Barbel will spook if they come into contact with your main line, especially when fishing close in or halfway across smallish rivers like the Teme. In fact I’ve taken over 60 barbel from the water this season alone, topped by a fish of exactly 14lb, just two ounces off the river record. Tenbury Fishing Association (EST 1834) River Teme; Ledwyche Brook; For more fishing on the Teme why not go to Berrow Farm Fisheries set in the heart of Worcestershire Click here to read more. [10], The Teme is a clean river and after many years of decline the population of otters is recovering,[11] but obstructions keep salmon numbers at a low level. This way there is no chance of spooking a feeding fish by casting a rig over it. Top Tip [citation needed], This subject was debated at length in 2006 in the Journal of Railway and Canal Historical Society.[35][36]. SY8 1EJ . Top Tip You could stick it out all day in the one swim and at some point a resident barbel might feed, but my approach is to track down responsive fish and drop a bait right on their ‘snouts’. Except for its lowest reaches, there is no substantial evidence that the river was navigable by barges. River Fishing in Ludlow - River Teme. Two other rivers - the River Ithon and the River Mule - rise within 500 metres. River Teme, Cotheridge, Worcs, Contact: The Birmingham Anglers’ Association on 0121 454 9111, Tickets: Can be fished by all BAA members or on a £4 day ticket. [1] It is also crossed, several times, by the Elan aqueduct. The lodges are available for weekly lets and short breaks The river is the 16th longest river in the United Kingdom. Most pleasure anglers won’t walk much further than the ‘car park’ swims anyway, so a lot of the river is relatively underfished. There are no hard and fast rules, but the obvious fish-holding spots are clearly the ones to initially target. On many shallower rivers, the biggest fish tend to lie up in the most unreachable spots and it’s the intrepid angler who often reaps the richest rewards. [4], During its journey the river flows over Upper Ludlow shales and Devonian sandstones.[5]. However, this part of the river is also the most valuable for fishing, with riparian owners keen to protect their interests and prevent canoeing, on the grounds that the Teme is not suited to canoeing under any circumstances. E-mail dtebbett When I am night fishing, or when the water is coloured, I switch to braid hooklengths, my preferred brand being Sufix Heavy Skin in 15lb. Barbel absolutely love these areas and will use them as patrol routes to find natural food. Who can blame you? HR6 0RU. I prefer to make my own baits so that I can control the amount of time that I boil them for and dictate the consistency. I’ve picked a tricky day today. For the river in New Zealand, see, S. M. Macdonald, C. F. Mason, I. S. Coghill, Ordnance Survey, six-inch maps (1st edition), various: accessible at. I know it holds some big fish, one a well-known double. | Top | Teme Valley Home Page General Info. If there are any deficiencies these immensely strong fish will find them and there is no credit to be had from losing a barbel. Plenty of beaches along the way. If there is any weakness in your rig, barbel will find it. A Countryside Agency report in September 2003 entitled Improving access for canoeing on inland waterways: A study of the feasibility of access agreements stated: There are no formal access agreements for canoeing on the Teme. Cadmore Lodge Hotel and Country Club. This way there is no chance of spooking a feeding fish by casting a rig over it. There was a coal wharf near Powick Bridge, belonging with the mill, whose owner had the right to use a towing path to the river Severn. [2], The name Teme is similar to many other river names in England, testament to the name's ancient origin. In fact, if you observe barbel, they will often hover over a baited area, trying to feel for line with their fins and barbules. He only uses braid hooklengths in coloured water conditions or after the light has faded. Today, however, they were not in responsive mood. If they feel line they will shoot off, taking their mates with them, and many hours spent drawing the fish into the area will have been wasted. Locating barbel I prefer to keep things simple at the business end. The Teme is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest along its entire length. If you would like to experience the incredible power of the famous river Teme barbel, look no further. Produces some big fish here! Hook baits are glugged in a liver-extract-based dip that Martin has found to be hugely effective. You need all the strength you can muster in your tackle on some snag-ridden swims to bully the hard-scrapping barbel out. Two four star self catering lodges are located in 1 mile from Tenbury Wells, Sleep 5/6 people, with private balcony and parking. Stringers like these allow you to place boilies right next to the hook bait and are very good in winter. caught up with him as the birds were clearing their throats on a misty morning down on the BAA-controlled water at Cotheridge. To contact us click on contact us at the top or bottom of the page. When I am night fishing, or when the water is coloured, I switch to braid hooklengths, my preferred brand being Sufix Heavy Skin in 15lb. Water levels in the Teme are highly variable, something which has been made worse in recent years through increases in water extraction for agriculture use. Normally it’s a banker for a barbel almost immediately. It produces, Barbel, Perch, Trout, Dace, Perch, Roach and big Chub. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. The Haven is a longstanding mecca for barbel anglers around the country and sees many anglers returning year after year. The River Teme near Tenbury Wells ** - Just 8 miles away. I like camou clothing, as I am always creeping around in undergrowth and I want to avoid spooking the barbel. I will try all the well-worn swims I find, because they don’t become well worn without reason. For other uses, see, This article is about the river in the United Kingdom. Two secluded and beautiful stretches of the River Teme a few miles from Worcester, renowned for their excellent barbel fishing and beautiful surroundings! There is also my bait of course, plus refreshments, but it all goes in a carryall. That may deter some anglers, but in my experience you will always catch more barbel, more quickly, by moving along the river trying different spots, rather than remaining in one swim all day long. Okay, with rigs and baiting tactics explained, it’s now time to have a wander down the river. He only uses braid hooklengths in coloured water conditions or after the light has faded. Something went wrong : Just an update to say that I am running both fisheries again this season – that is the Haven fishery at Cotheridge and the Knightwick Bridge fishery at Knightwick as advertised on here We had a very successful time with … Continue reading →. Bream, Chub, Dace, Grayling, Perch, Pike & Roach.

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