slow presentation). Try using flies or lures with metallic/bright coloration or produce noise/vibration to increase your chances. Hopefully, the rising water will cover brushy habitat so that spawning will be successful for all fish that use brush to avoid predation when small in size. The reservoir is currently 46% full. Fish numbers are down, but still present in the system. (04-19-19), Fair to good success reported for white bass, yellow perch, catfish, and walleye at the Gunnison Bend and DMAD reservoir outlets. (04-19-19), The river has recently been stocked with 3,125 rainbow trout averaging 9.60- to 12.44-inches in length. (04-19-19), Access is limited by snow. Our annual netting survey found good numbers of rainbow trout and very healthy wipers. $0.00 Sign in / Register; Hunting. Ice is starting melt around the edges at Little Res. (04-19-19), Be aware that private land in Hatch Meadow has been posted closed to trespassing, so Mammoth Creek is not accessible there. The Quiet Fly Fisher fly shop reports slow to fair fishing using midge patterns. Anglers are catching high numbers of 12- to 18-inch rainbow trout from boat, kayak, float tube and shore. While the work continues, access to the south side of the dike road will be closed. (04-19-19), The pond was recently stocked with 18- to 19-inch rainbow trout. Try using small midges; worms or rainbow or garlic PowerBait. Some days were more successful than others as quite a few of the anglers were unsure how to fish, with the water being so large it can become daunting because of its size. If you're targeting largemouth bass, try using dark pattern Yamamoto 4-inch Senko stick baits, Z Man ZinkerZ soft stick baits, or Strike King OCHO 5-inch stick baits with a drop shot or Carolina rig. We are conducting creel surveys on the Middle Provo this year. (04-19-19), The reservoir is open and was stocked this week with 10- to 12-inch rainbow trout. MY CART. (04-19-19), The reservoir has recently been stocked with 501 rainbow trout averaging 11.6 inches in length. Visit the stocking report for more information. (04-19-19), There have been no recent angling reports. Fishing at the dam is spotty but schools move through periodically and provide great excitement when the school moves under your boat. Visit our the stocking report for more information. (04-19-19), Access is limited by snow to snowmobiles and ATVs with tracks. (04-19-19), The lake is only accessible by snowmobile. Here are this weeks fishing reports. For walleye, try trolling at 2.5 to 4 MPH with a wedding ring; small blades or white curly tail jigs. We have begun work to restore native Bonneville cutthroat trout in this drainage. (04-19-19), The ice fishing season is officially over at Panguitch Lake. We haven't received any recent angling reports. Visit our DWR fish stocking report for more information. The pond will be refilled and the DWR will restock the pond with fish once everything is fixed. Archery. (04-19-19), There is unstable ice on the middle, north and east areas of the reservoir. Try using corn or garlic Powerbait, or a bit of nightcrawler tipped with a two Berkley Floating Magnum Egg fish 15- to 18-inches off the bottom using a basic fixed rig or slip rig sinker. (03-08-19), Lower Fish Creek below Scofield Reservoir is not frozen over, but you'll need snowshoes or a snow machine to get to it. Sport fish numbers are very low. (04-19-19), No recent reports on access, however the snow pack is much higher than in recent years. (04-19-19), The reservoir was mostly drained and treated with rotenone in fall 2018 to remove illegally stocked yellow perch, green sunfish, and bluegill. We will not stock brown trout or rainbow trout in 2019 — we hope to be begin restoring the fishery in 2020. Rainbows are cruising very close to shore right now, so you don't need to cast very far. Try using a small maroon, red, black or olive midge. Water temperature is warming into the mid 50s on sunny days. Ogden Canyon. (03-08-19), Electric Lake is currently inaccessible without a snow machine or snowshoes. Believe it or not, but you can find fish in this narrow stretch of open water as long as the depth is at least a few feet. The shoreline is 98% owned by the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, and public access is 100% open. Try using 1/6-once brass/red spot or chrome/red dot Lil Jake Lures, 1/8- ounce sunfish or hot firetiger/orange tail rooster Mepps Aglia Dressed spinners, or 1/4-once yellow spot or flash chartreuse Worden's Original Rooster Tail spinners. The white bass bite is slow, but should really pick up by the end of April.If you're targeting catfish, try using nightcrawler, dead red-side shiner, shrimp, chub meat, or carp meat fished off the bottom using a circle or octopus hook (size #6-#3), or fished under a bobber 10 to 12 inches off the bottom. Blubber and Upper Kanab creeks were recently treated with rotenone to remove non native fish. This has made launching boats longer than 18 feet very difficult. Brown and rainbow trout are abundant. Try using white jig heads or tube jigs tipped with mealworms or chub meat. Once water temperatures reach above 55 degrees, the fishing catch rates will increase. Cut baitfish must not be Visit the stocking report for more information. Striped bass fishing is getting much better as stripers are moving toward the main channel. Reliable colors are white, green and chartreuse. (04-19-19), The gate is closed for the season. Fishing further up-stream, closer to Fifth Water, may have more success. (03-08-19), Duck Fork Reservoir and several other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are likely inaccessible to highway vehicles because of deep snow. The ice is between 5 and six inches thick. It may take as long as 2 months for the water level to inundate the Castle Rock Cut and Antelope Point launch ramp. (03-08-19), Access to waterbodies on the La Sal mountains may be limited because of recent snowfall. (03-08-19), The Knight-Ideal Community Fishing Pond is closed for the winter. Fair fishing reported. The fish catches however turned out that each angler averaged catching 55lbs of carp and 3lbs of silver (roach) with the largest carp being 18 lbs - sadly no 30 to 40 lbs carp to be seen as what is thought to be in the reservoir. We have started stocking the reservoir, including some catchable-size rainbow trout. For northern pike, we recommend fishing in shallow areas of the reservoir with vegetation or structure. Try using PowerBait; a zebra midge; or a spinner tipped with a worm or an MVF drop shot rig. Stormy days can shut the whole process down, however, and keep fish deep until it's calm and warm for a couple days in a row. (03-08-19), Grassy Lake and other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are currently inaccessible because of deep snow. Pineview Reservoir is famous for its Tiger Musky fishing. (04-19-19), Fishing is fair. Trout will be re-stocked as early as possible in spring 2019. (04-19-19), The reservoir is currently 98% full. Catchable-sized rainbow trout are providing fair to good fishing from shore and boats. Catch your own live minnows, shiners, chubs, suckers, etc. (03-08-19), The fishing hasn't been fast at Joes Valley, but anglers are catching splake and cutthroat trout averaging 18 inches or larger. Anglers are trolling and jigging, both methods have been working well. Try using 1/4- or 1/6-ounce metallic Jakes Spin-A-Lures, 1/8-once Worden's Original Rooster Tail spinners or 1/4-ounce Blue Fox Classic Vibrax spinners. Find the warmest water with a wide assortment of rocks to target largemouth. (04-19-19), The pond has recently been stocked with 500 rainbow trout averaging 11.6 inches in length. up to date as possible but cannot be guaranteed. Fishing is fair to slow and anglers are catching 13- to 20-inch rainbow trout. (04-19-19), Fishing for trout is fair to good and the water is raging at 1200 CFS and murky. (03-08-19), Gigliotti Pond had about 16 inches of snow on Mar. Also, try using yellow or garlic Powerbait fished 15- to 18-inches off the bottom using a basic fixed rig or slip rig sinker, or a bit of nightcrawler with a kernel of corn fished 24- to 30-inches under a bobber. Wessex Water Services Ltd, Registered in England No. Fishing Reports available for your local region or casting type at Sportsman's Warehouse. Bait fishing (anchovies, or striper meat) is taking off and more than one fishing boat has returned to the marina with a load of over 100 stripers for one day of fishing. Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure.

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