If you happen to get this exact page, you’re in luck! Tip: From the Fire Camp on the South West beach, face East and walk to the little rock. The altar is underneath the middle bridge correct? You wanted to know about Commander Claysparrow, right? "From East Skull Face North Star The riddle you have could be different from this one. But I'll sleep a little easier now I know the others have been set free. Eli always did like his crew dressed up smartly. From cave camp south north east walk 7 south North Star walk when rock south setting sun walk when lord south north west walk 3 dig. thank you just got attacked so i cant finish it. Help finding Captain Douglas Skull in Revenge of the Morningstar browsing. Is it taking you in front of the Kraken skull on the beach? Take the book if you think it'd help you. I thought I was expecting you earlier, but you're here now and that's what matters. In larger crews, is recommended to dedicate one member to eliminate the ranged skeletons, and another to group the skeletons away from Graymarrow. If you do not, work through it until you arrive at the correct solution. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled (i.e. You wanted to know about Commander Claysparrow, right? A confrontation seems inevitable, yet still we flee, speeding to Marauder’s Arch as our last supplies run dry…. As you walk, you may actually stumble right into journal #4’s location—a skull pile landmark with a … Press J to jump to the feed. So, if you’d like a more precise location, you might want to click on that map marker link. For serious we don’t get to keep the uniforms and hair?! What did I do in order to trigger this? There are whispers, low and fearful, that Graymarrow has begun to wield some fell powers of his own. You will need to dig up these Uniforms at Boulder Cay to progress. Once defeated, he will drop Graymarrow’s Orders. when camp face south east walk. Or have some pearls of wisdom to share with others? Thanks. IF CAPTAIN SHAW CAN FOLLOW ORDERS FOR ONCE, I'LL SOON HAVE THE MEANS TO BRING HIM BACK TO US... ‘ █’ SHALL BE MY RESTING SPOT. If you talk to the tavern keeper, Tracy, with Morningstar Uniform equipped, you should see several new dialog options: “You know who I am?”, “Captain Slate sends his regards,” and “Where can I find Jasper?”. Return the Shroudbreaker Stone to Sandra. She has quite a story to tell. The clerks' additional dialogue can be accessed while equipping the uniform, which is provided in the Clothing Chest. Your ship’s famous in these parts. The other crew says they cashed it in at 7,500 coins. Er. And old 'Merry' Merrick was in her the other day. The details on the location of the Tale Book, related Commendations and unlockable Cosmetics are all presented in the Tall Tales Reputation Menu. A man, at the George and Kraken tavern claims that he can tell me more…. Finally, we’ll provide you a list of riddle clues commonly used in Graymarrow’s Orders on Sunken Grove. Swim around the shipwreck looking for that ever familiar golden glint of treasure. These can be in varied locations, so keep an eye out for white glints within the Wreck. Some skellies actually came looking for you! Or was it the Maverick? This is what I've deciphered: Chalice Resurrection From Kraken Skull Face South West Walk When Camp Face Rising Sun Walk When Rock Face Setting Sun Walk Seven Dig, Download SoT companion on your phone. The Crew decided to abandon ship and part ways to evade Graymarrow's armada. fyi in case anyone else wonders… You can skip the visit to sanctuary and just go straight to cannon cove from boulder cay. Maggie knowsss! I went to cannon cove and beat the captain but when I dug near the rowboat in the cove I couldn’t find the skull. Down by the beach? It’s here, close to the white flag. The Tale Book can be found on a box next to Sandra the Shipwright at the dock of Dagger Tooth Outpost. Sea of Thieves Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. We’ll begin with an example through which we shall hold your hand every step of the way.

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