Pottery Barn, you will be giving me a refund for both orders. The slip cover on the sofa should never have left the manufacturer if they have any semblance of quality control. Embarrassing to say the least, but good for them to receive multiple credits on error.

I just bought a new home and this would be my first time hosting the family. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused you. The bed was delivered on 9/11/2020 with the wrong hardware and could not be put together. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Not happy with their customer service.

We are processing your message. All rights reserved. Horrible!! Additionally bombarded by all Williams Sonoma divisions by spam email. Be very careful with orders placed for custom built furniture.

I had a similar problem upon arrival in 2015/2016 with feathers everywhere.. they replaced my cushions and now about 4 of years later is it happening again but and getting worse over time. Such a great fabric for long term wear! Well, your policy should be to keep promises, inspect furniture before you allow it to leave the warehouse and keep your customers happy that are not at fault in these situations. Thank You for Your Reply!

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Sofa was to arrive the end of February. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate and/or sponsored links.

And still no reply from PB. Review #1553212 is a subjective opinion of poster. I’m here to answer any questions that you may have from my experience as well! We have had a hard time getting a couch due to delays from Covid-19.

You have to fight it all night long.

https://shabbyfufu.com/shop-our-beach-home/. Couch was extremely expensive. In our beach home, we aren’t here full time and from the get-go I decided that it would be easier to keep clean if it was clutter free.

Thank you for the great comment Cassandra! Love it, love it.

New sectional attached with 1 alligator clip. I have worked with this brand and it is a more structured slipcovered sofa that is truly beautiful: https://rstyle.me/+9bCq6Bht5QJDPYhLcECMpQ, Something that I do on mine is to use white blankets on the seats that help keep it husband proof. Long story short, our refund was consistently sent back to the wedding guests that originally purchased it for us on multiple occasions.

Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! This our weekend home, and for major pieces we always choose quality. We love pottery barn and have purchased several items from there but this really deters us from considering a pottery barn purchases in the future.

At the suggestion of one of the clerks, I called around to all of the Pottery Barn … We have just bought a 3 bdrm/3bthrm, direct oceanfront, condo.

Still no refund! Those are my suggested care instructions and I don’t claim to be an expert, therefore can’t be held accountable if this doesn’t work for you.

We are getting rid of it and buying one from crate and barrel..

Ordered child's office chair in late July expecting delivery in late September. Cleaning strategies do help keep me on my toes! My Pottery Barn slipcovers are twill as well. I'm also surprised that it was listed as "in stock" since again it is clearly not.

We are just not a match. This review doesn't include half the run around and inaccurate information I was given from Pottery Barn. I find that the areas where your calves rest show the body oils and then I know that it’s time.

The couch looks horrible and I’m So dissapointed . Oct 10th, called in to learn additional delays until mid December. So frustrating.

In early August I emailed them three times.

They would be willing to help and look into it. This needs to be taken apart, repaired and sewed back together.

Pottery Barn reach out to me about this matter. They asked for pics, then scheduled a repair. WHAT???! Horrible experience and I hope this company tanks. No chair and no communications. My pillow backs are round instead of rectangular and can’t get the shape back. I’m going to go check it out! Nice gal. I immediately called Pottery Barn. They charged my card for the replacement order and I still have the damaged unassembled bed sitting on my bedroom floor.

A couple days before the end of the time frame, I received an additional order receipt from Pottery Barn for part of the sofa, with a new tracking number and a new expected delivery window.

*** poor customer service eats away hours of my life. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. The cushions have feathers in them ,but not a down proof cover ,so the feathers often come out and poke us.... My daughter purchased a sleeper sofa with a memory foam mattress so I would have a comfortable place to sleep when I visit her. Easy, suckers like me who believe that what others are going through won't happen to them and that people just like to complain. Darker colors get just as dirty, or possible more..since the dirt is hidden! I'm at their mercy. One set was a velvet for cooler months and one set a twill.

No sofa. Now I am free to change my color palette at any time with pillows, a small throw rug on the carpet and a lot of chosen accessories in whatever color I choose for that time.

When I called pottery barn after the first experience, they offered attempting to mud over the scratches all over the wood and getting back to us promptly, no discount being applied or considered.

COVID delays are happening everywhere, not a problem.

Original review posted by user Jul 26, 2018. Our full disclosure is available for viewing under About.

I couldn't even if I wanted to. This meant I had to buy cheap chairs in the meantime so we wouldn't be sitting on the floor, but that was ok. A few days before my delivery date confirmation, I threw those cheap chairs in the trash to make space. Thank You-Sharla-Pottery Barn Social Media Team. …

Review #1356410 is a subjective opinion of poster. We had a registry and received an unneeded gift in May. Can’t sleep on sleeper sofa memory foam mattress.

I have emailed PB 3 times, 3 phone calls with more than calm, pleasant emails asking for a response. Month came and went.

Now I have to deal with shipping return fees and more phone calls. I had the fabric pre-washed/shrunk prior to having the slipcovers made and it really cut down on the shrinkage you can get from some fabrics. I’m planning to order a set of velvet covers for the holidays, but I love the white! I think that a lot of people who retire down here want a fresh start, so that makes perfect sense! After about 10 messages and 3 extremely lengthy phone calls, we have yet to receive our refund (now Oct 7, 2020).

Since I am a real bargain hunter, it is an adventure to shop the consignment and thrift stores to gather accessories for my chosen ‘color of the month.’

It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. White sofas often get a bad rap for being hard to care for with daily life.

I’m not sure that performance fabric was available when I purchased my Pottery Barn pieces, but I’m all for it. We tried them all and are so happy with our selection. The worst quality — don’t have the couch long and the fabric is all piled and it’s only me and my fiancé who sit on it.


Hi, We initially ordered this dresser in March 2020.

I also have a PB white slipcovered sofa (the York deep seat), which has been great.

While frustrated with this situation, we accepted.

If you are looking for complete perfection and don’t care for wrinkles, then I would say to look for something more structured. my personal information has been shared with them many times, I don’t think giving it to them again will change anything. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or feedback. So, I'll give them that. Our cushions are wrapped down, which I always prefer for comfort and “spring back”. They said they could not cancel my order right away because they need it to contact a third party about this mugs???. Pottery Barn Sofa reviews: Buyer Beware Poor Customer Service.

This review doesn't include half the run around and inaccurate information I was given from Pottery Barn. The overall experience has been pretty terrible. All Rights Reserved. Please, tell me how I can use an unassembled bed.

Unsubscribe easily. I was told not until it's finally been delivered. I absolutely agree! Another update. They already look like they’re 10 years old. In this post I’m sharing an honest review of my Pottery Barn Slipcovered Sofas that we have had in our beach home for 4 years now. We have had this place for 16 years now and I’ve tried to stick by that and it does make sense.

How are these hustlers still in business.

I just might with your tips! I will never buy from PBT or any of their other sister stores.

Again, great, I'll get if before Thanksgiving. I knew that I wanted the same durability as that, and when we went looking for a new sofa and loveseat for our beach home it had to be white cotton twill. I wash and care for them as you suggested. I feel so badly because I have had to admit to her I can’t sleep at all on it. When necessary, machine wash in cool water, tumble dry on low and put slipcovers back on when slightly damp. No, she said our policy is to mail it after final delivery. I have loved my PB white sofa for over 10 years.

I chose Pottery Barn's Jake sectional sofa because it was available as "Quick ship". We’re redecorating our home in a coastal chinoiserie style. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. We didn't hear anything for a week. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Pottery Barn? I called PB and relayed the message.

It was Mara I spoke with. I am heart broken that I “splurged” and spent $4000 on something that I already need to replace. I am not a large person, nor is my husband, but it is not possible to lie on this mattress without rolling to the middle. Here we are Oct 21 and I am expecting a delivery email any day now. Lost shape, fabric pilling.

Oh ma'am wait there's a catch. Some posts on this blog contain affiliate links. I’m often asked about how I live with so much white in my home.

Guess what? Simply add seasonal flowers (peonies and hydrangeas in this case), a soft cozy throw, perhaps a tray and some books on your coffee table and you are good to go.

I said can you at least release the merchandise credit so I can buy temporary chairs? I am very disappointed..

You can find the PB Sofa by clicking right > HERE <.

The entire back of the smaller banquette was broken. The lack of contact will become quite frustrating. My husband’s office at the house has a darker sofa and I try and stay far away! No return calls, no returned emails, and no follow up. I want it this order cancel. The good news is that I wash them maybe twice a year and they always come beautifully clean, looking like new. Review #1220490 is a subjective opinion of poster. Still sending spam after unsubscribing. Unsubscribe at any time.

The money was never returned. Review #1641562 is a subjective opinion of poster.

That sounds dreamy Caroline! The rest she said…it doesn’t matter as much in terms of quality, since you won’t be depending on your nightly sleep or sitting when you want comfort and durability. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.

What happened?

I placed an order from the PBT website and received a confirmation of my order with a window of when my order would most likely be delivered by UPS. Would you be able to recommend other sofas to me?

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