Greg has worked on content for such studios as Disney, Warner and Universal, with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. 45 RPM Condensed Version CS-7020 (1965) / Songs Version CS-7050 (1965). Paul Frees and June Foray were also uncredited on Monster Shindig: The H-B episodes certainly had that unmistakable Hoyt Curtin sound, and used many of the familiar Curtin dramatic/adventure cues. His first mate is the funny and loyal assistant Salty the Parrot (voiced by Mel Blanc).. Theme music. Through winter days, and summer days, and happy days, and bummer days, I'll never change my sailing ways. From the Valley of Serpents, these diamonds I took. I cleaned out those serpents with one dirty look! Was it created by Singer for AI, which then owned it? The capture of Boola for me was just fun., To my knowledge, he was always credited for his HBR records, but on the Magilla Gorilla Alice in Wonderland album, Janet Waldo was incorrectly listed as Jean Vander Pyl and Sam Edwards was uncredited (coming soon on Spin). Song Arrangements: Al Capps, Stan Farber. Pablo: He's Sinbad the Sailor. I'm Sinbad...the Sailor! I watch all the classic cartoons when I was six years old at the time in the Philippines since the 1960’s era my favorites like Popeye Casper Gumby Beany & Cecil Three Stooges Dick Tracy Mr.Magoo & Roger Ramjet as seen in The Uncle Bob Show/Cartoon Hour on RBS/GMA Network hosted by the late Robert L. Stewart American businessman TV host journalist & philanthropist owner of GMA Network who created DZBB AM in 1950 & Channel 7 since 1961 67 years ago in Philippine media history a true classic TV show from the Philippines. [“Sinbad the Sailor! Hi Walt, Lyrics of Sinbad the Sailor from movie Rock On! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad766bd8139e3aa31d13d265ce49bdf8" );document.getElementById("c1059ae9c7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); GREG EHRBAR is a freelance writer/producer for television, advertising, books, theme parks and stage. [“Sinbad the Sailor! (Beasts roar) The concept does seem extremely basic: Kid with magic belt, parrot sidekick, no recurring characters or settings. Wonder what was up with THAT, since he was obviously available for the WB stories! I'm here to help him out...'cause he's the guy who all the songs and legends are about! Mel Blanc created a Porky/Bugs-ish sound for Salty, whose story purpose is to comment on the action and remind Sinbad to use his belt. Oh, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man. In addition to the “Treasure Island” song that closes the album, the title song (which is different than the TV theme) is also included. "Sindbad's Song" is a song sung by Sindbad the Sailor in the 1936 cartoon Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor. Composer Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Boola growls) The various reasons for the absence of original voices like Blanc or Reed were likely availability and higher fees based on what budget was alloted for each record. Performer(s) The production backstory is more intriguing than the cartoons themselves. Decades ago — before Turner’s acquisition of the MGM library — Superstation WTBS used to air the Sinbad, Jr. package. Who's the most remarkable, extra-ordinary fellow? All I say is "BOO!" Sindbad the Sailor! I assume, as you say above, this is the same Sam Singer who brought us The Adventures of Pow Wow (which was the first animated series that aired on Captain Kangaroo) the infamous Adventures of Paddy the Pelican (considered by many as one of the worst animated series ever aired on TV), Bucky and Pepito and Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse (with that one frog villain that sounded like Edward G. Robinson). Villain Song Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. In whose vault do the cartoons now reside? And on the song A Pirate’s Life for Me, I wonder that this song is like the same titled song in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean or if it’s a totally different song ? The infamous Mr. Singer (whom Jerry Beck has dubbed “The Ed Wood of Animation”) previously produced such TV cartoon masterpieces as Bucky and Pepito, Paddy Pelican, Pow Wow The Indian Boy – and his best known series, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse. "I'm Sinbad the Sailor" is a song from the episode "Sinbad Sails Alone". The Singer episodes have sound quality that suggests the lowest-fidelity recording ever found on a cartoon made for television. The song is about Sindbad's exploits and adventures, and how he considers himself to be the toughest sailor on the seven seas. A voyage aboard the animated vinyl seas with Sinbad, Salty the parrot sidekick, a pirate or two and an H-B story and layout artist who also has an acting role. When it became obvious he couldn’t handle the demands of the schedule (or, as some have surmised, he either squandered the budget or, more likely, delivered substandard product) Hanna Barbera were quickly handed the reigns. (Popeye interrupts with his theme). The Wikipedia listing or Saturday morning television schedules for 1964-65 lists “Sinbad, Jr. And His Magic Belt” as being part of the CBS schedule for that year. Evan LurieDouglas Wieselman This time around, Matheson plays the part of the President of the United States–but it’s clearly an homage to his having done the voice of Jonny on the original series. I'm Sinbad...the Sailor! (How do you like-a that?! Blow, ye winds, blow! (At least, that’s my recollection at this late date!) I've sailed around the seven seas. Check out Sinbad The Sailor (1952) movie song, jukebox, song lyrics, music videos, soundtrack, mp3 songs. Matheson co-starred with Kurt Russell in the 1976 series “The Quest” – so he was in two TV shows with “quest” in the title. I also wonder if that means Sinbad Jr.’s IP is owned at present by MGM (through the Orion Pictures library)? The songs also venture a bit from the usual HBR surf/garage pop into calypso and sea shanty. I also should mention that Tim Matheson provided offscreen narration for the Irwin Kostal digital reissue of Fantasia in place of the onscreen Deems Taylor. 2:21 Sindbad the Sailor, 1952- 85/365 Bollywood Centenary Celebrations The song was performed by Sinbad's voice actor Gus Wickie. With Mel Blanc, Tim Matheson, Dal McKennon, Allan Melvin. Visit for more. Popeye Theme Lyrics Popeye Lyrics. “A Pirate’s Life for Me” was an error and was removed — though quite often any number of very different songs can have the same title. Ohhhh, who's the most phenomenal, extra special kind of fellow? Aided with his smart-aleck pet parrot Salty, Jr. would thwart the plans of the evil Rotcoddam (read it backwards). One is the rare vinyl presence of Ted Cassidy, whom Hanna-Barbera kept busy doing TV villain voices at the time, and story/layout artist and cartoonist Warren Tufts. Pretty interesting if it is. Mastering: Dave Diller, Joe Leahy. Hi, Greg! My sailing skills are great! I'm one tough Gazookus Which hates all Palookas Wot ain't on the up and square. The cartoons I recall being run on DZBB-7 were old Paul Terry silents syndicated by Commonwealth, and a series called “Tales of the Genie” which tfeatured old Van Beuren or Iwerks cartoons with new animated wrap-arounds (perhaps also syndicated by Commonwealth?). Lyricist It also has some holiday specials, childrens shows, clipart, and activities. Sean Curley (Pablo)Leon G. Thomas III (Tyrone) Stooge! Engineer: Richard Olson. I haven’t covered them yet on Spin. Now there was a thrill I'd be sorry to miss! Blow, ye winds, blow, and make my sails go! Tufts is also the only person in the album series who worked on both an HBR LP cover and the record inside! Now look at this monster, so strong and so huge, Blow, ye winds, blow! The background music is also unusual for most HBR LPs, including the nautical themes that would be very familiar to fans of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the mid- to late ’60s. Origin Did the album mention American International anywhere? Songs: “Sinbad,” “Treasure Island,” “Red Beard,” “Jolly Roger” by Stan Farber and Charles & Peggy Shows. Voices: Tim Matheson (Sinbad, Jr.); Mel Blanc (Salty); Warren Tufts (Pegleg, Narrator); Ted Cassidy (Red Beard); Stan Farber, Al Capps, Ron Hicklin (The Hanna-Barbera Singers). Mambo Blow, ye winds, blow. I'm here to help him out...'cause he's the guy who all the songs and legends are about! This site contains almost every single cartoon that has ever aired on globally. I'm afraid of nobody under the sun! Song Name Was this part of HB subcontracting for AI, or did HB pay AI a licensing fee to make this part of their own line, or what? I'm Sindbad the Sailor, so hearty and hale, Its lord and its master is this handsome bloke! It certainly didn’t help that on some of them, he made them but got no credit on the labels or covers! Red Beard replaces Long John Silver and the island is named Skull. The differences between the Singer-produced shorts and the HB-produced shorts were astounding; it was difficult to imagine that they had anything in common other than a sailor kid with a magic belt. *mumbling*) I live on an island on the back of a whale. Your email address will not be published. He spread out his wings and the sunlight grew dim, There are cartoons in the syndicated series produced by Hanna-Barbera and also by Sam Singer Productions, with different voices and music. It wasn’t just the poor, extremely limited animation and weak design — the dreadful, almost perfunctory music in the Singer shorts nailed their coffin shut. Presented By Hanna-Barbera One of the few “serious” HBR Cartoon Series LPs, this one has several other elements that set it apart from its sister records. (Giant serpent screeches) The independent film and TV company, specializing in beach party/horror flicks, ventured into animation with such series as 1966’s Miami-dubbed Prince Planet (which boasted a theme song by Annette songwriters Guy Hemric and Gary Styner). Sindbad the Sailor! Additionally, he made records as his Warner Brothers cartoon characters for Peter Pan records–but when Peter Pan put out Flintstones stories, Barney’s voice was always done by an imitator, or the Barney character wasn’t in the story at all! Sinbad Jr. (voiced by Tim Matheson) is the son of Sinbad, the famous sea explorer.He becomes superhuman getting his power from his magic belt. I don't wanna brag, folks, but I've been around! I remember the classic cartoons based from the animated anthology story created by Paul Terry & UB Iwerks filmed in the tradition of Mother Goose & other fantastic tales released in the 1950’s era as seen in The Uncle Bob Show/Cartoon Hour on RBS/GMA Network afternoons at 3:00-5:30 pm a true classic TV series. A lack of screen credits means a lot of cross-examination of other cartoons and recordings. Who's the most phenomenal, extra special kind of fellow? And NTA packages of Fleischer/Famous cartoons.

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