Surname. It originated from the word ‘Polanie’ referring to ‘people living in open fields.’ Just like the origin of the word Poland, Polish surnames also have some deep meanings. This interesting family name refers to a ‘lapwing bird’ in Polish. This last name is derived from the word ‘kij’ which means ‘stick’ or ‘small stick’ in Polish. Starek is derived from the word ‘stary’ meaning ‘old.’ This name originated as a nickname and later evolved into a surname. This last name means the ‘only child’ in Polish. This Polish surname means ‘Marshall,’ which could refer to a court, military or government official of high rank. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Méndez: A common surname meaning “son of Mendo. This patronymic polish surname refers to ‘Son of Andrzej.’ Here, Andrzej is the Polish form of Andrew, which means ‘manly’ or ‘masculine.’. It originated from a nickname for a sly person since Lis refers to the animal ‘fox’ in Polish. For a quick and basic overview of Balkan gypsy music, this is really a fine choice. - Many Polish Gypsies live quite separately from ethnic Poles. A screenshot of a recent television news broadcast reporting on problems between Roma and Poles in Poland. One exception to this is that the most common surnames among Polska Roma are characteristically Polish (for example Kwiatkowski or Majewski), or occasionally Polonized-German (for example Wajs or Szwarc). In the New Testament, Saint Mark was the author of the second gospel. Derived from the Polish word ‘gwozdz’, which refers to a nail’ (metal nail). Traditional French Surnames List With Meanings, Russian Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, 4 To 6 Months Baby's Sleep Schedule And How To Make Them Fall Asleep, 19 Healthy And Easy Finger Foods For Kids, 13 Cool House Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids, 50 Exclusive Xitsonga Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Sparkling Baby Boy And Girl Names That Mean Water, 133 Notably Beautiful Singaporean Names For Baby Girls And Boys, 21 Adorable June Baby Names For Girls And Boys, 37 Unique Military Baby Names Perfect For Girls And Boys. Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or just want to explore more about Poland, learning about Polish surnames is a good starting step. Sadowski is a toponymic Polish surname referring to someone who belonged to ‘Sadowo’ or ‘Sadowice’ in Poland. This Polish surname is derived from the word ‘lawnik’ referring to ‘alderman,’ which means a municipal councillor. Polish surnames are majorly derived either from nicknames that later evolved as last names or they are toponymic. It means ‘crane.’ It is a nickname for a tall person. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 12,309 total. This Polish surname is derived from the word ‘malina’ which means ‘raspberry.’ Malinowski could also be the toponymic family name of the people belonging to places whose name starts with ‘Malinów,’ which means ‘missing.’, Maly originated as a last name from the Polish word for ‘small.’. This last name refers to a ‘rock’ and denotes that the first bearer of this surname likely lived around a prominent rock. Polish toponymic surnames have the influence of ‘ski’ ‘cki’ or ‘dzki’ meaning ‘of’ or ‘belong to.’ The usage of ‘ski’ or ‘cki’ is the most identifiable pattern of Polish family names. Mencher is an occupational Polish surname derived from the word ‘maczarz,’ also spelled mlynarz, which refers to ‘a miller’ or a ‘flour dealer.’, This Polish last name means ‘pulp’ or ‘crush.’. - Gypsy cultural events and music festivals take place throughout Poland each year. Eventually, the nickname evolved into a Polish surname. German SS also murdered Polish Roma in mass executions in forests and secluded places. This Polish surname is derived from the name of ‘crow.’. Derived from the Slavic word bosu, Bosko means ‘barefoot.’, This Polish surname is derived from ‘Ambrozy,’ ‘Ambrosius’ or ‘Ambrose’ that means ‘immortal.’, It is derived from the Polish word ‘brzezina’ referring to ‘birch forest.’, Budny is a Polish last name derived from the word ‘buda’ that means ‘hut’ or ‘cabin.’, Bukoski is a spelling variant of ‘Bukowski’ and a toponymic last name denoting someone who belonged to a town called ‘Bukowo’ or ‘Bukowiec.’, This Polish surname is derived from the word called ‘buk’ referring to ‘beech.’ Another reference suggests that it is a variant of Bukoski, a locational surname referring to ‘someone who came from ‘Bukowo’ or ‘Bukowiec.’, Chlebek is an occupational Polish last name derived from the word ‘chleb’ that means ‘bread.’. Laska refers to ‘grace’ or ‘mercy’ in the Polish language. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary, Polish surnames from Balto-Slavic languages, Polish surnames from Indo-European languages,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This is a variant of Jaskulski, derived from the name of Polish villages and towns named Jaskolki. A unique Polish surname derived from Gomolka, which is a type of ‘round cheese.’. Furrows are grooves made in the soil with a plow before planting the seeds. Kedzierski is derived from ‘kedzior,’ which in Polish means a ‘lock of hair.’ Kedzierski is a nickname often given to ‘curly-haired’ people, and the word eventually evolved into a Polish surname.

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