Whether you just need a cheap back-up rod—or you want a darn good fishing tool—pick up a Classic Trout while they’re still in production. And even for the experienced Angler…. On the other hand, don’t feel that you’re limited to just using dry flies. If you’re looking for something with amazing accuracy but a bit more power than the Redington CT, check out our Orvis Helios 3 review here! Don't hesitate; buy this rod and spend the rest on other things. Price They're been flawless, and like the Winston Rods you mentioned (my rods of choice) these inexpensive rods are quite similar in action. The same is true for our arms when a rod doesn’t bend. If you can manage to collect all the loose parts it can be easily epoxied back together - but anyone getting this rod should really cinch down on the reel in the shop to make sure it's been properly done. Next time you stop into a fly shop, take a gander at the rod rack. I have been using it as my go-to nymphing rod for over a year now (I fish it once or twice a week). Which is merely to say that the first foot of the rod must support its fair share of the load at whatever distance the rod is cast. Major rod manufacturers are forced to produce casting tools that follow market trends. You get amazing value for your money and Wild Water also offers excellent, US-based customer service in case you do have any issues. Check out our reviews and see which one will suit you best! Ethan Martin replied on Mon, 10/16/2017 - 12:54 Permalink. I have been fishing this rod for about a year and a half now and love it. Redington has achieved this with a progressive taper: the thickness and stiffness increase consistently from the tip to the butt, allowing it to bend deeply. The rod is available in line weights from 2wt to 6wt and ranges from 7’6” up to 9’. I truly love these rods and they are a tremendous value. But if you seek a tool that actually contributes to the cast, one that is ideal for casting dry flies, nymphs and light streamers at fifty feet and under, consider the Classic Trout. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. A rod that casts easily and pleasantly at practical fishing distances—and unlike the rocket launchers for sale beside it, you can buy a Classic Trout for $149.99. As is typical for the rod market these days, the Classic Trout’s value has gone mostly unnoticed. Buying one is practically stealing one. The Wild Water Combo is ideal for anyone looking to get started, or if you want to buy a complete set to introduce a friend or family member to the joy of catching trout. I liked the 5 wt so much that I bought a 4 wt as well. I build fly rods, but have found for my tastes there's not a better rod for floating a #16 dry fly into a pocket water pool at 20 feet. It bends similarly to smooth-casting Winston rods that have been lauded for decades—soft in the tip, stiffening gradually as the bend moves closer to the handle. Hey, I'm Ben, a fly fisherman for over 20 years and also an aspiring blogger. Blast from the Past: Redington 8' 4wt Classic Trout Fly Rod, Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2020. We reviewed it for you to see if it really does live up to the hype – and we can safely say that it does! I also agree with you that the reel seat is basic at best. It sells at a lower price point depending on where you buy. I never thought I'd like a rod as much as the Powell I've used for so many years but the Greys Streamflex Plus is awesome. Not only this, but it has a heightened sensitivity that really allows you to feel the load and unload easily, every single time you cast. “Fast-action” rods—a euphemism for the unpleasant sounding “stiff rod” dominate today’s trends. The three weight is a joy to cast and excels for "close in" work. Let’s dig in deep into the rod and explore the individual features and benefits. Why is this? I have used it in smaller streams and, as stated in the article, it loads really well for close range (normal) fishing conditions. I find it far more important for rods to cast and load well for shorter distances, than those "Pool Cues" that are often pushed and promoted. Do you have it and love it, or are you tempted to buy one after reading more about it? It’s well-made, but it probably won’t last you for life. Words: Chad Shmukler. Jim replied on Tue, 03/21/2017 - 15:03 Permalink. Redington builds the Classic Trout from an intermediate modulus graphite to hit their strength, weight and medium flex targets. I currently live near Houston, Texas, however, and couldn't wait to try this rod out, so I have been putting it to work at least a couple of times a week for the last 4 months or so on the nearby bass ponds. I had the reel seat fall apart when tightening up on the reel during one of the first times I used the rod.

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