Richard also goes into business with the new Rovers Return landlord Duggie Ferguson (John Bowe), building an estate of new homes. Richard Hillman played Torrance Shipman's college boyfriend, Aaron. The pair went on to appear together in "7th Heaven," "Not Another Teen Movie" and West was even in an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" with Leigh in 2009. Los Angeles County, California, USA, 07 August 2016 Your California Privacy Rights "[1], In January 2002, it was rumored that Coronation Street executive producer Carolyn Reynolds would be axing a number of characters in a bid for the show to beat BBC One soap opera EastEnders in the ratings. Richard confronts Duggie at an under construction block of flats during a disagreement about Duggie's shoddy workmanship. Gail, Bethany, David and Sarah manage to free themselves from the vehicle and are rescued by Tommy and Martin on shore. His confessions episode was voted 'Most Spectacular Scene' and his murders were voted 'Best Storyline'. After portraying Kasey in the film, Rini Bell went on to play Lulu in "Gilmore Girls. The cause of Hillman… With her husband dead and all the troubles he inflicted upon both her family and the Weatherfield community over at last, Gail heads home with Audrey after throwing the rings that Richard gave her into the canal. He is stunned when she accuses him of various crimes after finding the tranquilizers in the cupboard. The two episodes caused a power surge; a National Grid spokesman said: "Obviously, there was a huge audience which meant at the end of the programme people were getting up, turning lights on, going to the toilet, opening fridge doors and boiling kettles. I don’t know what the writers have got planned for Richard but he's definitely not finished yet I can promise that. 07 August 2016 | Den of Geek 12 (sort of) memorable soap star singles. Hillman stopped acting shortly after the movie and died at age 34 in 2009. Most recently, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for the show "On Becoming a God in Central Florida. The phones haven't stopped here with fantastic feedback. Favorite NBA Team (National Basketball Association)? He has been rated one of the best soap villains of all time and in the programme itself, alongside the likes of Alan Bradley (Mark Eden) and Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. To make matters worse, Gail is under suspicion of collaborating with Richard in his criminal activities when the police confirm that she had been working alongside him in his "company". He abducts Gail and her children, along with Sarah's infant daughter Bethany, from their house and attempts to kill them all in their garage. Soon afterwards, Richard receives a phone call that a woman who had sold her home to Richard in a buy-back scheme had died a week prior. However, after Audrey and Martin discover his last-ditch familicide plan, Richard drives off with his abducted stepfamily and ends up plunging their car into a canal — but they survived whilst he himself drowned and was later pronounced dead after his body, which the police would recover from the canal, was identified by Gail and Audrey at the canal. The ratings success of the serial killer storyline made Coronation Street the most-watched UK television programme of 2003 beating rival EastEnders into second place. There's that much chopping to do that if she used an axe it would take forever.

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