I checked again and his speed is exactly 171. What am I doing wrong? I don't restrict myself only to asking for Buffs on Vault Heroes because its not a valid metric. I am "Hoping" you give Hope that other 25% Base Chance. If he is able to build up enough poisons on himself he can (and will) use his A2 and get an extra turn, which will throw off the tune. initwe bloodtwin 3 skill and base hp should be buffed . Bushi and Double Warcaster - Thank you Skratch AK47, 255-256 speeds on the warcasters, 211(dps),210(2nd dps),209(bushi). The base chance percentage is 50% ------> We can book it up by 25% = 75% Chance?

It could help my Skullcrusher from getting killed by Clan Boss. Posts: 639. Turn 2 Clan Boss goes -----> Does his 2nd AOE move, Turn 3 Sepulcher goes ------> I do her A1 move (Def up + Block Buffs) for 1 turn ----> A2 Skill on 3 turn CD. 232, 231, 230, 191, 176: three fast toons.

I have no way to reduce the Errol Attack. I believe the game should do a Balanced Buff. The idea is speed tune, Counter attack from skullcrusher and life steal on all. No. You can use this to plug in whatever speeds you want, and it will predict the turn order.

As the fight carries on, Sepulcher A2 move is moving!

This thread doesn't have time for such nonsense. So a 4:3 means that champion will take 4 turns for every 3 turns the clan boss takes. I gave my suggestion on what I would like the Skill to be changed or modified too.

Even the 4:3 champ speed has plenty of room for maneuvering.

Ma'Shalled needs to be over 200 speed, but I don't believe it matters which slot he is in. If you see it predicting something different than what you observe in-game, please let me know, and explain exactly how what happened differed from what was predicted. 229 and Krisk should act twice on the same turn, 229, 227 (Siphi), 197 (Ma'Shalled), 196, 191, 229 and 196 should act twice on the same turn, One involving Lyssandra, possibly as lead, Bushi and Tower - Thank you Skratch AK47 - Bushi speeds unstable, still being worked on, 251 (Tower), 181(dps),177(dps),176(dps), and bushi/torturehelm at 193, Lastly, if you're struggling with understanding speed and the calculator, watch this. So on and so forth.

I gave the game 6 different hero Buff Recommendation's. What I would like to do is use Sepulcher [Block Debuffs] Buff to handle the Stun. Single Maneater - thank you ColdBrew Gaming! The speed tune works, but I had to lower defenses on some champions, so I die pretty quickly. If you do test and confirm these, please let us know on discord or email! A hp hit or a block revive for arena, or a passive that actually help?Â, When I look at champions like Rotos that are complete monsters and then I look at errol, I feel like you could give a little bit of rotos mojo to other toons. You just make sepulcher sentinel a 4:3 speed tune and she is back on track with her block debuffs.

They put so many Buffs + they hit really Hard. Press J to jump to the feed. Except you can use that argument to suggest almost any skill should be reduced to 3 turns with books.

I’ve got the same team except for rearguard sergeant instead of Jareg and am trying to figure out whether it should be before or after the 2nd aoe? It should contain Buffs to a mixture of Rarity types Rare heroes + Epic heroes + Legendary heroes. Some people have only Rare heroes in there Vault. Simple Guidance: Krisk is a very difficult champion to tune around because of his unique kit - it's highly recommended to test any build in the calculator first! It explained a lot of the issues which everyone was having with the hero. Sepulcher isn't a Vault hero, but it doesn't mean I don't want to see her buffed!Â.

240 (Painkeeper), 254 (Maneater), 189, 188, 124, HP of SLOW target should be the highest with his def as low as possible vs Affinities the SLOW target ideally should be any weak affinity (vs Magic have a spirit one) etc, the rotation is simple, skip a2 on PK on his 2nd turn and use a2 on his 3rd turn, Guide - 2:3 Budget Unkillable Comp by Rust, 248 (Maneater 1), 246 (Maneater 2), 211-212, 205-212, 205-212 - UNM, 226 (Maneater 1), 224 (Maneater 2), 177, 176, 175 - NM. Not all speeds within ranges work with other speeds in range...very finicky, so TEST, TEST, TEST!!! So depending on how close each hero is to each other in terms of when they take their turns, it is possible that having a single hero die is what is throwing off the tune. It is SS that goes out of sync. Gonna update the post to include my team's speeds after the artifact event, in case someone stumbles across this. I posted 6 different Pictures of the Champion's. What if you changed Fu-Shan A3 to the below skill? 256,255,254,253,181: not sure how to describe this, but it seems to have potential. Sepulcher- 245 Rhazin - 179 Sandlash - 177 Frozen Banshee - 176 Skullcrusher - 172. I have played with the speeds a lot and here is what finally worked for me.

My SC does not have speed sets or masteries. 218 (Maneater 1), 215 (Maneater 2), 182, 178, 174 - UNM, Clan Boss Turn 0 - Do not use Ancient Blood, Clan Boss Turn 1 - Apply Ancient Blood on Fast Maneater (will block debuff), Clan Boss Turn 4 - Apply Ancient Blood on Slow Maneater (will block debuff), Clan Boss Turn 7 - Apply Ancient Blood on 2nd hit of Fast Maneater, Clan Boss Turn 9 - Apply Ancient Blood on 2nd hit of Slow Maneater. Another hero I would like to see Buffed is Fu-Shan. We can help with that!

All I want is for Skull Lords A2 to be AOE. I would like to get her into my speed tuned comp for NM and UNM (171-179), with her going 4 turns for every 3 turns of UNM CB. Furthermore, No one says we have to only recommend Buffing Vault heroes. This subreddit is maintained by the players and fans of this game.

So 191 will go before 171, but both will go after 172 and higher.​.

237, 236, 191, 181, 178: same, and also allows a BEK or Steelskull at 181 speed to go first after the stun. It may take a few seconds to load. A few weeks back, I posted a little guide on fast/slow speed tuning, where you design your team’s speeds so that one or more of you champions can use their four-turn cooldowns in sync with the CB’s three-turn cycle. Simple Guidance: There are two distinct ranges that provide regular turn orders, one below and one above the Clan Boss speed; for UNM that speed is 190. There is plenty of leeway when it comes to speed. A subreddit for the hero collector RPG mobile game, RAID: Shadow Legends! I try to set it up so Valk put up her shield/CA right before the first aoe. These speed ranges are just that - ranges. Even the 4:3 champ speed has plenty of room for maneuvering.Krisk is a very difficult champion to tune around because of his unique kit - it's highly recommended to test any build in the calculator first!

More posts from the RaidShadowLegends community. Total Speed Tune Compositions Checked: 132,824,785,586 Total Unique Speed Tunes Found: 56,006,093 Total Unique Rotations ... Want to know what the slowest possible Speed Sepulcher Sentinel needs to be in order to use her A2 Ability before every Stun?

As you said many … What if you added another line such as (Lvl 3 Cooldown -1). Turn 9 Clan Boss goes -----> Single Target - Stun = UNBLOCKED!!!!!!!!! UFC Stage 21 Wave 1 = 2x Martyrs (Counter Attack), UFC Stage 21 Wave 2 = 3x Valkyries (Counter Attack + Shield) + 1x Warcaster (Block Damage) + 1x Errol (Hits like Truck). Tried sepulcher at 235 and that didnt work with my setup either. Hope A3 move doesn't do any Debuffs? Hi is using his A2. Rhazin/Norog. @dhr21577: Thanks for your input.

With the right speeds on your team, she can go last before the second AOE attack (which applies the slow debuff), and your whole team will still have block debuffs when the CB does it’s stun attack.

My setup is: Sepulcher Sentinel - 238 speed. The goal is to place Sentinel's Block Debuffs before every stun. Update: I did it, but it was really hard. Another hero I would like to see Buffed is Gurptuk Moss - Beard. Is there any way, I can tune her, so that she can block the aoe debuff (ie decrease speed on spirit) AND the stun? The Most Amazing - None Amazing Hero Ever! I will update, if I can make it work nonetheless. Occult Brawler - 173 speed. Yet, Harvest Jack doesn't do the debuffs to be helpful vs. the Waves + Boss. It is not really that difficult to make a 4:3 speed tune work. What I would like is for the game to allow players to reduce this skill to 3. For Skull Lord to be a useful Crowd Control hero, He needs to Control all the rival heroes. You will not be fully unkillible until Turn 7 so you must be able to sustain the first 6 rounds. Thanks for viewing the list of Speed Tunes! I'm gonna try that simulator as well. All 2020 fusions but Rotos are useless, need rework. The artifact event is coming up and I got my Sepulcher ready at 6*. You can see Bhelrudan here blocking both buffs vs spirit CB with Sepulcher. I think this misses a couple champs CA but i does block debuffs for both turns. So a damage-oriented Skullcrusher works perfectly here.

I'm struggling to get a 4 key on UNM, so it probably won't happen anytime soon. I’ll come back to it below but for now let’s look at three fast/slow examples.

There is a TON of variation in this composition. It’s easier because they don’t need to lap each other. All of our data is just based on the pure total Speeds of the Champions. You will not be fully unkillible until Turn 7 so you must be able to sustain the first 6 rounds. This makes sense if you want to use Roshcard’s block damage buff to protect your whole team from both AOE attacks.

Harvest Jack isn't a Vault hero, but it doesn't mean I don't want to see him buffed! Some of the heroes I want Buffs for are not bad heroes. This is the A3 move only function - Yet, She can't do is efficiently. I wrote an entire thread about this hero. The Compositions are organized by type: Standard (or a 1:1 Ratio), 4:3 Ratio, 3:2 Ratio, 2:1 Ratio, and Unkillable. Increase Defense? They should take a look at Defense and HP champs that have skills based on Attack and change them over to their primary stat. Skullcrusher is always unkillable, so there’s no reason to worry about his durability, and I just build him for damage. Your statement is of no relevance to this thread. Although she’s force affinity, she’s especially interesting vs. the spirit boss.

Decrease Attack? Link 1. Does this take into consideration Speed Buffs or Speed Auras? If you’re using Grizzled Jarl instead of Doompriest, then you want to replace the 186 Doompriest with a 173 Grizzled Jarl.

Nick gets four turns in each cycle, and he goes last before the second AOE. For NM: You want to start with Rosh’s A3, and similarly at the end of Round 2 you want to use Skullcrusher’s A2. The fact the move is 4 turns throws off the Rotation. I am stuck on Stage 21 Undead Faction Wars because Harvest Jack never does any of the debuffs on his A2. The 4:3 champ is a great spot for a sepulcher sentinel. You will not be fully unkillible until Turn 6 so you must be able to sustain the first 5 rounds.

I'll put my speeds below: From what i've tested, if you have a CounterAttack champ at 172, you need all your other champ at 181+ and SS can be at 241.

This subreddit is maintained by the players and fans of this game. 4:3 works with 232, 172-176 on UNM 4:3 works with 226, 172-176 on NM. Many of the simple tunes need little to no additional information, the more advanced ones can have whole guides linked within. Increase Attack?

Or the game can allow players to reduce the Cool Down 1 more time. Posted by u/NapoleonCamembert.

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