Returning to our original question, why does Saoirse choose to stay with Ben and Conor? Throughtout SotS, magic is never discussed as a force that needs to be understood or harnessed, it is simply the way things unfold.   These stories, quite simply, are tools we use to preserve our secrets for the ages, gifted forward. Gramma with the same facial design as Macha, and an owlish car with plate #OW45. Tambourine Man’; June 21, 1965, Lyricapsule: Nirvana Drop ‘Bleach’; June 15, 1989, Lyricapsule: Derek and the Dominos’ First Gig; June 14, 1970. His father is Mac Lir, standing hunched in the same way, in the same shots, with the same story of tragic loss, crying in the sea. A song of the sea RIFF-it good. An annotation cannot contain another annotation. "Song of the Sea Lyrics." When we asked why there were so many dead seals on the beach, our landlady said local fisherman were killing them out of frustration with falling fishery stocks. Bri Ray - Song of the Sea Lyrics. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Thank you for this write-up. These two things represent the rich Irish mythologies wherein lie valuable lessons. This is implied but not fully shown. The coat represents the memory of Brónach that Saoirse doesn’t have (because she was born at Brónach’s death). We were sketching on the beach; it was pretty horrible. ), the mundanity of magic is a gift, a connection to an infinity of stories that helps us process sorrow, confusion, and pain however we need, and does not respect a hierarchy versus reality. This reference is apt, as Cú is the most constant source of selfless courage in the film (notice who often overcomes Ben’s fears in the film). Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr. For Ben, the magical world is his interpretation of the real world, so for him they are equally real. For the Irish people, whose belief systems have changed hands from ancestors to ancestors, conquerors to conquerors, pagans to religious denominations, that is precisely the importance of being mundane. At the birthday party, Gramma says she wants to “capture the emotion of the day”. Between the sands, between the shore Most evident of all is Macha, who is the magical counterpart of Ben’s gramma. So what does this all mean? The father Conor’s name means “hound-lover“, which is appropriate as the family dog’s name is Cú, probably a reference to Cú Chulainn (“Culann’s Hound”) the great Irish hero of the Ulster Cycle. She leaves the small gods and their spiritual nexus by physically leaving the town through the tunnel, and her parents never remember their time there. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! FAVORITE I’m glad my interest in Song of the Sea introduced me to that movie as well. keep up the good job! I have a feeling that this is a film that will be lingering in the mind for a long time and bringing with it more understanding and appreciation. His mother’s image (and photo) is evocative of the many statuettes of the Virgin Mary found throughout the town and in the holy well, and in her final appearance, her spirit even appears to Ben in the form of an angel, Christian references that we’ll touch upon later. When Brónach flees Ben, she escapes the warmth of his room and the house. Highlight. Always.“. While the lyrics refer to places in the film, the subtext is that the magical world exists between things normal things we take for granted. The witch, Macha, is probably named for the many-aspected fertility goddess of the same name who, in one incarnation, famously cursed many Ulstermen with labour pains as she died in childbirth, a tale in itself. Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! This is why Saoirse chooses Ben. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! Artist: Bri Ray. Most interesting is the main character Ben, whose name in Hebrew means “son“, often used in conjunction with other descriptors like Ben-jamin (“son of the south“) or, as Brónach’s child, Ben-oni (“son of sorrow“). The magical world can be Ben’s metaphorical view of his real world, and of his personal tragedy, the loss of his mother. That was also the “secret” in The Secret of Kells… pagan or Christian, deep learnings from both have become embedded and intertwined throughout the long tradition of knowledge transference so long as they pass through the hands of brave men. Think you know music? Between the north, between the south Wow, now this is how a review should be like… well, after one’s done watching a movie anyway. Note: A redditor pointed out to me that the words spoken at the start of the film are from W.B. The division between real and magical there symbolizes a transition between childhood and adulthood. Whenever we see blue or moonlight, it can be understood as Brónach’s presence, watching and guiding, and often approving: But something interesting happens with the warm colors. Album: Song of the Sea. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. In Saoirse’s rebirth, Ben has transcended his childhood. This motif signifies that the memories of his mother continue to guide him to the answers he needs, answers found only by facing the memories of his childhood. Cool colors, especially blue, signify his memory of his mother, the color of guidance, wisdom, and spirit. The comparisons to Miyazaki masterpiece Spirited Away have run a bit rampant; I’d like to expound on why this film, while indeed similar in tone, art style, and theme, is more than mere Celtic Miyazaki-esque. In his final challenge, to retrieve the chest, he sheds his orange lifesaver, never to wear it again. I just finished watching SotS and was struck by its depth and nuance, much of which you’ve captured here. We see the real and the magical worlds strongly mirror each other. But freedom is not a choice he can make on his own, it must choose him, as a response to his deeds and his heart. Between the winds, between the waves Searching for love again   This sickness comes from not being near the sea that is the source of the selkie’s magical nature. Magic is “mundane”, even when magical. Neither quiet nor calm . Through Ben’s journey, the warmest colors go from comforting (the beach, his home, the holy well) to sinister (Macha’s house). Like Mac Lir, Conor is a brooding, stone-faced giant. you. The warm-red railing is the cage, the blue sky is freedom. Test your MusicIQ here! He literally believed in the creatures of the past, and of his obsession, the fairies, he called them “the gentle folk” (referenced by the sidhe trio in the movie). 4 Nov. 2020. I watched The Secret of Kells also, though that one took me a second watch to truly appreciate the masterpiece it really is. What many people do not realize is that while Christian scholars are accused of appropriating pagan culture into Christian traditions like Xmas and Easter, we’d know nothing of pagan tradition if not for these same scholars. I could write for days about how everything we know about happiness today proves this answer to be true, scientifically and psychologically, but alas this article is long enough already. In the gray area between winds and waves, sand and shore, we must examine with our imagination, that is, we must want to know, and not merely to forget. In other words, so long as you remember the stories from oral tradition, you will be cared for by generations past. The characters Ben meets in the magical world have real world parallels. For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand. Saoirse’s choice to stay acknowleges that Ben has matured as a person. Remember that, as her name indicates, she represents “freedom”. The “Song of the Sea”, is a power gifted to the next generation to help them find love and courage. This is the same mistake Conor makes trying to lock Brónach’s selkie coat away and hiding her portrait. She said it wouldn’t have happened years ago, when there was a belief system that deemed seals sacred because they were the souls of people lost at sea, or actual selkies. You could almost consider SotS to be a chronological sequel, diving deeper into the schism between spirit and human worlds that began in TSoK. Over the course of his journey, he changes, and acts with the courage and love of a good brother. The gift of love, in this story, is a very specific thing. To gain Saoirse into his family, he needs to accept and love her as Brónach would have wanted (“you’re going to be the best big brother in the world”). The stories give Ben the blueprint for understanding the sorrows of the past, both real (his last memory) or mythical (Macha and Mac Lir). This is a perfect choice, not just for the meaning of the poem, but because Yeats straddled the movements of the Irish nationalism revival as both modernist and symbolist. To quote the great Irish novelist John McGahern: “Everything that we inherit, the rain, the skies, the speech, and anybody who works in the English language in Ireland knows that there’s the dead ghost of Gaelic in the language we use and listen to and that those things will reflect our Irish identity.”. In this sense, the magical events he goes through are actually his internal experiences as he matures and overcomes that tragedy. In the magical world, he’s connected to her by a “wire” of Shanachei’s hair, which he follows until he finds her. In the magical world, where most of the onscreen story happens, he finds his way back by way of his quest to save his sick, kidnapped sister. They have taken to heart all of the mysterious secrets of the world, and all traditions coexist in their collection consciousness simultaneously. That is some very heavy analysis, and I’m glad Song of the Sea is getting at least recognized. Unlike Spirited Away, in which there is a clear separation albeit co-existence of the real and magical worlds, SotS moves freely between them. They bind people to the landscape, and that is being lost.”, Hey, mate, what an amazing blog you got here. Song of the Sea, while a gentle, beautiful, and deeply empathic film, is a call-to-arms for bringing wonder back into our waking lives. This gives us a useful insight to what the characters represent. I could write for days about how everything we know about happiness today proves this answer to be true, scientifically and psychologically, but alas this article is long enough already. First, let’s understand why, where the story is primarily about Ben, its ending pivots on a choice by Saoirse.

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