Schools of armoured catfishes – do they really exist? Management of Biological Invasions, 5(4):349-355. The website PlecoInvasion (2015) encourages the public not to release aquarium fishes and advises on the proper disposal of unwanted aquarium fishes and plants. Telling pleco genuses apart: Pleco species can be told apart by the number of rays in the dorsal (back) fin. can tolerate hypoxic conditions using accessory breathing, no data are available on oxygen levels necessary to promote this response. Sinohin VO, Cuaterno WR, 2003. > 0°C, dry winters), 6.2-8.2 - Baensch and Riehl (1985) (Aquarium) & Hoover et al. Duarte S; Araújo FG, 2002. This Pleco was inadvertently caught while bass fishing. Genetica, 124. Trophic ecology of a nonnative population of suckermouth catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus) in a central Texas spring-fed stream. Other algal-feeding species have also declined, including the native snail Elimia comalensis (Howells, 2005). Species identification may be suspect, Recorded from the Huizhou segment of Dongjiang River in 2007, Baensch and Riehl (1985) state that H. plecostomus is bred in ponds in Singapore (quoted in Froese and Pauly (2014); however, it is unknown if introduced populations exist, Reported from Laguna de Bay; First reported: 1970s, Baensch and Riehl (1985) state that H. plecostomus is bred in ponds in Singapore (quoted in Froese and Pauly (2014), however, it is unknown if introduced populations exist, Recorded from lowland wet zones (reservoirs, ponds, slow flowing rivers, marshes), No record of introduced populations of H. plecostomus in Spain could be found in the reference quoted in Froese and Pauly (2014); i.e. It is possible that specimens collected and recorded as H. plecostomus from Brazil (Silvano and Begossi, 2001) and Argentina (Lopez et al., 1987) may be introduced populations of H. plecostomus, or more likely other Hypostomus sp., because these locations are geographically isolated from the natural distribution of H. plecostomus (northern South America). Scott et al. In: ASAP Aquarist Database Report, Aquarium Science Association of the Philippines. Unless your water is very soft, medications are well-tolerated at full doses, with one notable exception: the use of salt. What a shame to see acres and acres of very old oaks wither and die in a very short period of time. Upload image Report prepared for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Copeia, 1998(3):663-675. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 1996 - 2020, part of the Aquatic Republic Network group of websites. Azevedo P, 1938. sp(l347) The Quiet Invasion: A Guide to Invasive Species of the Galveston Bay Area. Nomura H; Mueller IMde, 1980. Burrows of H. plecostomus observed in Florida ponds exhibit a single opening but then subdivide into three or four different tunnels that extend 0.9-1.2 m parallel to the surface of the water (Grier, 1980)., Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2015. The one that I see that really concerns me is oak wilt. Habitat quality and the distribution of algae-grazing catfish in a Panamanian stream. Revista del Jardin Zoológico de Buenos Ayres v. 1 (no. FishBase. In Lake Okeechobee, Florida, commercial fishermen may catch, transport, and dispose of thousands of pounds of Hypostomus and Pterygoplichthys sp. This usually does not prove to be problematic if you develop and adhere to a program of offering food about the same time (lights out) and place.

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