Alternatively, you could keep him for random battles. This is where your sick resistance comes in. Make sure most of your demons resist or null dark in particular. In the Neutral route, Flynn and Isabeau join forces against Merkabah and Lucifer, enlisting Masakado's help against them. But preparing for this will take much longer than fusing a few high-HP demons with Life Surge and Enduring Soul. Neutral Path. Having demons who resist fire is also helpful, in case they are targeted with Trisagion (remember, no Fiend will ever use single-target attacks against party members who null/repel/absorb them). From then on, he doesn't stand a chance. [21] It reached #64 in the Oricon charts and remained on the charts for two weeks. You're not able to fuse Trumpeter until you can fuse the four Riders, you can't fuse any of the Riders without White Rider, and you can't fuse White Rider without Matador. However, you should have at least one Deadly Wind user to get extra press turns and smirks. Only then could I revive Flynn, who was my only Antichthon user, and debuff Trumpeter to -2. This is because if you miss, you'll have to brave a turn of almighty spam without buffs. Defeat the Giant Beast Garm in the remotest part of Suginami Tunnels (Bronze) and report to the requester. Version 2.7 (09/19/2017) In contrast, Babylon Goblet is essentially Megidola with a 25% chance to inflict panic. Law Path. [14], The music to Shin Megami Tensei IV was composed and arranged primarily by Ryota Kozuka, with additional compositions by Kenichi Tsuchiya and Toshiki Konishi. His default name is Flynn (フリン, Furin): as with previous Megami Tensei player characters, he is a silent protagonist, with his actions and attitudes determined by the player. He is not accessible on the chaos route because Hikaru will stop you from entering Kiccigorgi Forest after the alignment lock. This means you're completely free to set up buffs/debuffs and Doping. They have a HP-to-MP ratio of 2:1. Demons unique to New Game Plus can only be unlocked on at least your second cycle. Basically, either the game is choosing from a list of possibilities at random, or it's running separate checks for different 'classes' of demons. Below is a list of the Fiends and their almighty spam triggers, as well as the almighty move they spam: For more information on preparing your party's resistances, see the sections of the guide that deal with each individual Fiend. These are incredibly useful for levelling up demons with a ridiculous amount of experience points, if their base level is significantly below their current level. Since high-HP demons are physical users anyway, you should be able to hit like a truck and take damage like a truck. Remove ads and unlock special features, Alignment -5 = Killing him, the only choice allowed, Alignment +1 = "Kill it", which makes you also fight Kuebiko, Alignment -5 = "Don't kill it", which makes you fight the Harpy Horde instead, Alignment -1 = Say you came to kill Yuriko, Alignment +5 = Say you want to join the Ring, Alignment ±0 = Walk away (must do something, though), Alignment -2 = Kill them before they kill us, Alignment +1 = Accept it (pretty much required), Alignment +1 = It does beat consideration, Alignment ±0 = The Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, Alignment -1 = Accept it (pretty much required), Alignment +10 = I'll preserve the status quo, Alignment -10 = I'll destroy the order of things, Alignment ±0 = I don't know (returns to the other question), Alignment +1 = You are beasts to be slain. 9), Harpy would be the "new" demon, and Pixie would be the "original" demon. Some formatting changes. I said that you can fuse Fameds up to 8 levels higher (see, post #7) and 8 levels lower (I fused Mara and got Huang Di) than the original demon, because that's what I know is possible for certain. Hopefully, Trumpeter will spend multiple press turns trying to kill them twice. However, you should survive the first strike, unless you get hit with a critical Mortal Jihad. If you didn't get a Famed, load the save, and re-attempt the fusion. This, combined with my hate for hama/mudo, meant I preferred to try and survive multiple Great Logos uses. Concentrate is optional. They merge into Merkabah, God's chariot. The game can 'cycle' around to low-level demons if you choose one of the highest-level demons for fusion. Furthermore, he is fused from four low level demons, meaning you need to fuse any skills you want him to inherit onto them. You have to use Estoma Sword to avoid at least three encounters, and all of them are "tiger" shaped demons which are difficult to Estoma correctly. There is an alternative way to hunt Fiends. Finally, there are a few optional unlockable demons which don't fit into any other part of the guide. Register a Nue into your Demon Compendium, Bring her various items to increase your maximum, Show her a Mitama fused Angel, Archangel, Harpy, Macha, Kodama, Sudama or Hua Po, Show her a Mitama fused Pixie, Jack Frost, Pyro Jack, Cait Sith, Nekomata, Inugami, Erthys, Aeros, Aquans or Flamies, Show her a Mitama fused Shikigami, Koppa-Tengu, Azumi, Cockatrice, Tarasque, Poltergeist, Gaki, or Yakkha, Go through all 4 lessons to receive a Nimble Cerebus and Mounting Ring. Ghost Kudlak (Lv. He was brought on due to his work on the Trauma Center series. It's a long quest and I'm now very bummed out that I took the time (and macca) to go through with doing it. It is best to use after Dekaja but before offensive moves, when you can make the most of its defense reduction. Finally, Lost is a huge pain. This is based on the new demon's level relative to the original, intended demon. 20 demons are unlocked by completing other optional challenge quests, which can be accepted on any alignment and any cycle. However, there are parts of the guide which do mention advice for Master difficulty. After every summon, check the screen. Because of the limited space, daggers are the most effective weapon to use to banish enemies. Thunder Reign, Ziodyne and even Maziodyne all work fine (Maziodyne deals slightly less damage than Ziodyne). The only other solution is if you have a huge stock of demons, and keep swapping in new decoys with Flynn, to save half-press turns. Even if the game's choosing from a list at random, it only makes a slight difference. Demons unlocked from compulsory quests (like Minotaur and Medusa) are not included. On your turn, heal if necessary, remove his buffs/debuffs, use Doping, and debuff him to -1 or -2. Seven of those Fiends are encountered using the spawn mechanics described above. The most you can do is have a large stock of good demons, so you have a few replacements. The following video guide was created by ArtFenixAsordis. I Sense an Uneasiness. ", "Since our roads have crossed here, now is the time for wicked bloodshed...", "Draw your blade and make war with Death, the red knight stained with blood! Should Flynn side with Law, he and Merkabah defeat Lucifer. Your client believes her husband has run off to. Corrections by matty397 added. The total cost of all the DLC is roughly $20. For me, one Fiend out of ten was never going to be enough, and that was why I was spurred on to find, beat and fuse the rest. If it is, summon as many demons obtainable through normal fusion as you can, that are up to 5 levels lower and 5 levels higher than the original demon. But if you do, he will spend most press turns buffing and debuffing, and attack you with regular attacks and Hades Blast. Significant changes to almighty spam mechanics - after some final research and testing, it seems there are no "secondary" triggers as I once thought. That's right, chances are that for every 256 attempts, you'll only encounter the demon once. Having someone who nulls poison is highly recommended. After Antichthon, Trisagion is probably his next most threatening move. However, there is another very important element of preparation for this fight. Put another way, imagine you're rolling two dice. If your entire party resists this element or better, it will trigger almighty spam (besides gun for Chemtrail, which you need to null or better). Choose an original demon that's up to 8 levels higher, or 8 levels lower, than the Famed you want. This seems to override (d). She will use Babylon Goblet more often as she's closer to death. You'll need Torifune's Shawl to reach her. 3:13. However, you should always run if you think you can make it to the X, or to the part where you jump up. Another aspect of the mysteries of fusion accidents is exactly how the game chooses which demon is born. Also some things in this guide are pretty complicated - I've tried my best to be as clear as I can, but they can't be explained bluntly. There are four possible routes: law, chaos, neutral and nihilist. This all makes the fight very straightforward. If you are the ultimate completionist, yes. Capture the Berserker. 38) On some turns, you might not need to heal, meaning you can spend nearly all your time attacking. 8) Reception of the game has been generally positive in both Japan and the west. Basically, if you have Hagen and Siegfried in your stock, I'd suggest replacing them with other demons within the +/-5 levels range. This is because it is impossible to have two copies of the same demon in your stock. Use the DC Memory: Gaki to register a Deformed Gaki into your Compendium, and then report back to your client. Let's start with some basics about fusion accidents. Keeping your decoys alive is vital because he uses Antichthon for his almighty spam, which is deadly. This makes him a nice alternative to spamming almighty attacks in random battles, which can get really boring. If something really doesn't make sense, please contact me. Gipig, also for his observations on fusing Famed demons. For the endgame Fiends, Flynn was level 99. Completing each will progress the story and net you some experience points. If you continue fusing with Jeanne D'Arc in your stock, you could then get a Lanling Wang (43), and so on. However, it is extremely important for the Fiends. If you're still having difficulty, try fusing some new demons with better skills. If you're reading this because you already have both these things, well done (seriously). 25), Fiend Matador (Lv. But because your stock spots are better used to prevent duplicates, I don't recommend doing this. Fusing the majority of Famed demons and Corpse, who can only be obtained through fusion accidents. Players control a Samurai who is the reincarnation of Tokyo's savior. His fee is proportional to your current Macca. It is vital you have someone who repels or drains fire, so he will lose press turns when he uses Maragidyne. The other 8 are unlocked through optional main quests (although Lilith also requires the completion of challenge quests to be fused). As a result, the fight will end quickly. Matador has a 1 in 256 chance to spawn just after the center of the Toyosu shelter (see below). However, of the other three, one requires DLC, and another requires six of those seven other Fiends in order to be fused. Trumpeter will spend at least two press turns each turn killing off the decoys, either with Mahamaon/Mamudoon (which will get nulled by one of your other demons), or using Hamaon/Mudoon twice. Chaos Path. If it isn't, reload the previous save and summon a different demon which results in lower-level combinations. Use the DC Memory: Angel to register a Lucky Angel into your Compendium and then report back to your client. Don't have too many party members who null physical or better, unless everyone else resists it too. He will occasionally cast Megidolaon, but mostly he will use Wastrel Beam, then Glacial Blast/Energy Drain when you start running out of macca.

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