On April 9th, 2019, Nintendo uploaded an ad related to Ultimate; fans quickly noticed that a mere one second in, a "Stage Builder" option could be seen under "Games and More" on the menu. Avid Philadelphia sports fan. In the Super Smash Bros. A new Super Smash Bros. Since Min Min's release, there hasn't been so much as a word in terms of who might be next to join the popular Nintendo fighting game. On July 29th, 2019, Nintendo of Europe posted a Tweet containing a release date for the then-upcoming 4.0.0 update, being July 31st. On November 1st, 2018, Ken, Incineroar and Piranha Plant were revealed as playable characters, the lattermost as DLC, while Flies & Hand was revealed as an Assist Trophy; it would also reveal that the mysterious mode teased in the previous direct was called Spirits and featured collectibles similar to stickers. This info comes from a source who would like to remain anonymous however is credible. This site also wants to track which characters are the most wanted DLC for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The leak was later confirmed as The Great Cave Offensive, and was revealed officially in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 50-Fact Extravaganza. Parts of the stream were uploaded to YouTube, but have since been taken down by Nintendo of America on copyright claims, similar to how they took videos down after the ESRB leak. Related: Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Could (And Should) Introduce Its First Black Character Fans have been dreaming of Crash in a Smash Bros game for a very long time, but it was considered more of an afterthought, as non-Nintendo character weren't originally included in the fighting game's roster.More recent entries in the Smash series have included non-Nintendo characters like Snake, … pic.twitter.com/RAAtSVIF4f. This led many to believe that Hero would launch sometime in July. However, Palutena's Guidance did receive new voice lines in Ultimate for veterans not in Smash 4, Piranha Plant, and redesigned characters. But if the latest hubbub hints at the possible inclusion of a Fortnite character, which has been a popular rumor for some time now. Following the Direct, which announced Simon and Richter as new playable characters from the Castlevania series, "Bloody Tears / Monster Dance" was properly uploaded to the website. [1] He revealed the following: These supposed items hinted the return of Bayonetta, Captain Falcon, Fox, Link, Marth, and Shulk as playable characters, the return of the Golden Hammer as an item, and the inclusion of greater Splatoon representation. Located at the bottom of the notification is the copyright for the SNK Corporation, which was newly added. Most of the games scheduled to be announced during the October Nintendo Direct according to this leak are games Nintendo fans have been desperately hoping for. With Joker having been revealed, it was assumed that he was "jack" (as "jack" and "joker" are both types of playing cards). The Ω forms were formally unveiled in the April 2014 Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, with the Ω form of Battlefield being identical to what was seen in the Developer Direct. At another point in the video, a Claus sticker is highlighted, that showed Ness' head alongside Lucas'. Ultimate Direct. On November 28th 2018, a technical data Discord server uncovered Ultimate's character parameters table (the list of values such as walk speed and weight) and began decoding it in preparation for the game's release (Ultimate uses hash functions to store strings, so they are not immediately evident and require knowledge and patience to crack). As the entire roster and selection of stages were all revealed before the leaks, very little info shown off from those were not already known. In July 2014, a supposed email from Australian classification boards, OFLC, had supposedly indirectly leaked Wario as a playable character due to his use of flatulence contributing towards the game's rating. The presence of the Dream Land remix and another forest-themed track suggested that the stage would be future DLC as well. Ultimate Fighter's Pass was announced, and fans are patiently waiting for the second DLC character to be released. On September 21st, 2018, an anonymous 4chan user posted a cropped screenshot of Ken Masters from the Street Fighter series on Moray Towers. Leaks can either be done intentionally via third-parties for a variety of reasons, such as increasing publicity for a game or for malicious intentions, or unintentionally via oversights that can appear in officially released media. Ultimate is available via the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. On March 8, 2019, Ultimate's files were datamined, revealing two files named "howtoplay_stage_builder.html" and "howtoplay_homerun.html".

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