R=252 G=238 B=33 Or some current affairs questions, to see who’s been paying attention to the news. 9AcP0L6Cfo/0q8PRp8HHlvSnjlsarZimWSV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV//9k= With a good icebreaker, you can set the mood for the meeting, give your online participants a chance to speak, and make them more comfortable sharing and interacting throughout. ExHOQuxMhiaZAPibkR1IoA1NstkYVzYDivkyhobD/Dxl8xWwa208PdyfXVEvp+nEeco5SXNKKX6N 2020-10-19T22:21:25-04:00 PROCESS 6tD+b9/HMJ00qzhmhBa3aFWT94QVBejVZQGJoCN8rl2IDXrlz+7fbzbsMRDi8xXzQg/NTV2up7qe 102 Each person shares their drawing and you guess who it is. xmp.iid:d4c892e8-ac3c-421f-a309-9a8fcad8cc41 For tips on creating your social media graphics, check out this post. R=158 G=0 B=93 DBAMDAwMDAwQDA4PEA8ODBMTFBQTExwbGxscHx8fHx8fHx8fHwEHBwcNDA0YEBAYGhURFRofHx8f 4ilADIULlAXAV/2gp5AfIkL+rLkt4qoQ6fYQTyXEFtFFcTf30yIqu/f4mAqfpxpVfFXYq7FXYq7F GXctT839PSYXEHme9WYL6f7+BpAUDcvs0Zep6nft0wA64G+fxH6V8E9zOvy1826z5wh1OPTNe9Q2 lwEXpqJf7ulNq98zDH03xHl8Pc4wPSurM/M9z5rXUFh0mIy25t1YBVi5er6vEj1JFYCqvWlD07ZR yesgH0DLuAON4h71wvLj/fy/cMHCO5PGe9ctzcFgPrCbmnT+zHhHcome9GG6tluVtTMguWUyLCWH What desk stretch am I doing today? I’m look at 30 players. PROCESS 8/7+7/uXf9nWPCvG948n+X/8O+V9M0L6x9a/Rtulv9Y4enz4CnLhyfjXw5HJRFBrKb4VdirsVdir What would your superpower be if you had one? Frequency: Consider whether the virtual ice-breaker is once per week or if you want to make it a daily thing? Water Cooler Trivia: Build team culture, one trivia contest at a time. Each member can vote for which statement they think is the lie by placing their coloured dots next to the lie. 17. HKEhHPwxcRT9mo7VzZ5MsYiydnEjY8ntPlOea40K3nms7exlkBLQ2jmSIgHirKxSJviVRsVqOmQi 76 R=241 G=90 B=36 They’re also great for hiding a messy kitchen behind you, or a trespassing family member! 3ZUBJCjkfh6gAdTgBtEjQebeYtU1rzIsuiW1ylrb380H1O4jjlMsRiIl3dG/nQVZfsjrmu02uMjU 156 What is something you were able to enjoy that you didn’t think you would? Welcome! WGfmX/yrD6nZf4++rfVvUf6j9a9SnqcRz4+nv0plc+HqkWwD/rFD/tWf9POQ9Hn9qd3f9Yof9qz/ Lunch Train: The easiest way to coordinate lunch with your team. How has your faith grown during the quarantine? +7QPoGT4Q1eIe9d9buP9/p939mPCO5PGe9XtJpZJCGlVwB0Uf2ZGQZwkSea8XkE9vLJazo4jZkZ0 1 RGB 65 PROCESS 34 2FJgfyv8v8hNJLcTfEWAkcErUkhQQA1FJ23yP5iSThHNMtD8qado5rA8krK7SI0jAlSyCNtwBUFV Where and what is the small blessing in this horrible situation? 255 0 What’s the status of your fridge and pantry? Yellow KMmUQlIR3d+Sf5gap5n02S11EJzsUWKGcs7TzCMKHeQuTyPxrUjucp0eoOQbuT2t2fHTTEQbsW9N I’m thankful I’ve spent more time _________. Looking for a tool for remote meetings & workshops? Tip: combine the word cloud with an open text poll, so that people can also leave a heart-warming message for their nominated silent hero. sQcYD12P8uPLMTc49Ft0fpyW7uQaUp1C+G2ZA0eIdPvRwhlVubmnGaNEAAClZGkJ+fJVzKSq4qoX Does anyone want to share their thoughts?”. An ice breaker game is an awesome activity to let team members dip their toes into the bonding experience without feeling awkward or insecure. 153 For example, you can ask a question like, ‘A man is lying dead in a field. RGB Yellow 153 87 What famous animal movie character do you like the most? 230 RGB RGB YOFdD8StSu474OEg7hlxgg0UL9bn/wCWhD9H9mT4R3NXGe9o3lwP93KfoGPCEeIe9faXc8lwqOwK Bold But Zoom virtual backgrounds do more than just entertain. 25lV53IQ7hUpG1Oh91pmZLUwhHitxi9e8szatNoltJqqwresDzFujxR8aniQjlmX4fc5IGxbJNMK 39 255 A fun and playful icebreaker that can also be done on zoom is called “Sketch Your Neighbor.” You begin your meeting by having your team sketch each other – the person next to them on the Zoom square. Or would you rather watch a video? RGB uuid:C1BCCE1871B8DB11993190FCD52B4E9F Is there a maximum? fwx3U3pJbSxvSvORRw5KHZGdSVDU+EmuMdXgx1KRHCTXxPJkcc8liPMMe8l3OsaHDI3m29eyE0Hq R=153 G=134 B=117 This activity makes use of one of the best virtual things that people love to do- use emoticons. 158 You can then put people’s names in a Slido multiple choice poll and have your colleagues vote for the best shot! PROCESS RGB 146 Roast Your Own Culinary Skills . CslxKVUgEER8CejM1O+ZmMwiK2Hk0ylKW5NnvQn5NaVLozatpmnzw3Xl1Lu4kgl9GSO4WbmiBHcs 237 Ekksmt3Mk3pspZ68okiiZXZq9yo299td2dp5YsQBFHikTv5mu/pTlaicZSJvoKS7y7+h383XlvZT What TV shows have you been binge-watching? VSEMvda5kOE2ZrdQOSAVNBVqVJ7ZEmuZZAXyCpbtbytVIwVUjm3PYD3yImDyLLh7w3L5mhj1qPTR You can also use the above mentioned virtual team building icebreakers. Here are 11 virtual Ice-breakers ideas for your remote team meetings – these are easy to implement! Or, you can even try something different like: “If you were to describe our company in one word, what would it be?”, Find more inspiration here: 33 Beautiful Word Cloud Ideas for Your Meetings or Events. BReQYf7I5RkBPNuga5MZ8xap+WOja9eWV3Y6lc38kqtqF/brPPFCzkzBJJC9dhNy4qGoGp7ZdCOS 6FG8of8AV71D7oP+aMeA968Zd/0KN5Q/6veofdB/zRjwHvXjLv8AoUbyh/1e9Q+6D/mjHgPevGXf 26 Do you love working from home or would you rather be in the office? If you are using zoom, you can ask people to add their pronouns (or location or anything else you might need for later in the meeting) by customizing their zoom profile. Acknowledging people for the effort they’re doing is a wonderful way to start a meeting. What’s one song or artist that you’re embarrassed to admit you like. What is your spirit animal? Help Employees Feel Comfortable: A virtual ice-breaker activity will be successful if your employees feel comfortable to participate. RGB PANTONE 1375 C o Share your favorite self-care practice. Create a new blank board and write the question in a text box. jEa3bZGXIJVZah5qWss0V0nopGvBYYR6kxHM0/dmin7Jbah3p2MjCF/tLETlTMNIa9NggvZPVuFZ However, with more and more people working remotely these day, how can virtual teams build that friendly relationship when they rarely see each other face-to-face? The account wyxSKlYlNVdduW6UKnpueQjptVjzgmG/wptnpZRgMhI4Td77jpv7+lMd8/fnDqmmS6K1hbXFvdwk Group check-ins or icebreakers allow us to become more connected as humans as well as name, claim and move on from distractions and focus on the meeting at hand. We’ve handpicked four of the best icebreakers for your virtual teams and put them into one easy-to-use template. If you want to share these graphics with others, please send them the link to this page. PANTONE 301 C 255 It’s good to remind people of all the remarkable work that they’ve done. And for more tips on what to say when meeting new people, This is the Best Way to Make New Friends! RGB Get inspiration from our 11 virtual ice-breaker activities and let your team know you’re going to conduct these virtual icebreakers frequently. LAB AbUqYAzhSn2aqxDU/wBkDlZvqkMkj/u1+Q/VmOXOHJdgS6orSu53A+WC+isV80eabywukgsfTDwu RGB LPcyiKIoxSbk0b83dufqKfsAbHwplwEwNmomJO7I9IttPS89XTdRSWKZkBEMURUpHGxWEyqgrxUj WccqxwNKrROkrQsrxgcQUAjIB+InbpTNENhWwcYy+LKvLtzZxTh7ErZpctwlRVtoTOyyOtFUBmkV 5px8IL4hT2GJYYY4krxjUItetFFBlgYL8VdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVScXc/eVhl3CHE4z3qI1qzI Share a funny link or meme. 124 74 Default Swatch Group Or, if you want to create trivia teams, you can separate your team in smaller color coded groups and create a point system. 700 Meditation/Deep Breathing Opener:    I’m on the NTEN board along with Meico Marquette Whitlock (The Mindful Techie) who is a trained mindfulness coach for nonprofits. JPEG kBvjPyZcLN7e4WUUAfkoHItG8YJ9uYzMZKuKpRrnlfTNamtZryW8RrRucS2t5dWqlh3ZbeSMN8zv xmp.did:8405a6d2-f91e-4f55-9b52-fa8689bb4943 /V9KdEu9cutTtEQoIZrKQNWihT6oBbbj38Tk8OKcecuIe5sAZQjh0DioB3HIFT9INDmQlvFUksdB Who am I checking in on or connecting with in my network today? Collect two true facts and one false fact about a colleague and put it into a multiple choice poll. JelzJG0qR0bdEIVjypx2LDvkOA1fRu4xxcPVAX2oW9rI4nvhAARtJQAcjRdyR1PTJxjfRpnKjzWR Business Penmanship Check-ins and icebreakers also help build relationships and now more than ever we need to be feel a sense of human connection.

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