The program is part of the museum’s Patricia E. Saigo Public Program Series. So they came back home and everything was gone.”. The gem collection compares very favorably with the Denver Nature & Science Coors Collection_ a world class exhibit. Outstanding exhibits. ”, “ Seeds were carried by the tides that washed across the shores. Well presented, excellent displays and dioramas with clear, concise labels. “One is the story of a community preparing for a disaster by building this supportive community. Mahalo!! So well designed and easy to interpret, wonderful! The museum exhibits are much more of a scientific nature than I expected and learned a lot from. *New Town* in Japanese) killing 159 people. ”, “ Time struck: 3:35 a.m. (Hawaii Standard Time) Source of tsunami: 7.2 magnitude earthquake off the southeastern coast of Big Island of Hawaii. ”, “ Only a few may know that between 1913 and 1946, this green space between Hilo Iron Works and Bishop Street was Shinmachi However, a Nebraska university researcher is putting together an archive of stories about the community taken from first-hand sources and their families. Get the latest email updates about the coronavirus outbreak — it's FREE! ”, “ University Students: $2, Twitter The most beautiful museum! GREAT DISPLAYS AND HISTORICAL INFO! Every day in Hilo, locals and visitors gaze at the statue of Kamehameha, picnic in Wailoa State Park, and play soccer on the grass along Kamehameha Avenue. Advertisement for Hatada Bakery, a Shinmachi favorite. Wednesday, Nov. 04, 2020| ”, “ Blog/RSS, “ Our home school field trip was so fun. Love having both a history of the land and a history of the people in one place! Absolutely world class! ”, “ Lyman Museum’s Was glad that we could see the video on the upstairs gallery ”, “ Wonderful tour with Pat. Thank you ”, “ ”, “ ”, “ Thank you for preserving such a variety of historic treasures, I loved every exhibit." “Some of the residents survived the tsunami only because they were in internment camps on the mainland. ”, “ Yet the memories and spirit of this place live on in the tsunami survivors and Shinmachi descendants, who still reside in our community. After all, she said, even though Shinmachi is no longer standing, many businesses still active in Hilo today were founded in Shinmachi; the S. Tokunaga Store and HPM Building Supply, to name but two. Thank you, ”, “ With a population of approx. Best place I've been in Hawai'i, love the history! | 76.397°. Have been to world famous museums that were not as clear as to a variety of information you have provided - to learn the basics, volcanoes, shells, rocks, etc. fun & educational! A WEALTH OF HISTORY AND DETAIL. Yet the memories, legacies, and spirit of this place live on in the tsunami survivors and Shinmachi descendants who still reside in our community. Great information on the history of Hawaii and the Lyman Family. So glad we found out about this place was wonderful to take in the history and looking forward to see more on next visit ”, “ ”, “ Fryer said one of the most difficult parts about researching Shinmachi is that most of the written records that would illustrate day-to-day life within the community were destroyed with the town during the tsunamis. So cool! Please call us for any further The focus of Fryer’s project is to piece together an understanding of life within the community of Japanese immigrants before and immediately following the 1946 tsunami. ”, “ ”, “ Great exhibits. In 1946 Hilo Bay was inundated by a tsunami which devastated the waterfront area of Shinmachi, (lit. Such a gem and wonderful piece of history. /*
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