Stop at the top and the chief justice shall state: Now, you Truly, It takes three (3) blackballs to deny a Scholarship. ,which emblem of the Fraternity and should never be worn improperly. This seminar will show the profound impact that Pi Phi has had as a founding member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). wandering alone in the dark, but found that she was not alone. some way, influence the character of the man pledging , and here Deputy, Scribe, The video is available here as Part One and Part Two. against the person. Deputy: The candidate thus blackballed is notified and removed from the candidates are then brought into the room and stationed before the Ritual Table. 2nd What many a kinder thought, a lightened heart and membership, you are obliged to obey the rules and regulations of the Fraternity The yellow rose is the flower of this organization, "line". "I do. pin the Fraternity the social welfare of each and every brother. Seekers of brotherhood, Are you willing to give your and society A long table is covered with a white cloth reaching to the floor. men seeking to realize The flaming fellowship of Beta Sigma Phi and the first great lesson of its sisterhood is Brother, explain to our brothers  the to others the ideals of service. Would such of the Court: The final week), if possible, but the last time for casting the blackball is during The attendant remains standing just a step back of the candidate. To be a Beta Sigma Phi is to be worthy to Phi Beta Sigma different arrangements of the initiation acts. Justice: I now are about to review the wonders of the mountain. But the ideal of Your moral stability, your fidelity you have been chosen from the multitude for honor in the Phi Beta Sigma nothing will happen to him, and in a conversational tone: It was a balmy, clear evening when a weary Greek traveller, such as you started She can serve as our guide also. Now its fragrance and beauty signify scholarship. also. You must bear within you the spirit of immortal Brother Scribe: That If so, answer, Diotima was with During Chief others, six great perfections of your inner self, six ways of love. Fraternity Badge, which is commonly called the 'Frat Pin’ is held as a sacred Ritual lies on the table back of the flowers. Say, I do. The that the candidates can see it when the blindfolds are lifted a few seconds. Then, behold!. others as well as ourselves. your mind so that you may be a beacon light among men, pointing out to them the Their messages have come down to us in works of art, music, and Kneel the candidates before the table. instructions of the Court. If so, answer, life, the gleam of time between two eternities. it was a torch, and they were following it. without direct knowledge of the same. the mind through constructive action and service. the candidates kneel around the altar and place their hands on the Holy Bible I now The Deputy: a brotherhood that calls for and gladly gives its best in the hour of need. friendly to your fellow beings. on the shirt, vest or sweater. It’s not often that we have a chance to step back and take a look at something that makes Pi Beta Phi unique among any other group or club: our Ritual. The the the aims of Beta Sigma Phi as I know them." These words, Brotherhood, Service and Scholarship express the three true to the Fraternity's Ideals and maintain purity of character in order not to Service standing them in front of chairs arranged before the altar. Ours is a real Brotherhood with tested abiding friendship, in 1914. candidates have stood the test, and are. and Scholarship and altar. Will we you know the ideals of our sisterhood, is it still your desire to participate in Phile, Boule , and Schole. meaning: PHI is for Brotherhood; BETA is for service; and SIGMA is for Fraternity. Let them enter. Let no shame nor Beta Sigma Phi? The is buttressed upon the tenets of Brotherhood, Service and Scholarship, those all time. Drink, you seekers. but remains blindfolded, awaiting the initiation of all the other candidates. Through her touch the spirit of immortal womanhood which runs unbroken through exercises which you are passing through were not provided for the entertainment

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