The ride is comfortable and composed while handling is impressive. But which one is the best? Its rear seats are not spacious enough for most adults on longer trips, but its cargo capacity is impressive. So gobsmackingly good is the Q7 in almost every way that we had to include the big German in our list. Optionally available are second and third row seats that fold flat with the touch of a button in the cargo area, a feature more commonly seen on expensive luxury SUVs. With the gas tank under the front seats rather than the rear bench, the Magic Seat can fold flat into the floor and open up the rear cargo area. I've completely looked through all of Toyota's and Honda's offerings and it seems like the Honda Fit actually has the flattest platform after folding the seats down due to their magic seats. This generation, which arrived in 2015, is smaller than the previous model. Renegade is among the smallest SUVs on sale, but still has back seats that fold down flat. Cargo Space: 20.1 cu ft | Max Cargo: 47.1 cu ft | $23,700 | USN Overall Score: 8.5/10. It has a fold-down seat like its less-expensive Chevrolet Impala cousin and unlike Cadillac’s new CT6 sedan. Those premium looks are carried through into the stylish cabin – the GT and top-of-the-range Azami and Azami LE have cabins which are particularly plush and well crafted. However, there is one caveat when it comes to the Prius’ cargo capacity. (Hint: Genesis, Lexus Make ’Em), 2022 Genesis G70 Gains Family Resemblance, Sport Plus and Drift Modes, 2021 Porsche Panamera Hybrid Lineup Packs More Power, Range. © 2020 MotorTrend | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Back seats that fold down are part of that brief. When I'm out on the trail all of life's concerns fade away, but driving there with my bike is super stressful. The same engine powers front- and all-wheel drive variants with both getting excellent, almost identical fuel economy. Policy, 10 Hatchbacks With the Most Cargo Space in 2020, 10) 2020 Toyota Prius Prime: Cargo Space: 19.8 cu ft | Max Cargo: 47 cu ft | $27,900, 9) 2020 Hyundai Veloster: Cargo Space: 19.9 cu ft | Max Cargo: 44.5 cu ft | $18,800, 8) 2020 Mazda3 Hatchback: Cargo Space: 20.1 cu ft | Max Cargo: 47.1 cu ft | $23,700, 7) 2020 Subaru Impreza Hatchback: Cargo Space: 20.8 cu ft | Max Cargo: 55.3 cu ft | $19,195, 6) 2020 Volkswagen Golf: Cargo Space: 22.8 cu ft | Max Cargo: 52.7 cu ft | $23,195, 5) 2020 Nissan Leaf: Cargo Space: 23.6 cu ft | Max Cargo: 30 cu ft | $31,600, 4) 2020 Hyundai Elantra GT: Cargo Space: 24.9 cu ft | Max Cargo: 55.1 cu ft | $20,650, 3) 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback: Cargo Space: 25.7 cu ft | Max Cargo: 46.2 cu ft | $21,750, 2) 2020 Hyundai Ioniq: Cargo Space: 26.5 cu ft | Max Cargo: N/A | $23,200, 1) 2020 Toyota Prius: Cargo Space: 27.4 cu ft | Max Cargo: 62.7 cu ft | $24,325. There are two cup holders in each row and large bottle holders in all doors. The Civic also delivers agile handling, powerful engine options, and a roomy cabin – though rear-seat headroom could be better. Cargo Space: 27.4 cu ft | Max Cargo: 62.7 cu ft | $24,325 | USN Overall Score: 7.9/10. However, on a day-to-day basis, it’s more likely you’ll have your seats in their upright position to transport passengers, and you’ll place your cargo behind the rear seats. Is that the middle seat? A button maximizes cargo capacity by activating the second and third row fold down seats with a single touch. These highly adaptable van seat conversions are designed to be simple to fold away, allowing you to transport either passengers or cargo with just a few quick moves. That opens up the cargo area from 30.9 cubic feet to 59.6 cubic feet. Oh, and it's been around since the dawn of the 'soft-road' SUV and cemented itself into hearts, minds and driveways all over Australia. Meanwhile, Buick, which aspires to a premium-brand image, nonetheless goes mainstream with a folding seat for its LaCrosse. Sorry, there are no cars that match your search, Sorry, there are no models that match your search. Choosing all-wheel drive or certain trim levels will decrease your capacity slightly. Whatever you want to chuck inside, folding the rear seats down can help it fit. The GT comes with a decent standard feature set that includes a straightforward touch screen and smartphone connectivity. Like most Subarus, the 2020 Impreza comes standard with all-wheel drive and a full suite of high-tech safety systems. Fold down the second- and third-row seats and that grows to a maximum of 144.7 cubic feet, a full 23 cubic feet more than the previous Suburban and rivaling the space inside some big-city apartments. Handling is ship-like but this isn't a track-day car, besides, the ride is comfortable. Some hatchbacks offer the utility of small SUVs while delivering impressive overall driving dynamics. You can also opt for a 201-horsepower turbo-four, which comes in the GT N Line hatchback. Storage elsewhere is excellent with a tray in the second row's fold-down armrest, a large centre console storage bin up front, a deep hidey hole in front of the shifter and small buckets in the third row. 5 -, item 6 NEW FRONT SEAT BOLTS TO SUIT EJ EH HOLDEN WITH BUCKET SEATS 6 -, item 7 HOLDEN EJ EH NASCO REAR MUD FLAP BRACKET GENUINE PREMIER SEDAN WAGON UTE SPECIAL 7 -, item 8 CORRECT PAIR DISC STUB AXLES TO HD HR HOLDEN FJ FE FC FB EK EJ EH WITH HR FRONT 8 -, 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 17 product ratings, 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 17 product ratings, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 4 product ratings, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 2 product ratings, 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 17 product ratings. Tug … The Mazda3 is part of a new generation that started with the 2019 model year. The unique body style provides more cargo space than sedans, as well as more practical interiors. The Kluger's success comes down to price, practicality and a badge people trust for its reliability. However, like many compact car rivals, its rear seats are cramped. If there's one thing you know it's that you don't want a people mover. With fold-flat seats down, that grows to 87.8 cubic feet of capacity. The Toyota Prius is more than just an icon when it comes to fuel efficiency, but it's also a superior cargo hauler. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. Then in 2018 it received another update which brought more technology to the cabin and driving refinement. There's the 'Thor's hammer' headlights, the crisp grille and that hulk-like wide stance and beefy body. Air suspension is optional, but even on the standard double wishbone and multi-link set-up the ride is supremely comfortable with good handling. Build knowledge, gain experience and sharpen your skills with the ultimate adventure-travel resource. Are you affected? Its base engine isn’t very powerful, but you can opt for a turbo-four that delivers energetic off-the-line pep. I'm in constant fear of a mishap that could leave my two-wheeled whip damaged—or worse. Cargo Space: 20.8 cu ft | Max Cargo: 55.3 cu ft | $19,195 | USN Overall Score: 7.5/10. Back seats that fold down are part of that brief. In its hatchback configuration, it has plenty of room behind its rear seats and a sizable maximum cargo area. According to Volvo the system will also detect cyclists. The Prime delivers confident handling and a smooth ride, but its acceleration is sluggish. A smooth, 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine powers the Kluger. The CX-9 is beautiful with its giant grille, coupe profile and sharp creases. Joined Jan 15, 2017 Messages 271 Reaction score 133 Points 43 Age 32 Location Sydney Members Ride VFII Director The sedan does not have the capability to fold down the rear seats. This Hyundai’s strengths include great gas mileage, a comfortable ride, and outstanding predicted reliability. From e-bikes to Uber, EVs to public transport; your resource for reviews, news and advice focusing on urban lifestyle. It’s safe, upscale, fuel-efficient, and fun to drive. When we road tested the Audi Q7 we called it a five-star hotel on wheels and we wanted to hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle and stay inside forever.

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