She has two grandchildren, Anna and Robby. American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. 0000041378 00000 n Despite the crisis we are in and the uncertainty of when it will end, love & joy are still a part of this world; life must be celebrated & cherished.” Visit the online publication of the shakespeare theatre company. Prior to starting AES, a Fortune 200 company, in 1981, Sant was assistant administrator for energy conservation and the environment at the Federal Energy Administration. [2] She also voted to raise the minimum wage in 2007 and extend unemployment benefits from 39 to 59 weeks. 0000002768 00000 n Find out what’s happening with the Shakespeare Theatre Company. [2], Matsui supports an initiative to develop green public schools across the nation. Guests: Francesca Faridany (Strange Interlude, As You Like It); Michael Urie (Hamlet, Buyer & Cellar); and Michael Witmore (Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library, scholar of Shakespeare and early modern literature, pioneer in the digital analysis of Shakespeare’s texts). [2] She supports tobacco being regulated as a drug. Week 16, September 9: Shakespeare & The Law. Guests: Ted Chapin (President, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization) and Natascia Diaz (Three-time Helen Hayes Award winner; National Tour, West Side Story; Every Little Step). She also helped secure passage in the U.S. House of autonomous vehicle technology in the 115th Congress and plans to continue to lead in the effort to safely deploy intelligent and automated transportation technologies that will transform how we conduct business, transact and travel. 0 How do hatred and love displace one another, and how do the public and domestic spheres get tragically confused? Matsui won a special election in 2005 to hold onto her husband’s seat, this after many prominent Sacramento Democrats rallied to her side. Before coming to Congress, Doris Matsui served as Chairwoman on the Board for the KVIE public television station in Sacramento, and in leadership capacities for the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Children's Home, and the Sacramento Symphony Orchestra. All Special Guests are subject to change. On April 12, 2020, Matsui married Sant. Congresswoman Matsui has been a leader in Congress on promoting policies that address the climate crisis. How does Shakespeare dramatize Richard’s ascent to, and descent from, power? Matsui Issues Statement on DOD's Request For Information on Creating a Government-Owned 5G Network October 19, 2020. She is engaged in the planning and execution of an intermodal transportation center in downtown Sacramento and secured federal funds to extend Sacramento’s light rail system, including helping to provide critical federal resources to link Sacramento and West Sacramento. 0000002816 00000 n �=}���On��'���C�q˖�� �8:@ � E�zH $��^^�@�JJ����L���L����UW t�ԗw� P�BQ�`*`�n. [2], She seeks to establish databases for childhood cancer and diabetes to better meet the needs of patients and diffuse information for better treatment. Doris Matsui Roger W. Sant Alan G. Spoon Patricia Q. Stonesifer L. Hardwick Caldwell, Smithsonian National Board Chair David Silfen, Investment Committee Chair 6 Vice President Richard B. Cheney was unable to attend either session. She also is an ardent supporter of advancing STEM education, especially for women and girls. [2], Matsui seeks to expand gun control and supports stricter regulations on gun purchases and sales. But they share a deep kinship as pictures of Shakespeare’s thinking at his most personal, lyric, and magical, in some ways returning to the inspiration of his earlier “magic” and “romantic” plays while in others reflecting over every aspect of his life and career. Congresswoman Matsui has a son Brian Matsui and a daughter-in-law Amy Matsui. xref Plays: Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2. memory lane featuring some of our brightest stars and biggest moments. [2] She also opposes raising the retirement age, despite the significantly increased longevity of the average American since the establishment of social security. We continue with two plays from the end of Shakespeare’s career, which introduce us to a new genre: the Shakespearean Romance. in psychology, she met her … Week 25, November 11: Shakespeare & the Supernatural. Doris Matsui Roger W. Sant Alan G. Spoon Patricia Q. Stonesifer L. Hardwick Caldwell, Smithsonian National Board Chair David Silfen, Investment Committee Chair 6 Vice President Richard B. Cheney was unable to attend either session. That wasn’t in the cards, until now. It’s the week of Thanksgiving and this year, we have been super thankful for Shakespeare Hour LIVE! From the fairies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the wëird Sisters of Macbeth and the ghostly apparitions staged or described in Richard III, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Macbeth, and The Winter’s Tale, Shakespeare’s plays betray a presiding interest in supernatural occurrences and folkloric superstition. "[3], Matsui has supported raising the debt limit by 2.4 trillion dollars for federal spending[2] and has supported numerous bailouts and federal funds injections. It’s that simple! Under her leadership as a co-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), the Caucus has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable infrastructure, tax incentives for clean energy, and blocking harmful directives from the Trump Administration that would undermine protections for human health and the environment. While her husband served in Congress, where he helped secure U.S. government reparations to Japanese Americans interned during World War II, Doris Matsui became an advisor to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. 0000002720 00000 n [2], Matsui supports gay rights and was given a rating of 100% by the HRC. More recently, the Congresswoman was instrumental in securing $1.8 billion last year to help strengthen the Sacramento region’s levees and raise Folsom Dam. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, 'Just another Tuesday': Election Day appears free of widespread voting chaos. As a new member of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, Shakespeare helps change our understanding of tragedy and comedy, teenage identity, and the magical experience of nature. [2], Matsui is in favor of continuing social security as it is now, and has opposed moves to privatize it or allow citizens the option to have alternative retirement funds. In the special election on March 8, 2005, she garnered 68% of the vote. Guests: Adjoa Andoh (Shakespeare Globe’s Richard II, RSC’s Troilus and Cressida, Julius Caesar); Gregory Doran (Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare Company); and Professor Farah Karim-Cooper (Professor of Shakespeare Studies, King’s College London; Head of Higher Education & Research at Shakespeare’s Globe). She defended her position, saying "members of Congress know their districts pretty well and know what they need. Rep. Doris Matsui and Vicki Sant Alan and Irene Wurtzel. Doris Matsui, the Sacramento area’s congressional representative, originally planned to marry Roger Sant in May. [citation needed] The President appointed her to the board of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in September 2000. What is the Japanese view of Shakespeare? Shakespeare’s Icons highlights the stories and careers of some of the brightest stars in American classical theatre, Broadway, and the performing arts at large. She is committed to strengthening Sacramento’s flood protection, ensuring quality, affordable health care for all, promoting a clean energy economy, and creating a vibrant region where families can live, work, and play. On January 8, 2020, she informed the House Democratic Caucus that she had become engaged to Roger Sant. Week 20, October 7: The Past Uncovered: Shakespeare, Black Actors, and Whiteness. Matsui was a housewife and socialite and was active in the group "Lawyers' Wives", now called the Legal Auxiliary of Sacramento, while her husband was a local attorney and served on the Sacramento city council before his election to congress in 1979. Explore acting classes for adults and teens for all levels of experience. %%EOF Continuing our examination of Shakespeare’s relationship to humor begun with our recent episode on Shakespeare & Clowns, we will examine the female protagonists in his plays, and the respective importance of verbal wit, theatrical imagination, and humane intelligence to be found in his work. The 75-year-old legislator, who took over the congressional seat of her late husband Bob Matsui when he died in 2005, said she didn’t expect to marry again. Re-elected 13 times, he served in the House until his death in 2005 at age 63.

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