Among the highest in the drugs abused by undergraduates in a northern Nigerian university, are: cigarette, brewed alcohol, locally brewed alcohol, kola nut, aspirin and cannabis (Essien, 2010). This is evidently a source of sorrow to parents, guardians and relatives. What are the possible solutions of drug abuse among undergraduate students of Benue State University Makurdi? A reputable researcher, ICT Instructor and a publisher of many research works in Education. The research is entitle ‘drug addiction’, submitted by various users and approved by English IV teacher, Mr. Frankie Santos. vi. The use of illegal drugs is a developing issue that affects different communities each and every day. Drug abuse has some educational, social, economic, psychological, cultural, physical and moral health consequences that may lead to low academic performance, poverty, disability, maladjustment or death of the abusers. However, people should stop thinking that the drug addicts are morally challenged. Medwell Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (1):71-75. (2003). Beside, some literatures have shown contradictory views regarding the effect of drug abuse and academic performance of undergraduate students as other studies found a negative effect of drug abuse on academic performance while other studies found no effect of drug abuse on academic performance of undergraduate students. Ha. Ascertain the causes of drug abuse among undergraduate students of Benue State University. We use cookies to enhance our website for you. It was on this background that the researcher was interested to examine the influence of drug abuse on students’ academic performance in Government in secondary schools. EFFECT OF DRUG ABUSE ON SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS PDF For complete project material - call us with 07068634102 CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Every individual grow towards becoming functioning members of the society, in the process of growth, gains empowerment through school learning which act as a determinant for academic excellence. In the United Kingdom, cross-sectional studies have shown that a substantial number of students used illicit drugs, mainly cannabis, at some time during their lives (Oshodi, Aina & Onajole 2010). Nigeria. After filling out the order form, you will be directed to payment via Credit Card or another preferred method. As a source for additional understanding of the subject. iii. What are the effects of drug abuse on the academic performance of undergraduate students of Benue State University? Drug abuse has thus become a national concern in Nigeria, given its impacts on education and future leadership, innovations and human resources. Canada: Thompson Delmar Learning, 2008 With the help of essential statistics and facts that I will gather from extensive sources, I concluded that the drug addiction should be recognized as a disease. I'm fine with missing my deadline, WowEssays. But drugs wrongly use without medication prescription has negative consequences for the academic, social, psychological and physical development of students. sample is kindly provided by a student like you, use it only as a guidance. Apart from knowing the harmful effects of substance abuse, various studies have pointed out that among the reasons students abuse drugs are: for experimental purpose, curiosity, peer and family influence, lack of parental supervision, personality problems, socioeconomic issues, need for extra energy for work, to build up confidence, frustration, to achieve happiness, to reduce fear, drug availability, need to maintain drug habit in order to avoid withdrawal syndrome, to feel good, to relieve stress, to sleep, to keep awake, to enhance sexual performance, age, unemployment, poverty, and for no reason. Peter Hezekiah Lawson (Sir Pee). On the drugs that are mostly abuse by students of Benue State University, the study findings reveals that, majority of the respondents believe that alcohol is the most common type of drug abuse by students of Benue State University. EFFECT OF DRUG ABUSE ON SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS PDF. It is a substance that due to its chemical nature affects the physical, mental and emotional functioning of people. Antai-Otong, D. Psychiatric Nursing: Biological and Behavioral Concepts. It is also a big challenge to the whole nation. Drug Abuse: Drug abuse is the taking of drugs or a deliberate use of drugs for purposes other than its intended purpose without the supervision of a physician or a medical practitioner. Poor academic performance entails bad grades while the desired academic performance is good grades. This research work is significant in various ways; First and foremost this research will help in creating awareness on the need to shun acts that are capable of leading to drug abuse among youths and students in Nigeria. It is also considered as a substance that modifies perceptions, cognition, mood, behaviour and general body functions. Students who involved themselves in the abuse of these illicit drugs hardly keep up with academic work. The specific questions are: What is the level of drug abuse among BSU students? It comes to a conclusion that drug abuse and addiction is a social problem that results into unwanted effects to the users and people in the community. Such difficulties include earning low grades, doing poorly on test, missing class and falling behind in academic performance. FINAL PROPOSAL 5 of Adult Drug Courts than virtually all other criminal justice programs combined (Marlowe, 2010). The study is conforming to the university environment because of its academic importance and will be carried out from 2002-2012. WowEssays. The scope of this study is limited to Benue State University Makurdi and is on the effects of drug abuse and academic performance of Benue State University students. It also entails any licit or illicit substance that when swallowed, smoked, sniffed or injected influences the function and operation of the body and mind. 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WowEssays, 08 Jan. 2020, Findings from this study revealed that, majority of the respondents believe the level of drug abuse among students of Benue State University is moderate.

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