It was a very time-consuming process, before I even spoke to a real person. I had many interviews before and this was the first time where I was about to hang up. But over the last three years, we’ve found that many successful ops people at Revolut tend to have: If this sounds like you and you are excited by what you’ve read so far (and we mean genuinely excited), then have a look at the job descriptions below and apply. Average. Und das Wiener Startup hat sich mit seiner Fiskalisierungs-Lösung einen entscheidenden Vorteil herausgeholt. 76 % Recruiter. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Revolut interview details: 688 interview questions and 531 interview reviews posted anonymously by Revolut interview candidates. Jetzt sind wir beinahe 30 Leute und haben aktuell zahlreiche Stellen ausgeschrieben, etwa B2B-Sales, unterschiedliche Developer-Positionen, etwa Go, NodeJS – Backend wie auch Frontend – und im IT Security-Bereich“, sagt der CEO. We may share this information with other organisations, such as Google, As a tech company, we know the value of harnessing all the opportunities available to us. The recruiter reached out after I submitted my resume online. That’s why we want to get to know candidates as humans, as you well put it. 0 % Negative. „Nach offizieller Zählung gibt es dort bis zu 3,5 Millionen für uns relevante Kassensysteme. The interview was arranged for the next day. Ein Standard Konto bei Revolut ist gratis. That means your spare change can be used to put aside Euros for a trip or to invest in bitcoin, even though you're spending in pounds in the UK. I applied online. Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. The interview process could have been smooth. Sorry, you have entered an invalid email. Very long and tedious.The HR contact was quite genuine and personable though so he did gave me a good impression but the way the interview rounds were structured showed how little Revolut sees the interview process as a two way process. The online test and take home challenge are interesting and test your ability to reason, analyse and work with data and report results. I applied online. The turn around time from application to interview request was 5 minutes. Hier gehts direkt zur Brutkasten Job-Page von fiskaly! I interviewed at Revolut in December 2019. There are two other tiers of the consumer version of Revolut: Premium and Metal. For businesses, the main account is in pounds, with a secondary Euro account, along with support for 28 other currencies. Get WIRED Weekly, your essential catch-up on the most important, interesting and unusual WIRED stories from the past seven days. I applied online. Mostly multiple choice questions of logic / math, and a few very short written questions. Open a multi-currency account in minutes. The Metal tier costs £12.99 a month, and alongside free delivery of a metal card, adds ATM withdrawals up to £600 a month and lounge pass access. A career with Revolut comes with rewarding experiences. Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, Firm Reference 900562. Standard questions ranging from experiences to quick fire case study questions asking how I would manage certain situations.Round 4:Prepare another presentation based on the Hard Problem I Ever SolvedRound 5:Another video call interview with their Global Expansion lead.The interview date and time was changed without checking the time suited me too.The interviewer was meant to cover the presentation but appeared like he couldn't care less – looking at other people walking by his meeting room and answering Slack messages during the interview.Got rejected from the process after this.After 5 rounds, 2 face to face interviews, 2 presentations and many days work invested into this, the HR team gave a generic rejection with absolutely feedback.One of the worst interview experiences I've been through, would 100% recommend reconsidering applying to this company. Negative Experience. The process took a week. I applied online. We'll be sure to pass your feedback on to recruitment so that they can follow up on some of your points internally. Gave me a project to do which is way too time consuming for an initial stage. That said, you will probably learn more in a year at Revolut than most people learn in a decade of work elsewhere, including areas like problem-solving, research, business development, partnership building and execution. Each question and reply from the interviewer was very condescending and definitely would not want to work for someone like that. The offer was made immediately after the interview. A challenge to be done within 7 days - which is self explanatory. The information provided is from their perspective. Revolut Operations Interview Questions. Organised an interview with me, cancelled it last minute then reorganised a new interview and also cancelled that last minute. But we're not done yet. The first stage was a 30-minute call with one of Revolut's in-house talent team to introduce the position in more detail and go over my experience.2. TRIAL OFFER „Mit unserer SaaS-Lösung konnten wir bereits über 135 Millionen Signaturen für den deutschen Markt durchführen. If you don't have their account details, you can still send a payment – or a payment request – via a link, where they'll enter their own banking information. Apparently they don't care enough to meet everyone in person.- recruiter call- online test- take home task- 2 video calls- decision. 8 Interview Reviews. Why? I interviewed at Revolut. A career with Revolut comes with rewarding experiences. The speed in execution is still embedded in the Revolut culture today. „Im Gegensatz zu unserem Mitbewerb, der mit USB-Sticks und SD-Karten zur Datensicherung und -Dokumentation arbeitet, bieten wir eine komplett Cloud-basierte Lösung. Answer Question; Explain something complex in simple terms Answer Question; Revolut 2020-06-02 11:15 PDT. During the operations challenge presentation, he was interrupting and seemed to be in a hurry to complete it. The online test and take home challenge are interesting and test your ability to reason, analyse and work with data and report results.Interviewed via video call with Product Owners, which was largely conversational around my experiences and not too formal. 12 % Difficulty 8 Ratings. Natasha Bernal. General questions were asked in this interview.Finally one on one interviews with various senior members of the team with a variety of tricky questions. The interview was a 1-hour F2F interview with the CEO. Bei Revolut können Sie beispielsweise Ihr Guthaben in 25 verschiedenen Währungen erhalten. How would you convince a friend to use Revolut? I applied online. I applied online. For example, Revolut offers savings pots – "vaults" – as well as roundups, when transactions are rounded to the nearest pound with the spare change put in a savings account. The London-based fintech has a more limited license than some rivals, operating under a specialised bank license via Lithuania, rather than as a full bank. We'll be sure to pass your feedback on to recruitment so that they can follow up on some of your points internally. What technical knowledge do you have and give examples, Please provide an example of a challenging situation you've dealt with at work and how you overcame it. They reached out to me on LinkedIn. Davon 250.000 Kunden in den USA, wo N26 vergangenes Jahr gestartet ist. Just add a $20 deposit to get started and order your free card to spend at home or abroad in 150+ currencies. Die tatsächliche Zahl dürfte aber nach Schätzungen eher bei vier Millionen liegen“, sagt Ferner. I applied online. What is the most complex problem you have solved? The card simply manages it for you, offering the best exchange rate possible, and Revolut doesn't charge for ATM withdrawals anywhere as long as they are under £200 a month.

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