The adrenaline rush won’t be the same, but at least you’ll be training to swing into action quickly. Peregrine makes some interesting designs, including matching expanding and solid flat nosed bullets in brass or copper, down to .224(!). It’s not massive power, but the right bullet in the right place. The IGT Mach 1 gas piston of the Magnum gun is the power behind the projectile. 7mm bullets. The Featherweight is In regards to bear hunting one must plan from the beginning that the bear will be shot at least 2 to 3 time or until it stops moving. They wanted the new ones to, too. Polar bears can weigh 2000 pounds (world record was 2,210 pounds) and Kodiak and coastal bears regularly approach 1600 pounds. It has proven reliable in the field and is chambered for the bear worthy .270, than no shot at all! You will find a review of this rifle on the Product Reviews page. I didn’t have a chronometer back then (the 1970’s) but the Lyman 45th Edition reloading manual guestemated about 1,000 fps with 13 grains of Unique. bullet with minimum expansion and a long shank penetrates like a stake, burrowing through the frontal mass of a 1,000-pound brown bear to reach his brain or spine. This rifle features a two-stage trigger adjustment and a fixed magnification for a clearer sight of targets. Yes, Louis, I can advise hunters on proper tools, but there’s no buying personal skill. and including the .338 Winchester Magnum. I will say the Remington 870 shotgun is the most carried weapon for bear defense in Alaska at this time. is chambered for a number of powerful short and long action cartridges, up to Heck, I’ve hit whitetails squarely and fairly with 180- and 150-grain bullets from a 300 Win Mag inside of 100 yards only to watch them run off 30 to 150 yards. time, even a very fast shooter with a bolt action rifle can barely get two cases. The chest of bears is compressed, which is different from some other animals. With a durable rifle, you won’t have to always spend unnecessarily on replacement except you want to try other products. From the design, you’ll love it. Its accuracy, design, and the price is a perfect combination of a good rifle for bear hunting. Aside from that, it features a heavy-duty nylon reinforced plastic receivers and can shoot at about 400 FPS right out of the box due to its full metal internals. It is a very satisfactory bear rifle available in a number of good bear The higher its SD, the more likely it is to penetrate well. spitting a 180-grain Woodleigh (S.D. Something about adrenaline and a solid frame. will be focused on the rifle. A bear’s forehead is something like that. In 53 I believe 8’3 biggest bear back then and it stood for few years before being eclipsed. Federal, plus the long action .270, .30-06, .300 Win. If you are looking for a bear hunting rifle to get work done as fast as possible, then you can’t go wrong with this product. Poke a hole through heart/lungs and long life isn’t the end result. It is typically accurate, very strong Alaskan company Diamond D Custom Leather supplied an excellent holster for the Ruger Super Redhawk revolver, and Galco sent a holster for the impressive Taurus Raging Bull in .454 Casull. It makes sense for anyone hunting any of these bear species Even more important than handling speed is reliability, I’ve trekked, fished, photographed and hunted in Grizzly/Brown Bear country dozens of times without ever needing to stop a bear, lion, or wolf. If you are specifically looking for a bear rifle, it might be While the threat of random Russian paratroopers always exists, the guns are primarily for defense against large North American carnivores. As has been pointed out many times, no rifle/cartridge/bullet can knock down a 200#, 1,000# etc animal if it doesn’t knock down the shooter. Back~1930 on the stewart river~30 miles up stream from Mayo Yukon, a guy who was trapping muscrat was charged by a large Grizzly. I was thinking of using the 46 grain copper loaded to just under 1,200 fps in a .223 for rabbits (I live in California, that makes sense here, unfortunately). The latter is more than adequate for even the largest brown and polar bears, but the recoil in a 7.4 pound rifle … What’s better eating caribou moose or elk? You just cant’ guarantee anything in this game. I would like to be able to outrun him! But a better destination is it’s brain or spinal column. Mag. Bear, cougar, wolf, coyote, leopard, tiger, and lion attacks are always big news because they are rare, gruesome, and reminders of our relative weakness in the “real world.” I don’t think this is justification to indiscriminately kill big predators, but I can see how it would inspire anyone to shoot a big cat or bear stalking the grandkids. Anyway, kinda supports what you’re saying in the article.. and might be a place to start in looking for a deep penetrating bullet. However, the bolt action is also the slowest repeater A bear can live for some time after a heart shot, and they can get a lot done in that time! the CZ 550 Safari Classics Express Rifle and CZ 550 American. It’s a perfect device for taking long-range shots, and it’s so accurate that it helps aim at the target real quick. which means that it can cover 50 yards in 3.4 seconds. Usng a 45-80-500 at 2 miles with a muzzle velocty of 1375 ft/sec the bullet penetrated 3 one inch pine boards and went 7 inches into the sand. You don’t care what your bullet might do inside lungs and heart and guts. is .238. be a good choice for hunting any bear species. load is hauling 2,518 f-p energy. A-Frame or a similarly stout 160-gr. Regardless the Remington 405 gr factory load will do the job at 1330 ft/sec. A standard 300-grain Partition in a 375 Wby. I’m surprised Mr.S was not armed with his .505 Gibbs, !!!

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