The Germans recognized the problem, ordered the magnetic exploders deactivated, and went back to blowing up targets. The Mark-27 was a submarine version of the air-dropped Mark-24 “Fido” anti-submarine torpedo—referred to as a “mine” for security reasons—adapted for use against surface ships. The Mark-10 was slightly faster, 36 knots vs. 35, though the range was reduced to 3,500 yards. Concurrently, the Bureau of Ordnance was busy at the Torpedo Station at Newport, Rhode Island, on a project to produce the next generation of 21-inch torpedoes. The Mark-6 magnetic feature was, it turned out, based on a pair of false premises. Now, time after time, a perfect shot would send a torpedo squarely into the side of a target, only to have it fail to explode. Web Videos: USN Carriers, P-47 Assembly, WW2 Fighters, B-26s, USN Torpedo Attack, Need compressed air system to launch torpedo from torpedo tube, The following errors occurred with your submission. During World War I, the standard American submarine torpedo was the 18-inch Mark 7. The Mark-5 exploder, a pure contact type, was issued to the peacetime fleet in its place. In order to set up a scale torpedo using these timers, you will need to source a 3V LiPo battery, a magnet and a normally open magnetic reed switch. Congratulations! It was very slow, which limited its utility against anything doing more than 8.5 knots. With the advent of the S-boats, the standard U.S. submarine torpedo became the 21-inch Mark-10. This had a maximum range of 5,000 yards, and a top speed of 35 knots, with a 326-pound warhead. In the original anti-submarine role this was enough, since it only needed to punch a small hole in the pressure hull and water pressure would take care of the rest. « rc submarine torpedo part 4 In the anti-escort role, the “Cutie” would home in on the escort’s screws, and the small warhead was likely to be enough to blow off a screw and put the escort out of action. It was also non-discriminating. A hot run from complete torpedo out of the launch tube. World War I experience had shown that the most effective way to destroy a ship was to “break her back”—that is, to set off the torpedo’s warhead under the centerline of the vessel, breaking the keel. This is a very compact timer switch that allows for repeated use of a battery-powered torpedo in your remote controlled submarine. Not only did this potentially warn the target, but it could also give the escorts a starting point for their hunt. This isn't the only way and may not be best way to do it, but it's what works for me. They are true to life with features such as torpedo shutters, ballast vents, hatches and safety tracks molded into the hull to present a reproduction of museum quality. This had a maximum range of 5,000 yards, and a top speed of 35 knots, with a 326-pound warhead. For a brushless motor for a model this size I would say a CD-ROM size outrunner of 2-2500kv on 2s would give you very good performance. The Americans, on the other hand, insisted that the exploder worked, and that the problem had to be in the people using it. SubmarineWorks™ builds models for the detail oriented modeler. Commanders were complaining that, even with the corrected depth settings, and perfect shots, the magnetic exploders were either detonating prematurely, which only served to warn the target and alert the escorts, or they were passing under the target and not exploding at all. Please search "RC jet boat drive". A considerable improvement over the old Mark-10, the Mark-14 was a wet-heater type, could travel at 46 knots, carried a 600-pound warhead (later increased to 660 pounds), and had a range of 4,500 yards. As capital ships grew larger, and became better protected against torpedo attack, the small warhead couldn’t cause enough damage to consistently put the target out of action. The solution was obvious—build a torpedo that didn’t leave a bubble trail. This was no exception. Nulla nulla lorem, suscipit in posuere in, interdum non magna. Love to see you building a BIG torpedo. After that, the Mark-14 torpedo suddenly became a model of reliability, and sinkings finally did soar. Unless you accidentally stumbled onto this site while surfing for a place to buy a sub sandwich for lunch, you must be interested in radio controlled (RC) model submarines. The torpedo was hauled aboard the rescue/salvage vessel Widgeon and returned to Pearl Harbor, where it was taken apart. As it turned out, it would be 18 months before this really happened, and most of the problem during that time was torpedo related. It might punch a hole in the side of a freighter, but most likely not something that couldn’t be repaired at sea. 983 Tivoli Dr By connecting or disconnecting two wires, the builder can select run times of either 3 or 5 seconds, ensuring that your weapon doesn’t run away from you in a large pond or pool. Swede Momsen suggested firing live torpedoes at the cliffs on Kahoolawe, which rose vertically from the sea. One of the biggest crowd-pleasers for a model submarine is working torpedoes. Retrieve your weapon, pop it back in the tube, and you're good to go once again! This having been accomplished, it was presumed that the success rate would now soar. The result was a fairly large device, located in the conning tower, that could keep track of the boat’s position, course, and speed, compute and project the target’s track based on multiple observations—each one, it was to be hoped, reducing the error—and transmit the information to the torpedoes, updating their targeting information right up to the moment they were launched. The torpedo was designed and built by Gould Honeywell (mod 1); Hughes Aircraft company (ADCAP); Raytheon (mod 6 ATCOT) and Lockheed Martin for the latest version (mod 7 CBASS). Curiously, bad shots, made at extreme angles, where the torpedo hit the target at an oblique angle instead of square, very often resulted in the warhead detonating and the target going down. Because the captains had been under orders to use the magnetic exploder, and had been setting their torpedoes to run the required five feet under their targets, few of them had had the opportunity to realize that that contact exploder was also defective. By the time the United States entered World War I the inadequacy of the Mark 7 had been recognized. Parts are cast in high-tech resins and polymers for stability and durability. As this torpedo was used in the “O” class submarines, it remained in service in training boats through World War II. When the Torpedo Station couldn’t build them fast enough, Westinghouse was contracted to build torpedoes, which they did, in a highly efficient manner. All rights reserved. Me, Tim Smalley, with my scratch built H.L. Download wiring instructions here. This is how I build torpedoes for my RC model submarines. But there was a third part of the problem. By connecting or disconnecting two wires, the builder can select run times of either 3 or 5 seconds, ensuring that your weapon doesn’t run away from you in a large pond or pool. After this, BuOrd finally did their own tests, at last conceding that there was a depth problem. Both the United States and Germany set to work on a method of doing this consistently, and both came up with essentially the same solution. First, that the earth’s magnetic field was essentially the same everywhere and, second, that a steel-hulled ship is going to disturb that field. The British supplied a captured German G7e torpedo, and this was copied, with the modifications needed to fit correctly in American torpedo tubes and interface with the TDC. Etiam pulvinar consectetur dolor sed malesuada. Hunley. There is a big metal one on HobbyKing. Aircraft - Fuel - Engines and Accessories (FS/W),

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