 70% cocoa is beneficial to cardiovascular health because it has flavonoids that work by lowering total and bad cholesterol. Persuasive Speeches Copyright 2003-2019 | Academic Master is a trading name of HighEnd Technologies LTD. Every essay on this website is copyrighted by Academic Master. Overview of scientific evidence for chocolate health benefits. Introductions……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………page 1 Much research has already attributed to chocolate positive health effects such as the ability to improve memory and thinking in the elderly, to help lose weight and protect the heart. Chocolate is commonly considered to be junk foods, and many people avoid consuming chocolate when they switch to a healthy diet. are some of the countries. According to Kerimi (2015), most of these benefits were associated with flavonoids, compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in cocoa. However, one of the negative aspects of technological advancement is the increase in violence and use of …, Tattoos are marks made onto the body different purposes depending on the person interested in getting tattooed.

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