The original Smartbed is a non-tested rock and roll bed and will fit in almost any camper van conversion. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Experienced. We have components for Sprinter, Transit, ProMaster and Metris. It is constucted from high quality steel and is fully MIG welded for maximum strength and durability. The supplied M1 test certificate will give added value to your vehicle should you decide to sell on and will also satisfy your insurance company. WE ARE PROUD TO LAUNCH THE PULL TESTED SMART BED EVOLUTION RAIL. The bed sits over the wheel arch in the rear of front-engined vans and fixes through the floor with high tensile bolts and Rusty Lee’s in-vehicle tested fitting kit.

Rock and Roll beds are now very popular and are often fitted as part of a camper or day van conversion. We use cookies to optimise site functionality and give you the best possible experience.

Shipping please contact us with your postcode for a quote. Available in (M1) tested and non-tested configuration, Rail System or Fixed Position, there is a Smart bed rock and roll bed for your campervan including Volkswagen T4/T5/T6/T6.1. FOR EXTRA SEATING SPACE, THE FULL WIDTH PULL TESTED SMART BED EVOLUTION. I got two small L shape brackets and simply screwed then to the floor, one in front of the frame and one behind so the so the wood beam that's resting on the floor can slot in between. Two of our staff cars are early baywindows and we’ve worked on a range of aircooled campers in the past, so you rest assured your bus will be in safe hands. :-), Reply The rock and roll bed will fold out or pull out, depending on the design, to take up the majority of the back of your van conversion, excluding any space taken up by cupboards or utilities that you have had installed. We only use the highest standard, safest rock n roll beds around. once cut out i simply used wood screws to attach it to the frame. In-vehicle (crash) tested – tested in a chassis. The Drop-Down Table Bed. Many have been in-vehicle (crash) tested or they have M1 Pull Test Certification to 76/115/EEC/2005. This bed is trimmed in high-quality vinyl in a bespoke pattern and colour choice, with or without piping. If you’re not so worried about having a bigger bed, you can take advantage of the smallness of your group to use that space for storage, appliances or living space instead.
With a rock and roll bed, you get the best of both worlds. Our products are built in-house to the highest quality.

How to register as a motor caravan with the DVLA.

Wooden Rock & Roll Bed: Hello all,So I have been building a micro camper out of a LWB high top transit connect, but to make this a legal camper in the UK DVLA require a 6ft bed that can either be in one position or pull out to bed.. hence to rock and roll bed! VW Rusty Lee are world-renowned high-quality rock n roll campervan beds. Rock and Roll bed is the name given to the pullout seat/bed system, they are basically a seat which can be quickly converted into a bed. The first Smart bed was designed in 2008 to fill a gap in the market for a high quality rock and roll bed system which was not only safe but also user friendly. High Quality. M1 Pull Test Certification to 76/115/EEC/2005. Sorry its not well explained and not to many photos, but i didn't think I would create and instructables post! The rock and roll bed will fold out or pull out, depending on the design, to take up the majority of the back of your van conversion, excluding any space taken up by cupboards or utilities that you have had installed. Please contact the office for other options. 2 years ago, Thank you, i will do in the near future ☺.

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