Foams made in Australia, mattress assembled in China. No, its box is large and the material is difficult to compress. This layer of polyurethane foam controls the firmness of your Sleeping duck mattress. It makes a queen mattress feel like a king! King Mattress: $1599 If someone is not home to accept delivery, the courier will leave a card to notify you of the missed delivery. I also expected the mattress to soften a lot more overtime then it actually has...even after three years I still feel it's too firm and I'm saving up to buy a Microcloud bed topper. Videos were sent to us so that we knew beforehand what to expect and how to prepare the mattress for installation. This was one of my best decisions EVER. Overall, the Sleeping Duck mattress is a great choice. Consider what size you need and have someone on hand to help after delivery. So far, so good. This is all free of charge during your 100 nights! More info. While it might seem like an odd leap from engineering to mattress design, the founders were able to put their expertise to work in ways you might not have thought. When my old materress started to sag and I started getting back aches I turned to Sleeping Duck. I originally bought it with a medium insert, but I changed it to a firm after 3 weeks because I prefer a firmer bed. And, crucially, it’s also profitable, meaning the founders haven’t had to take outside investment. It was causing us to both wake in the morning stiff and sore. There will be a 3 week adjustment period when you get your new mattress. Natural latex and pocket spring support make this mattress a solid choice. Excellent all round service and follow up. So incredible! I no longer wake up with shoulder pains from sleeping on my side, lower back pain seems to be a bit better lately too. Small stomach sleepers may want to explore other mattress, or bring the medium firmness home for a trial period. Melbourne, 3000 Australia. I've always preferred a firm mattress but with a nice plush top. Mattress hunting was so confusing it seemed we better spend every penny saved plus max out the credit cards if good sleep was going to be even remotely an option. It's rare for back sleepers to enjoy a soft mattress because their hips sink and cause back pain. For Wijeyeratne and Sinnappan, coming from an engineering and product background means they haven’t always felt comfortable shouting about the business. Plus, you can try it out in-person at Sleeping Duck's showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. I would recommend to everybody. Would definitely recommend. Shipping and returns in Australia are free. Very comfortable and supportive. Combines the pressure relieving property of memory foam with the buoyancy of latex. The mattress is fantastic. Swapping was very prompt .Definitely our best mattress purchase and we have certainly had a few, Fantastic purchase and no regrets. Deliveries take place Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Sleeping Duck offers a hybrid mattress with a range of customisation options. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. In it, you'll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. I've had a sleeping duck mattress for just over 18 months now and it's still great. The only Mattress I found came close to the sleeping duck in terms of feel and features was about $6000 so the Sleeping Duck is damn good value when compared. Delivery was super quick, even during the Christmas period. It did take a little while to get used to how firm the mattress is - especially compared to our previous mattress. Amazing customer service, Sleeping Duck is a fabulous mattress and company. The challenge is to persuade the market that they should be buying a mattress online, rather than in a shop. This one is so supportive yet soft. I'd love to hear a review of the sleep republic, wang'! “We don’t need external capital … but the types of valuations these investors are talking about are in the $150 million to $200 million range.”. Also I feel like I'm getting a much better quality of sleep. I can't wait to get into bed each night - thanks Sleeping Duck!! Sleeping Duck co-founders Selvam Sinnappan and Winston Wijeyeratne. If I could I would never leave my bed, now that my mattress is so comfortable. Cookies ensure the correct functionality of a website. SmartCompany is the leading online publication in Australia for free news, information and resources catering to Australia's entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and business managers. We are now a very happy, very comfortable half half duo. Sleeping Duck mattresses are customisable from the factory, meaning that different segments of the mattress can be softer or firmer to your preference. Supportive yet soft. Thank you to Sleeping Duck! Last night, on my new Sleeping Duck mattress I had the best night’s sleep I have had in years! A Half-Half mattress means that one half of the mattress is medium, while the other half is firm. Only downside is it is very heavy when making the bed and very thick: needed new fitted sheets to fit round it. Only good things to say. But if you’re in the market for a comfortable and highly customisable mattress, Sleeping Duck in your best bet. Delivery was quick and easy and the after sale service and review was fantastic - We've never had anyone call us about a purchase - these guys did twice!! The customer service was 100% from the time we ordered our Sleeping Duck mattress to text messages checking that everything was ok. We then changed one side to medium and delivery was prompt again and very easy to change over. The side by side 2 king singles and bases are so far providing a very comfortable, spacious experience...Thank you Sleeping Duck team. Sleeping Duck's bamboo cover and open cell top comfort layer work in conjunction to bring superior cooling for most sleepers. Although there are exceptions. Get The Best November 2020 Online Mattress Deals! If you prefer this position, you can't go wrong with the adjustable medium or firm option. Quality is great. It's also how you can adjust for an ideal firmness. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be any labelling on the mattress for me to confirm the firmness. SO comfortable and no more bad back !!!! Free shipping for deliveries and returns. The suggestions below are to help with your initial choice. Comfort I breathe a sigh of relief throughout my entire body each and every single night! Do you need a little more give in the bedroom? Some of you might recall them being featured on an episode of Shark Tank in 2017. My partner and I feel like we're sleeping on clouds and both get excited to jump into bed of an evening. However, the top foam layers will significantly reduce movement. 8 times more breathable than latex and memory foam, High density polyurethane foam controls the firmness, 5 zone support to make sure every part of our mattress is wonderfully comfortable. It's not too soft however so you'll still be well supported. However, most side sleepers enjoy the medium firmness because it hugs the body while supporting hips and shoulders. I used to wake several times a night and now I sleep through almost always! My old 2 year old very expensive mattress was so uncomfortable and offered no support which caused body aches and pains and a very uncomfortable sleep. Questions? It is just a sleeping beauty! Deliveries take place Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Thoroughly delighted with it. Partner Disturbance It is produced via pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions which means it is 8x more open than latex and memory foam. It uses a combination of comfort foam, high-density foam, and pocket springs to support sleepers. The Sleeping Duck mattress lets you swap foam layers for a personalised feel. The swap over was completely painless and we are thrilled with the result. Check out our, Did you know? We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. After a few foam firmness changes I think I have finally found the right one. • Pick up and refund if not satisfied (within 100 nights). In 2017, the co-founders appeared on Channel 10’s Shark Tank, ultimately turning down an offer of $500,000 from Steve Baxter. Our mattress was over 10 years old and my partner was complaining that he was uncomfortable. Thank you. We'd love to hear from you! A great night’s sleep is now the new normal for us. This innovation lets you choose an ideal firmness level. Then, if you need to switch things up during the trial period, the Sleeping Duck team works with you. The top section of this cover is a special bamboo fabric that has been specially designed for breathability and bacterial resistance. Bed is great value. Level 6, 22 William St, More space for better sleep. Rounding out the Sleeping Duck is a bottom support layer. I bought a Firm Duck and thought it was a bit too firm - I gave it a few months then Sleeping Duck contacted me and asked me how it was and I admitted I should have ordered Medium. please note perception of firmness varies. Save $100 on any Sommuto mattress. Sleeping Duck may have found a niche in the mattress market, but they’re not the only one. The firmness of the mattress is controlled by a piece of foam in the top layer. Please note couriers are not allowed to enter your residence for OH&S reasons, so delivery will only be made to the front door (or bottom floor if you live in a multi-level building). Sleeping Duck Mattress Review. Source: supplied. I would highly recommend sleeping duck. If you're concerned about motion transfer, you can test it out during the trial period. I am loving my new mattress. Due to the bouncy foam and springs, there will be some motion transfer across the mattress. Unsure at first about buying a mattress online, however have not regretted it. Their customer service is absolutely fantastic. They also had a solid understanding of what those materials cost, and how much something would actually cost to manufacture. Sleeping much better. Established by two Melbourne-based engineers in 2014, Sleeping Duck aims to provide a simplified experience of finding a comfortable mattress based on their own research as well as customer feedback. Highly recommend this mattress. Based on that my husband and I went ahead and purchased both a king mattress as well as the bed base. This is likely due to the custom firmness feature and high-quality Australian made foam. Love this bed :-), Was a bit dubious about the support from a mattress in a box but couldn’t be happier. I now have a great sleep on my sleeping duck also my wife is also sleeping much better, Fantastic all round customer service was also excellent. Made in Australia, we expand our foams with pressure, instead of chemicals. “That’s much more interesting for us than a big cheque being written, which frankly we don’t have a huge amount of use for.”. You know, for the sake of the product. Brisbane – Within 6 business days. $50 off your first order from Brosa. Get free firmness adjustments and free shipping Australia wide with Sleeping Duck.

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