He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonah, lovest thou me? This is why Kether (Crown) is related with this Chakra. The word physiology comes from the words physicality and logos. Eventually these animals will become intellectual animals, and they will think, "Well, when I was an animal, somebody ate my body, and I felt how he transmuted the energy and elevated me, and taught me through experiencing that." It also represents the woman. These are the three vital airs of the Brahmanic cord. Behold the twelve apostles. "Before the rooster crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice." Maybe this is why Peter said, "Women discourse too much." She fights with all her strength, but if you defeat her, you are a conqueror; you become her son. No, listen, Peter is addressing Malkuth, the feminine aspect of our Selves, which is this physicality that we have, which is really the outcome of fornication. Here in this area, Yesod, spouses call their other half, "honey," because they know that their spouse is the other half of the half of the half of the time. In Kabbalah, the Third Logos is that aspect of the Trinity that relates to the three Devi. People think that faith is something like: "Oh I like this, I believe in this. Cool Car Songs, This is how the two Johns were fed; this is how you feed your Soul. Peter is related with first Sephirah of the Tree of Life, which is Kether, the Father of all the lights. Thus, do not put your mind too much in Heaven. However, when the thymus gland fails, the person dies. Adam begins with Aleph. Behold, the philosophical stone and the Holy Grail is our own physicality, our own physical body. The thymus gland does not work in adults; only in children." These three Marys are in different levels inside of us. This is the moment in which the initiate that is already a John the Baptist, a Man, a human being built through Peter, receives Sophia, the Lord, the Christ, the wisdom. – John 13: 34, 35. It goes up even to the Monad, because anything that you find, has a Monad, has an intelligence, has essence, whether it is an apple, whether it is water that you drink, whether it is honey that you eat, or a piece of meat, fish, etc. And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour. Because the thymus was fighting a lot; this is the reason. Malkuth, the very bottom of the Tree of Life, is the Holy Grail. Required fields are marked *, Perthro Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes. What did John the Baptist say when his disciples were approaching? We have to be complete; we have to have our other half, our other honey. Now, in Spanish, the plural of wolf (lupus, lobo) is lobos. ', and Peter standed forward and said unto Jesus, "My Lord, we will not endure this woman, for she taketh the opportunity from us and have let none of us speak, but she discourseth many times.'" Geburah is might. Mary, in your nature, is in your sexuality. She relates to other transformations that we have to do, because here in the physical body, your digestive system transforms everything without your intervention. It speaks of the joy found in gatherings, and how they can serve to help us grow internally, to have that destiny which is hidden to us revealed. The second aspect related with Chokmah, Vishnu, is Lakshmi, the feminine aspect of Christ, the Son. But the one doing all of the work with the three primary forces and with the Merkabah is Peter. That is the second aspect or step. Then you enter into your psyche. That is the key that appears with transmutation, with the transformation that we have to do through the Rune Perth, which is Peter, the Stone. Under the nose you find a singulus, or that horizontal little bar underneath the nose. It is obvious that I could not stop inquiring about him, since he was terribly divine and formidable. It is energy. The transformation of any food is always the activity of Martha, while her sister Mary is receiving the doctrine directly from the Lord. Who was the one who was putting the bread and the wine on the table? Behold the twelve hours of Apollonius, which always relate with light and darkness: twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness total twenty-four hours, which is the whole Time. Yet, before that verse Jesus said, "Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless (apistos), but faithful (pistos). We know very well that we have an atom of the Holy Spirit in the Pineal Gland. In modern interpretation: Science and Technology. He is the intuitive mind, the man that was developed through the Thymus, the essence, the consciousness, the Buddhadatu. This is because Peter is the one who—through the pineal gland—acts through the three breaths of the Akasha, as we call them in Sanskrit. Similarly, faith is like gas, energy that you have to accumulate. James is also working with the transformation of any food. So Perth is really a beautiful Rune. The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasses the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone. When Perthro appears in a rune reading, know that you must trust yourself, your intuition, for you are never so aware of the future to come as you are under the influence of this rune. This is why it is stated that Faith (energy) without works is useless. “peorð byþ symble plega It is represented by Mary Magdalene. Akasha, the Mother Space, the Primordial Spatial Substance, contains the three forces, the three breaths of the Absolute Abstract Space. That is the second denial of the three denials. Perth appropriately, is aligned with the element of water. What do we have in the center of the Tree of Life? All Rights Reserved, Quantum Worlds And The Emergence Of Space Time, Tottenham Vs Manchester United Who Will Win, Las Vegas Ii Nascar Cup 2020 Las Vegas Motor Speedway September 24, Louisiana College Athletics Staff Directory. If you read everything mechanically, you do not know where you are going, and you start over-practicing. This is why John (IEOUAMS) is part of the Logos (the Word), because John (the embryo of soul) is part of the Logos (the Spirit) that we have within and that wants to self-realize, wants to multiply, wants to grow within us. If you do not know alchemy, you might think that Peter, the apostle of 2011 years ago, was against women, against female bodies, which is precisely the wrong interpretation of many students of esotericism or Gnosticism. That is what it means to build the church. It can herald hardship, as the errors of our past come forth to haunt our present. when we take the Eucharist) is transformed by the digestive system and distributed to our physicality, the psyche, and even the Spirit. The half is twelve—the work that we have to perform with our own physicality, physiology, psychology. But those that fornicate do not have that faith; they just believe in something. We have to feed ourselves with that milk of our endocrine system that runs in our blood. No, listen, faith is an energy, it is a force that you develop in the pineal gland. Lakeith Stanfield Tattoos, These three Devi are synthesized in the Twenty-Fourth Mystery, which is the Weaver—the Divine Mother who works in the Great Work, which is the Completion of Completions. You can do a transmutation here and transmutation there, and accumulate a lot of energy, but, if you do not do anything in order to apply that energy in order for you to experience the truth, it is worthless. The three of them work with Peter. The last denial is the eight years of Job, when finally the Initiate is tested. Glorian Publishing, a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization. John the Baptist is in Yesod. Covelo, California Map, The birds of heaven, or the archetypes of heaven, will come and nest within you if you do that, if you have faith like the size of a mustard seed. Master Samael said to him, "Lust, lasciviousness, what else?" And the fourth river is פרת "Phurth" (Euphrates).- Genesis 2:14, The river which goes toward the east of Assyria and the river Euphrates are the two poles of the woman’s seminal system. Ireland Fixtures, Fellowship, joy, a group of good people, transition and change. Martha teaches you what to eat, what to put in your stomach. Usually Initiates reach only the First hour; they reach Mastery, that is it. Remember that we have the pure blood and the impure blood; both are pumped by the might of the fifth Sun. Behold the phrase that unites the three of them. Thus, Thomas is that part of us that utilizes the sexual energy in order to comprehend, to understand things, because in order to comprehend things, in order to experience things, you need energy in your brain. Hitler knew that, but obviously he was a hasnamuss. We have to build the church on the rock, which is sexual transmutation. Yes, I know, because the whole work is enclosed within it, when you see it. Kabbalistically, milk is related with the Sephirah Netzach, which is related with the mind, the head. Such sublime perfection? Master Samael said everything that we put in the stomach, (i.e. Funny Cricket Terms, Eva Mozes Kor, Aleph symbolizes the air, that eternal breath, the breath in our lungs. Interpretation: There is always a choice for you in everything. Remember your body is the Holy Grail. They were fishing for fish (the energy of Chesed) which relate to the physical glands. Feminine breasts are related with the thymus gland. However, with the science of Peter, the science of the Great Work, Jesus teaches our physicality how to become a male, meaning, to be obedient, because the male is Pingala, that obeys the head, but the female is the sexual organ, that does not obey. Your email address will not be published.

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