However the rare successes were increasingly seen as "one offs" and other clubs showed little enthusiasm with the "hit and miss" strategy. With access to additional resources, AFL clubs began to spend more time and effort in identifying and training athletic and talented rookies. Left at the end of the 2019 season to return to Ireland, This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 19:15. An AFL district player dragged a nurse into an alleyway and pinned her on her back. Like Quote Reply. With a media circus surrounding the recruitment of Karmichael Hunt to the Gold Coast Football Club and Israel Folau to the Greater Western Sydney Giants focus began to shift to other sports, particularly rugby football as a potential source of talent. These experiments were of particular note, as for the first time a club was looking to other sports than Gaelic football, by identifying talented hurling athletes with the right ingredients to become AFL players. A high-profile talent and who after several offers accepted an invitation to train with St Kilda. [11] At the time, Australian Rules was, with the introduction of the Sydney Swans, increasing its national focus and emerging from a semi-professional sport to a fully professional one. The Irish Experiment began in the mid-1980s as an informal project of the Melbourne Football Club. The AFL's focus on Gaelic footballers is due to the similarities between the sports.. craffles Brownlow Medallist. Blog. Had a serviceable career at Melbourne. Guess the top 50 AFL players based on form, very hard to choose. The second player to have played for both GAA and AFL teams to win the GAA Medal as Irish Player of the Series in the International Rules Series (2013). Joined Gold Coast for the 2017 season. Even the recruitment of Jim Stynes' brother Brian yielded just a handful of unimpressive senior games and McNicholl's returned home after only 3 matches. [26][27][28]. [2][7] Both Wight and Stynes, still very much learning the game, played together in the club's 1987 night premiership. Join FREE and support Australia's favourite footy community. The Irish Experiment is the popular name for the interest, primarily from VFL/AFL clubs, in bringing Irish Gaelic footballers to Australia to play Australian rules football professionally. Had I wanted to do a more sophisticated analysis I could have first given 'principle', 'major', and 'premier' partner brands higher positive and negative scores and 'associate' and 'support' partners lower positive and negative scores. There are many more things I could have done but I'm not feeling particularly nerdy this weekend. There's lots of advice on the web about how to pick a team: There's also this infographic from Reddit (from December 2012) which is both useful and funny: All that is good advice but I think there's a quicker and easier way for someone like me to choose a team: using the power of brands and brand association. Go. Now that I've reached a tentative result, I need to research the Swans and watch some of their games. During the 2007 AFL season several AFL clubs began sending talent scouts to Ireland. Adelaide Crows Women's Team: 2 x AFLW premiers! So those two pretty much cancelled each other out. [8] The AFL and GAA had ongoing discussions about putting limits on the recruitment of players.[9]. I've been in Melbourne for almost eight years now and it's about time I picked an AFL team to support. That is, if a club had twenty partners instead of ten, each of those twenty brands would have had half as much proportional weight. Despite the setback, Stynes and Wight were both to improve in the following seasons and become regular senior players. (I've kept my scoring here really simple, by the way. The brand I like the most from that list, by the way, is iiNet, which is a Hawthorn partner. Go figure. Most failed to meet expectations, not make VFL level, and many instead returned home to Ireland. Collingwood, Carlton and Brisbane in particular began to show an interest and hold scouting sessions and tryouts for Irish players. Dons in the box seat to sign Irish jet", "McBride to be ... a Bomber: Essendon to sign 197cm, strong-marking Irishman", "Clarke opts for Ireland over the Pies – RFNews –", "Ryan and Quinn on brink of Essendon deals after trial",,,,, "Ciarán Kilkenny leaves AFL club Hawthorn to return to Dublin", "Irish Saint loses halo, but wants another crack", "Irish Blue suffers serious injury after retiring", "Red Og off: Irish Roo leaves mid contract", List of players who have converted from one football code to another, Comparison of Australian rules football and Gaelic football,, Comparison of Gaelic football and Australian rules football, Lists of players of Australian rules football, Articles with dead external links from June 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The first Irish experiment player associated with that club, Played at least one VFL/AFL game at senior level. However, Stynes was voted best on field for the Demons. Gold Coast signs quick, athletic Irishman", "The next Conor McKenna? However, the AFL later dismissed it as simple speculation. Broke his leg playing Aussie Rules and returned to Ireland in 1991. [24][25], In 2017, Laura Duryea became the first Irish player to play in the AFLW, the women's Australian rules football league. After living in Melbourne for almost eight years I now tentatively support the Sydney Swans. Several Irish players cancelled their rookie contracts to return home, others were delisted after brief bouts in the various state leagues. [2] Despite its initial success, enthusiasm for the project lapsed until the 2000s, when it again became ongoing[3][4][5][6] and currently increasing due to globalisation and professionalism in sport. Adopt an AFL Team - also from 2012 and compares AFL teams to … [19], Mid 2008, the interest of clubs reached a peak and Tadhg Kennelly and Jim Stynes spoke out about the increasing recruitment activity. I'd rather watch TV or browse Reddit.). You’re not truly Footified until you have a team. Post your photoshop mashup and maybe win a Premium Platinum membership! Kennelly was an almost overnight success, being nominated for the AFL Rising Star award in his first season and widely hailed by the media. St Kilda's first Irish player returned to Ireland in 1990 because his university refused to let him defer his course any longer. If I'm going to support them seriously I need to know much more about them. What followed was the beginning of regular interaction between the two codes which was to become the hybrid code of International Rules Football. A quick skim through their website has been positive: I'll now keep an eye on them and report back if all is going well and if I'm going to continue to support this team. AFL Fixture Players Teams Player Rankings Team Rankings Rising Stars AFL Draft Brownlow Medal AFL Ladder Coaches Attendances Supercoach AFL Fantasy AFL Highlights AFL Team Selections Past Players AFL Player Contracts AFL Injury List: Records While Stynes captured the Melbourne reserves best and fairest that year, he also involved in an embarrassing event which cast doubts on the Irish experiment. He played three senior games[17] before returning to Ireland to complete his university studies.[18]. Thread starter craffles; Start date Nov 9, 2017; Tagged users None Remove this Banner Ad.

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