He played for the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. Jordan had proposed to her the preceding New Year's Eve at a fancy downtown restaurant, but then things stalled. Ugliness towards others is never ok. It’s interesting you didn’t make such comment about his current wife. Maybe if more of us did that and invested in our community and people we would be the most powerful race. She had served as the chairperson of the organization. In 2005, Reggie Theus was hired by the New Mexico State Aggies as the head coach of the men's basketball team after the retirement of head coach Lou Henson. Queens can have a lil hoe in them. Glad you had a good time. Same with TVs. But the fans did not punish him. I haven’t heard a peep from her in decades.. Yvette is also a stepmom to Jordan's three eldest children - Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine - from his previous marriage to his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, 60 [18][17], The New Jersey Nets traded a second round pick to acquire Theus on June 25, 1990. Nobody till now knows the exact reason behind their separation. It's not luck. I don't know about that. She was a hardworking and ambitious woman before she met him, raised as the fifth of six girls on the South Side--and her friends say she has never forgotten where she came from. Because you're disingenuous and a parasitic leeching bum. The couple got married on September 2, 1989, at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. But sources say Jordan has not been home much in recent months, since announcing in September that he would play again, and Juanita's divorce filing asserts that they have lived "separate and apart" for some time. "She told me to work on a postnup. By then, Vanoy and Jordan had been dating nearly three years, but according to Minton, "they were having trouble communicating. There were rumors that Jordan didn’t believe that he was the father of Jeffrey at first. BRILLIANT. Theus was one of the original panelists on The Best Damn Sports Show Period. The estranged couple Juanita and Michale never let their differences ruined their children’s life. "He was very noncommittal," Minton said. We often have candlelight dinners.". Hispanic is not a race. Hmmmm. those kids are grown she gets introduced as "my fathers wife", if i had that money yall wouldn't hear from me either. I remember when she dabbled in the lady pond in college. Using him for what exactly? LOL. And after he and Juanita wed, he happily spoke in magazine articles about the virtues of marriage and family. How she waltzed her ass into that law firm and took out paternity paperwork on him and he still married her ass 10 months after the baby was born. I was thinking about the whipfinity product the other day, I need some too. Even though they parted their ways, Juanita and Michael are still in good terms. You acting like juanita ain't already take half years back. Raquel Why does a black businessman, entrepreneur or capitalist have to lower their prices? They probably dont like their country anyways. In an interview with Chicago Business in 2013, she revealed her post-divorce communication with Jordan and said: Mostly our conversations are about the children. Therefore, neither the details about her parents nor about her early life is known yet. Reggie Theus is a 62 year old American Basketballer. @Darrell, well a persons actions speaks louder than word in reference to “social issues”. He wasn't my first crush but def my biggest.

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