Last summer I tried touching-up scratches on a head & foot board by applying a matching cherry stain over the finish. Good luck, I hope it works out for you. And yes, I know a lot more work, but stained would does require a topcoat to seal it and allow it to be cleaned/and wiped down. Better than pressboard, but not as solid as real wood. ?? I was feeling adventurous so I applied Dark Walnut Minwax stain over the already stained Pecan wood. You wipe off most of what you brush on, leaving a thin coat of white material that collects in the grain of the wood to give the wood its characteristic washed-out appearance. I’m Denise – lover of all things vintage, repurposed and restyled. Or just forgo it and get straight to the finish. Maybe try in an inconspicuous area and see how it reacts. I see this is an older blog, not sure if you will see this or not. Lois, I already darkened my cabinets with espresso brown gel stain. Thank you David…spell check must have missed that one. Hi Steve! We recently decided to refinish an old light oak table. Staining over stain is easy and works beautifully if your applying a dark stain over a lighter stain on raw wood. HERE for the best sanders for wood furniture. The end result didn’t turn out the exact shade/colour which is shown on the Dark Walnut Minwax label, but, somewhat warmer due to the golden tones of the Pecan underneath. You mentioned not staining over anything with a varnish. . Thanks! After applying one coat of stain, those same spots are lighter. Funny, i had picked similar colors to yours, i strained Pecan first, it felt it was a bit light, got. Grab a cup of java and stay a while. It was too red/orange for my taste, so we neutralized it with a green tinted stain. You have to remove the finish and the pickling stain to restain. I think they are a little too dark. A variety of pickling stains are available, but we recommend going with a water-based stain to prevent future yellowing. I'm humbled and flattered when you share my work, so SHARE AWAY! I have a question I hope you can answer. You can buy pickling stains, but finishers commonly simply use wood primer. Walnut Minwax stain over the existing stain without it “gumming up? my post and video on how to sand furniture with an electric sander here. I’m passionate about furniture painting, photography, writing, and thrift home decor. Whitewashing stained wood softens and lightens the base color of the furniture, creating a unique, country style finish instead of the classic sheer white of painted bare wood. Pick an inconspicuous spot to test your stains before applying to the entire surface. Pretty Lifestyle WordPress Theme by: PDCD. Last but not least, it’s not advisable to stain over polyurethane or any other protected finish such as wax, varnish or shellac. I have a mantle that appears to be sealed with poly or varnish or some type, but I’m wanting to stain it darker. It's important to remove all of it, because it's noticeable under a new stain, especially a dark one. 4. A subtle wash or dry brush may do the trick. You can mix 2 or more stains together to make DIY custom stains. Would I need to sand it first, then re stain? But if you stain over an existing topcoat, it may get tacky/gummy just as you said. Hi, I’ve got a farmhouse table that I’m going to refinish. How to Remove Minwax Stain Blotches From Wood Floors, How to Clean Rust Corrosion on Brushed Chrome Plumbing Fixtures, How to Fix Water Damage on a Bathroom Vanity Door, This Old House: How to Create a Pickled Finish on Wood, How to Remove Dried Stain Lap Marks on a Deck, How to Tone Down Glossy Painted Kitchen Cabinets, How to Change the Color of Your Bedroom Dresser. The finer the sanding media the harder to stain. I have tried multiple things to try to lighten the stains, to no avail, e’g. Hi Heather! This also helps save time, as drying times are much lower compared with oil-based stains. I just applied a light walnut stain to an interior pine door but the finish came out with a reddish tint which is not the desired look. I haven’t put the finish on, thankfully. I was wondering if. They do this by brushing on a white or light-colored stain. Yes, if you stain directly over topcoat it will become tacky as in the example I used with the cherry headboard. See our privacy policy under "About". If you can’t get rid of the dark spot, possibly a dark rich stain on the entire table will help disguise it. Suggestion as to what shade of stain I should apply over this existing stain? The only other thing I can think of is vinegar and salt. An ebony stainebony stain could help neutralize those red undertones but I would test first… in case it’s too dark for you. Once it's gone, restaining is no more difficult than restaining an unfinished cabinet. I have read alot about staining or glazing over finished products.. but if you do so can it be left unsealed after u restain? Hmmm, it sounds like you tried a good few tricks already Lynn. Please feel free to use ONE (1) photo per post with a credit link back to the original post. The Absolute Best Gel Stain for Furniture, Old Master’s Gel Stain in Walnut (check the current price here). . I love the minwax early american stain but im aftaid it wont cover the orange. Pickling is a technique that refinishers use to lighten the natural color of wood -- usually oak -- to give it a washed-out appearance. Or maybe use a watered down chalk paint? We take your privacy seriously. It turned out beautifully. 5. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies. Plus they will discount the cabinets for me, Regina, sorry to hear that. Do I need to samd before restraining my table? I already put a top coat of polyurethane. Your email address will not be published. You wouldn’t want to ruin all the hard work you’ve already put in. I have the same problem. Any advice staining over stains with color? Denise, I bought a wood coffee table and the stain is messed up ; slightly bubbled on some areas and just scratched in others. I’ve learned that staining furniture isn’t much different than dying my hair. If the rocking chair is going to be outdoors, I totally agree with you. I have not sealed the stain….can i add a stain over the top of this? Without sanding back some of the dark stain, a lighter look can not be achieved with lighter stain. my husband built me a coffee table I designed, but he stained it without checking with me on the color. Yes. If there is a raised grain you could try a white glaze. Hi Denise. It's a very DIY way to give a home a more relaxed and approachable aesthetic and it's not too complicated to get started and have the cottage themed home of your dreams. The problem is I’ve already stained it with indoor stain, ebony in color. Warm stains work great to slightly warm up cooler toned stains. Fine(320) and Rough(180) Mouse Sanding Pads. Dark Walnut is a favorite among many when it comes to using a dark brown stain. Minwax Dark Walnut. :) Read More…. I want the same color or even darker, so I just lightly sanded it. Sanding with 100 grit should open up the grain a bit more. The grain is gorgeous but I feel there is just too much orange coming through. 3. 4. Hi Jacki. . For full disclosures and privacy policy click here. Sign up to get your dose of Inspiration and DIY Furniture Painting Tips! I'm so happy you dropped by! I just sanded my golden oak kitchen cabinets and stained them using Minwax Dark Walnut mixed with Classic Gray (70-30 mix). I want it to look good enough to sell but I don’t want to completely redo it. 10. 3. ?? All images, tutorials and work are copyrighted to Salvaged Inspirations 2012-2019 ©Salvaged Inspirations. ugggh. Sorry to be picky but Grammar Police citation: Staining over stain is easy and works beautifully if your applying a dark stain over a lighter stain on raw wood. Question 2 – or would it be better to apply minwax polyshades (stain & polyurethane) so I don’t have to put a top coat on after the stain? I’m going to let try and try again, but I’m afraid the rest of the table and those light spots will never catch up to each other! No spam. A few have asked me if you can add dark stain over white paint. These are Heywood Wakefield dressers and were constructed by piecing in the wood together to make this specific style of drawers. After applying it, it did help camouflage the scratches but; the end result was horrible. . I LOVE sharing... that's why I blog! Staining over stain is easy and works beautifully if your applying a dark stain over a lighter stain on raw wood. . 2. Did you let your first stain dry before applying the darker color, or does it not matter? Yes, the stain should be dry before applying a darker color. Best Tips for Applying Top Coat to Furniture,,, Pretty Lifestyle WordPress Theme by: PDCD, Update any painted furniture piece with a stain. ?? I have a cabinet that t use for a Pantry. Follow me on social media or sign up for a dose of furniture painting inspiration and diy tutorials.

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