Create a free website or blog at The Arnold Strongman Classic runs from 5th – 7th March and all information can be found here. Travis Ortmayer dropped considerably after coming last in the Giant Farmer’s Walk but you can see how he claws his way back to 5th place after the Overhead Lift, where he stayed until the very end. Points table now looked like this: 1st – Savickas (49), 2nd – Pudzianowski (47), 3rd – Shaw (42), 4th – Poundstone (41), 5th – Ortmayer (35.5), 6th – Hollands (33), 7th – Pfister (24.5), 8th – Shahlaei (22.5), 9th – Ostlund (22) & Jean (12.5). Of interest to us in the UK is that the first alternate is Mark Felix, who is also competing in the Mighty Mitts contest. Bruce Wilhelm snatched 400lbs before any other American. Nationality: American Height: 1.98m Weight: 170kg Now retired, Phil is an American strongman who lays claim to the 2006 World’s Strongest Man title. Although he suffered from the flu during the heats, and it’s possible he hadn’t recovered by the time of the final, Travis Ortmayer was so good across all the other events that just one place better in the Giant farmer’s Walk, where he came last, would have seen him overtake Poundstone for 4th place overall. Full results: 1st – Savickas, 2nd – Poundstone, 2nd – Pudzianowski, 4th – Ortmayer, 5th – Shaw, 6th – Jean, 6th – Pfister, 8th – Ostlund, 9th – Hollands & 9th Shahlaei. Astonishingly, Bill Kazmaier was not invited to participate in the World’s Strongest Man contests following 1982. Dave Ostlund Points table now looked like this: 1st – Savickas (39), 2nd – Pudzianowski (38.5), 3rd – Shaw (35.5), 4th – Poundstone (32.5), 5th – Ortmayer (30.5), 6th – Hollands (26.5), 7th – Pfister (24.5), 8th – Ostlund (19), 9th – Shahlaei (18.5) & Jean (10.5). 3rd Mikhail “Misha” Koklyaev – 8 points I had perennial favourites Dave Ostlund, Phil Pfister and Brian Shaw pegged as the front runners in this event and to a certain extent I was right, with Ostlund coming in 2nd and Shaw 3rd. 9th Nick Best – 13 points Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? If you had just injured your hands, can you even begin to imagine using the same hands to pull on a massive rope whilst tied to a plane in an attempt to pull that 44 tonne plane? But Shaw is primed to tie Mariusz Pudzianowski’s record of five titles. Also about 6’3.5”, Reinhoudt weighed more than 360lbs as a powerlifter and retrained to strongman for health reasons, dropping over 100lbs of bodyweight in one year. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Pretty impressive if this is true! Scandinavians had won eight years in a row before Polish powerhouse Mariusz Pudzianowski began his reign in 2002. 8th Brian Siders – 3 points - Phil Pfister "You went full Crossfit man. 9th Nick Best – 4.5 points The first 6 places are not too far apart, but the gap between Terry Hollands in 6th and Phil Pfister in 7th was a massive 12.5 points. Travis Ortmayer Thanks for the heads up from Chris Hawkes that the full results for Day 2 are up on the official website, and here they are: Circus Dumbbell Lift Later, Pfister would close the contest in a razor close finish at the Atlas Stones. Zydrunas Savickas Leave a Comment ». 10th – Louis-Philippe Jean – 14.5 points. If it wasn’t for such a poor performance in the Boat Pull, where he placed 8th, then his lead would have been even more than the 5 points it ended up being. One thing that stands out immediately is the 3 event victories by eventual winner Zydrunas Savickas, and when you see that he was runner up in a further 2 it’s clear that he was destined to lift this year’s trophy. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? An interview of Phil Pfister Powerlifting Strongman. BarBend is the Official Media Partner of USA Weightlifting. If you add up his best lifts (outside of competition), you sum an otherworldly 2556lbs.

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