It is easy to learn and use but without highly impressive editing features. Motion stabilization, transitions, color grading... all shine. Shotcut is generally more stable than competitors such as Openshot and Pitivi, although it lacks some of their features. Olive - New Open Source video editor to compete with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere? Blender provides a full rigging system, and automates animation by interpolating between keyframe positions. If you don't mind using a closed source application, this is the best free (and possibly non-free) video editor as of 2019. Well organized, simple, stable, and faster than most alternatives. This is the most feature complete with good user experience OpenSource video editor. after 3 month installing and editing 1080 video in an old PC, no crash no lake, worked as charm, Unbelievable! Beautifully blended workflow combining a bit of premiere and a slight bit of after effects. By using a clean interface that is uncluttered and simple to understand the program allows for intuitiveness that is not always seen in other video editors. At the very least, it provides excellent projects failure recovery. But if we have to match Shotcut with a certain one among all those video editing situations, that might be sports video editing based on our test, for the following reasons. If you have a friend/machine running anything other than Linux, it won't work. Having the control to edit content visually by resizing or moving clips and other elements directly on the editor / viewer gives a tremendous amount of creative freedom. Press J to jump to the feed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Only clip by clip editor. Whilst Blender is a 3D tool with a video editor, this is a video editor with a 3D modeler and it does video editing very well. This might not matter much in many cases but if you have a lot of elements moving or scaling throughout your scene, this is the fastest and a much more intuitive method than having to adjust the scale/position values of individual axes separately. One thing to note is that the highest FPS in Project presets is 60fps. Shotcut really just is an advanced clip assembler. Beginners. Shotcut was originally conceived in November, 2004 by Charlie Yates, an MLT co-founder and the original lead developer (see the original website). The best video editor software I've ever seen. @app4soft is not the Olive developer (nor am I :)) Shotcut development is self-funded since 2018, so that makes three projects. Blender is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 or later. This is the sole deal breaker for me when it comes to editing clips. The color correcting tools resolve provides are quite powerful. Basically, as an open-source free video editor, Shotcut is quite good. Simple and very intuitive, Shotcut is also very powerful with html animation as it understand javascript script. f=mp4 vcodec=nvenc_h264 vb=14000k acodec=aac ab=128k. I don't think KDEnlive was looking to compete with the big editing apps. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Kdenlive is licensed under GPLv2, and built on top of other open source projects like FFmpeg. Blender launches fast and remains responsive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices. Whether you got drone footages or GoPro videos, be them in FHD or 4K, Shotcut accepts them well. What do you need as a developer to make an open source NLE like DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer? However it's very powerful and I'm glad I learned to use it because not only is it good and has tons of features even just as a non-linear video editor but it's getting better and I can leverage these skills to add 3D in my videos (very simple 3D for me). What are the best video editors for Linux? OpenShot is designed to be accessible to everyone, including kids. It has more features than most alternatives, and compared to Blender a lot of common video operations aren't hacks or slow as hell. Kdenlive just does not digest stacks of more than a clip very well, especially when they include alpha layers. One thing we didn't mention in the Cons part is that there is no speed ramping options in Shotcut, which is frequently used in sports video editing, landscape video editing and more. Sports videos, especially extreme sports clips recorded in UHD resolution like 4K/8K and high frame rate above 60fps can't be loaded in some freeware, which is not the case for Shotcut. You'd need to experiment with not-so-well documented parameters which take forever to preview just to see if you are on the right track. Thoughts about this new video editor (Olive) vs. Kdenlive, OpenShot, Shotcut and others, and how they all compare to the "industry standard"? The trick with Blender is to get used to its usage philosophy, as it keeps consistent through all the application. This tool is way ahead of the current OpenSource alternatives. This permits you to modify all the tracks at the same time and prevents the need to constantly re-synchronize your clips. Changing speed using the "speed" effect also often causes sudden crashes during playback. IMO better than Premiere. KDENlive, Blender, and Flowblade are probably your best bets out of the 15 options considered. Right-click-select is the nickname of this editor due to it's unusual behavior. I was using cinelerra for a project in school, about ten years ago. First of all, I did not know about this Cinelerra fork, it actually looks good and will check it out. But all said and done, it's still not crashed on me even once. This permits for dynamic placed changes in the properties all throughout the clip (for example, multiple changes in audio volume). A light-weight small video editor with numerous functions and tremendous power. Olive is free and open source video editing software. The project is still young and if it's made quick progress over the past few months, it's going to still take some time for it to first compete with Free alternatives, then with professional suites in terms of functionality. All things Linux and GNU/Linux -- this is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GNU operating system. Whether you want simple cuts of travel clips or fast finetune casual lifestyle recordings, Shotcut suits you well.

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