Inspired by the Victorian language of flowers, these portraits feature characters from The Mortal Instruments. Behind her shines one large star, representing her core essence.”, Julian Blackthorn as the Emperor Tarot Card, “The Emperor plays a fatherly role, providing for your family, and protecting and defending your loved ones. Status, power and recognition are important to you, and you are most comfortable in a leadership role where you can command and direct others.”, Tiberius Blackthorn as The Magician Tarot Card. Characters are from @cassandraclare’s Shadowhunter book series, Flowers inspired by @cassandrajp’s Shadowhunter flower tarot cards, Check out my other Shadowhunter flower tarot families on my blog! In his quest to manifest his goals, it is essential that he establishes a clear vision of what he wishes to create and why he wants to create it, before he takes action. A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible, Animals Doing Things They Aren't Supposed to Do, A History of Notable Shadowhunters & Denizens of Downworld told in the Language of Flowers, The Human Bird and Paperklip even made an. ... (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City Glass, City of Lost Soul, City of Fallen Angels, City of Heavenly Fire & The Shadowhunter's Codex)) Jan 1, 2016. Get up to 35% off. I can’t untie myself from you, Clary- not my heart or my blood or my mind or any other part of me. If you need something for a specific time/event, or would like to split your order, please submit a Support Ticket and we'll see what we can do. Cristina Rosales as The Empress Tarot Card. Meaningless. He represents a powerful leader who demands respect and authority. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 29. The Angelic Power rune is the first and the most powerful rune given to the Nephilim by the Angel Raziel. Shop unique cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and more. 3 (The Mortal Instruments: The Graphic Novel, 3), Book 3 of 4: The Mortal Instruments: The Graphic Novel, Game of Thrones Tarot Card Set (Game of Thrones Gifts, Card Game Gifts, Arcana Tarot Card Set), MagicSeer Classic Design Tarot Cards Deck with Guidebook, The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set), Millennial Tarot Cards – Fun Tarot Card Set – 22 Unique Tarot Cards for Beginners – Tarot Card Deck with Instructions, Spreads, and Questions Future Cards –Tarot Deck for Millennials, MagicSeer Original Pocket Tarot Cards Deck with Guidebook and Tarot Card Bag Cotton Pouch. N.2 - Julian Blackthorn, The Artist. Follow. “The Star brings renewed hope and faith, and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe at this time. Flowers inspired by @cassandrajp’s Shadowhunter flower tarot cards. N.1 - Livia Blackthorn, The Protector. We offer DHL Parcel eCommerce shipping options for if you're in a low to medium rush, and USPS Priority Express international for when you need something ASAP and money is of no concern to you. Website Copyright © 2020 The Topato Corporation Product designs © their respective creators The Hermit invites you to enjoy this time alone so that you can retreat further into your private world and experience a deep sense of seclusion and introspection.”, “A card of willpower, determination and strength… your goals and intentions, and now you are channeling your inner power with fierce determination to bring your goals to fruition.”.

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